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A re-upload of my chapters from Tinyman0001's story, "Giantess Fart Shrinking (Alternate)"
18+ only. This story focuses heavily on fart fetish content. Please consider yourself warned.

(Author's note: Gonna try to keep my note brief this time. This is the last of the chapters I have to repost for now, and hopefully for good. As with last time, I give full credit to Tinyman0001 for creating the original interactive. All of the chapters in this storyline before mine were written by them. Following this note is a brief summary of the plot they contributed, so you can better understand why my chapters start the way they do. Thanks for your continued readership.)

SUMMARY: This is the story of Gabe, a young man who accidentally discovers one day that smelling women's farts causes him to rapidly diminish in size. At the start of the day, he decides to go the mall, where he notices his old high school friend Layla eating burritos in the food court. She always seems to cause terrible luck for the people around her, and today is no exception, as Gabe slips when walking up to greet her. Before he can hit the floor, Layla, still unaware of his presence, lets loose a powerful fart, activating his strange quirk for the first time. He eventually lands on Layla's seat, now small enough that her ass alone dwarfs him. Before he has fully realized what is going on, he shrinks even smaller as Layla farts on him a second time. He tries to escape, but Layla chooses that moment to adjust her thong, unknowingly sticking Gabe inside of it in the process. Layla decides after getting up for another helping of burritos that she is going to hold in all of her gas until she gets home, though she accidentally farts one last time anyways, shrinking Gabe to just a quarter of a centimeter tall inside of her underwear.

Upon arriving home, Layla settles into some yoga in an attempt to force all of her gas out in one go. Her initial attempts are partially successful, with Gabe caught in the middle of it all. He continues to dwindle in size as she repeatedly farts on him, ending up so small that her anus alone is as big as a skyscraper, but Layla is still not done. Entering the wind relieving pose, she is finally able to release the last of her gas in one monstrous, minute-long blast. Upon being subjected to this hurricane of a fart, Gabe is knocked unconscious. The last thing he sees before he slips under is Layla's butthole, now as big as an entire planet.

The following chapters are set after he regains consciousness, his whereabouts and his fate unknown. Things don't look good for him, however, as Layla's mother Kierra is home, and whatever bad luck Layla inflicts on her unfortunate friends, Kierra's is ten times as strong.

(The story below, unlike this summary, is written in the second person.)

Chapter 1 - Microscopic on the Couch with Kierra

When you came to, you were relieved to find that you were no longer trapped in the hellscape that was Layla's farting anus. However, you weren't entirely sure where you had ended up, or how you got there. All you could see in all directions was an enormous lattice of gray, rope-like pillars. Were these perhaps... threads? Which would mean you were either on a piece of furniture, or on someone's clothes. You hoped it was the former, though neither option sounded particularly good. Peering over the edge of the thread you stood upon, you saw a sprawling mass of white fluff far below you. Stuffing? That meant it must be furniture you were on. You considered yourself lucky that you hadn't ended up stuck in Layla's clothes, and that you also hadn't fallen deep into the couch below. Little did you know, your luck was about to run out, big time.

"...What movie were you thinking, dear?" Kierra's voice trailed into the room as she walked in with her daughter.

"Hmm, I dunno... Oh! Have you seen that new romcom they just added to Netflix? The one with Paul Rudd in it?"

"No, but that sounds good to me!"

The two women settled in for what must have been an impromptu movie night, Layla taking a seat on the floor, while her mom chose the couch. At your extremely small size, this simple action made the entire sky go dark. As Kierra's ass descended, you couldn't even see around it, everywhere you looked was taken up by her butt. It wasn't until she had almost fully sat down that you realized the true depth of your predicament, as the crisscrossing fibers of her yoga pants threatened to flatten you to the single thread of the couch you were still standing on. There was clearly nowhere to run, so all you could do was pray that you didn't get smashed.

Miraculously, you not only passed through the minuscule gaps in her yoga pants and panties, but Kierra had also managed to center herself right over your exact location, so you threaded the gap between her butt cheeks as well. You breathed a sigh of relief, thanking whatever deity had taken it upon themselves to save you. Now you just had to avoid getting farted on until you grew back to... oh. Maybe this was going to be a problem after all.

