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Haibun submitted for Oriental Poetry Contest - Round 63
When we took exams in school, we wanted to get 100% but rarely did. When we reviewed the test, we could see the areas we needed to study more fully before the final exam. A writer preparing a manuscript for publishing needs to make corrections and revisions based on editor comments. She doesn’t give up on it; she polishes it and eventually publishes it. The editor comments are not a sign of failure or of her inadequacy as a writer.

The number on our bathroom scale is like the mark on that test or like the editor’s comments on the manuscript. It is like a dashboard light indicating that there is something we need to pay attention to, something that needs adjusting. It has nothing to do with our worth as a person. It is simply an indicator that we need to refine our weight management skills.

Bare feet firmly planted
Eyes lowered, breath held
Digital dejection

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