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A young man and his family finds themselves in a tug of war with a stubborn fish.
Thirty-two year old Matthew Thompson was having a picnic lunch with his family when he decided to do some fishing and soon caught a few and then decided to try to get one and threw his fishing line back into the rivier.

A fish took the bait as he then tried to pull it out but it just refused to come out as the young man placed his feet against the wooden fence of the fishing deck and pulled and pulled with all his might without any success.

"Maria,could you please give me a hand,this fish is being difficult," said Matthew as his wife ran over and quickly grabbed onto his waist and the two pulled and pulled with all their strength but still the fish wouldn't budge.

"Wow,this fish is really stubborn,Jake,Susie,could you please give us a hand," said Maria as the two ran over as Jake grabbed onto the seat of his mother's dress while Susie pulled her brother's t-shirt as the four pulled and pulled and pulled with all their strength as still the fish wouldn't come out.

"This fish must be enormous," said the young girl as she then called out to the family dog, "Baxter,please come and us," as the dog fan over and grabbed onto the hem of her skirt as the entire family pulled and tugged and heaved with all their strength as some passers-by noticed the ridiculous sight and began laughing.

The tug of war continued for several minutes until suddenly,the back of Maria's dress ripped,sending her flying forward into the back of her husband as the two then went flying into the water.

Jake,Susie and Baxter were sent tumbling backwards into a heap of the deck as the two children burst into laughter when they saw their soaking wet parents in the water before quickly helping them out.

"Sorry about your dress,mum," said the young boy.

She replied, "it's fine honey,I can just buy a new one."

Matthew then looked out at the water and said,"that must be the strongest fish in history, " as the entire family began laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation as they then went home as the enormous fish jumped out the water as the family drove back home.
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