A short while later, you heard the soundtrack of the movie Layla and her mother had decided on. You stopped for a moment to think about what your next move should be, as your safety depended on it. Considering Kierra's reputation for giving other people bad luck, you knew you couldn't afford to tempt fate whatsoever. However, at your size, what could you possibly do? You felt like you had to do something, so eventually you began walking in the direction that looked like the way out. At your current size, you could never hope to get anywhere, but it was better than just sitting around. After walking for what felt like twenty minutes, you weren't sure how far you had moved. Everything kind of looked the same from within the panties. The holes between threads did seem a little bit smaller, though! That was a good sign that you were making progress on returning to normal. "I might be out of this sooner than I thought!" you thought aloud, before receiving a response in the form of a deafening grumble from above. "I shouldn't have said anything..."

Another half an hour later, though, and nothing had come of the ominous stomach rumbling from before. You had by now grown back so much that the threads you walked along were more like city streets than enormous pillars of rope, which made it easier to get your bearings. You were still a long way off, but things were feeling more and more doable. Once you got big enough, surely you'd be able to get someone's attention, and then you'd be safe to grow back the rest of the way. However, before you could make it much farther, the distant sounds of Netflix stopped abruptly. It seemed fate, and Kierra's terrible luck, had other plans in store for you.

"Sorry Mom, just gotta run to the bathroom real quick," Layla said, explaining the interruption.

"That's fine, honey! I'm feeling a little bloated myself, so I'll see if I can't take care of that while I'm waiting."

As soon as Layla left the room, you heard Kierra let out an unnerving grunt, and in the darkness above you her enormous asshole stirred into motion. You did not like where this was going.


A relatively short burst of gas erupted all around you. You tried as hard as you could not to breathe it in, but the force of the blast threw you to the ground, breaking your focus. Soon, you had no choice but to take a deep breath of the toxic miasma around you. It was muggy and sulfurous, but it didn't compare to what you had endured under Layla earlier. At least not yet.


A second, quieter fart soon followed, hitting you as you had already begun to dwindle back down. Any progress you had made over the last hour was erased in mere moments as the world exploded outwards around you.



Kierra continued relentlessly, thinking nobody else was around. While she likely wouldn't have cared much if anyone did hear her, she had no way of knowing the unbelievable torture she was currently putting you through. Each new emission compounded upon the old one, as her panties became a sweltering, putrid wasteland. What on earth had she been eating??

You were bombarded with more and more farts of varying length and intensity as you continued to slowly shrink smaller and smaller, soon passing the size you had reached just before passing out earlier. Kierra had now been farting for almost two minutes, but fortunately, it seemed like your shrinking was finally slowing down. Had you hit the limit of how much her gas could affect you?


The farts from above suddenly seemed to hit a breaking point, culminating in an extremely loud, slightly wet burst of gas. As the smell reached your infinitesimal nose, you nearly passed out again. It was likely the worst thing you had ever smelled. But you barely clung to consciousness, watching as the thread of the panties you had been standing on resumed its exponential growth around you. When you looked down, you soon noticed that an imperfection in the fabric that you hadn't seen before was growing large enough to swallow you up. You stumbled backwards to avoid falling into it, but tripped over the increasingly rough terrain and fell into a different chasm instead. As you fell down into the thread, you were certain this was how you were going to die, but you hadn't hit the bottom yet. It seemed your shrinking kept making the hole bigger even as you fell.

By the time you did land, you could see the individual atoms that made up the panties that were now your universe. You expected to splatter against the one you fell onto, but by this point you were so small that it simply sucked you inside. After all that you had just endured, this was what finally caused you to black out. What was going to happen now? Would you even wake up from this? Unfortunately, only fate knew the answer to that question. You didn't even know for sure what kind of atom you were now stuck inside.

Chapter 2 - An Atomic Anomaly

You weren't sure how much time had passed, but eventually your consciousness returned to you. As your vision slowly faded in, you realized almost immediately that something was very wrong. You tried to sit up, to move your arms or your legs, but nothing seemed to respond to your will. It wasn't just that, though. You tried to look down at your body to see what was wrong, but when you looked at where your chest should have been, there was nothing there. All you could see were atoms, electrons whirring around their nuclei. What the heck was going on? You had no way of getting any more answers right now, so you did the only thing you could do: sit and observe.


After about an hour (or so you estimated), you were relieved to notice that your body's ability to regrow its size hadn't been affected by whatever had happened to you. You sat and waited some more, and soon the atoms around you were comparatively small enough that you could make out a familiar grid-like pattern. After a much longer wait, the macroscopic world slowly came back into focus, though it was too dark where you were to be able to make out any distinguishing features. All you could guess so far was that you were on some sort of fabric again. Well, wherever "you" were. Despite returning to a size that should have been visible, there was still no trace of your actual body anywhere. You continued to look around, trying to find any clues that would help you escape from wherever you were, when suddenly...


An ear-piercing alarm went off somewhere impossibly far away. Your world shuddered a little, kind of like a small earthquake, and with a small delay you felt yourself being violently yanked in one direction. Your environment shook left and right, accompanied by distant shuffling sounds, and then you heard a click. Everything instantly became bright, and your terrible suspicions were confirmed by what appeared in front of you: two enormous ass cheeks. You hadn't moved at all -- you were still in Kierra's panties!

Instinctively you braced yourself for another gas blast, but instead you felt yourself falling. You watched as the giant derrière rose up and away from you, followed by miles and miles of legs. Once you hit the floor, you saw Kierra step out of the panties from a viewpoint you never in your life thought you'd have. She then picked you up and threw you across the room, into a laundry hamper. You weren't sure what made you want to throw up more, the g-forces of your sudden flight, or the smell of your landing spot. You still couldn't find any way to move yourself, though, so it seemed you'd have to get used to it for a while. Over the next ten minutes, Kierra got dressed in a different outfit and headed out of the room, neglecting to turn off the lights. That said, all you could really see from your vantage point was the other half of the panties, folded on top of you. Kierra didn't seem like she was returning any time soon, so you went back to waiting around. Maybe something would happen while she was gone that would free you, or at least explain what was happening, you thought.


You felt yourself slowly growing back within the undisturbed interior of the hamper, but something even more strange was happening along with it. You would have expected the panties underneath you to continue to shrink compared to you, but after a certain point they just... curved? Your mind couldn't really make sense of what it was seeing. After another spurt of growth, you could see the inside of the panties from the opposite angle, too, like you were on the "ceiling" of the panties, but also the "floor". If you concentrated, you could also see the real ceiling of the room, far above you. But that shouldn't be possible, right? You waited to see what else your growth would do, but it only seemed to curve around and connect you to the place where you started, and then it stopped completely. As you looked around with your new 360° degree vision, your body was still nowhere to be seen. In its place all you could see were the underwear Kierra had been wearing last night when she farted you into oblivion. But that meant... You were her panties?! You tried to scream, to cry, to run away, to do anything, but it wasn't like panties had muscles for doing any of those things. All you could do was sit in silence, waiting for someone to interact with your lifeless form. You couldn't decide whether you were terrified or bored out of your mind.


When Kierra got home from work that evening, the only acknowledgment you received was a pile of that day's clothes landing on top of you, blocking out the only things you could see (not that they were terribly interesting anyway). Surrounded by darkness, you had to rely on your sense of hearing to determine what was going on in the world around you. Your senses of touch and smell still worked too, but given where you were right now, you tried not to think about those sensations too much. You did your best to distract yourself, to think about the plotlines of any movies you had watched recently, or try and remember all the players on your favorite baseball teams, but it was hard to focus with the smell of musk, sweat, and dirt all around you. As time went on, it only seemed to get worse.

In perhaps your only stroke of good luck, it seemed you could still sleep like a normal person. You eagerly embraced the fatigue when it came, allowing you to at least spend a few hours dreaming of something else. Perhaps when you woke up, you'd discover this had all been one long nightmare.


You awoke to more darkness, and a violent shaking, suggesting that yesterday had been quite real after all. You felt yourself fall as you and the clothes around you were dumped into what you could only assume was a washing machine. Up above, you saw Kierra's face, and then her boobs hover over the opening to the machine as she reached over to adjust the controls. You wished you could call out to her, to make your presence known in some way, but it seemed you really were just a pair of panties now. You couldn't do any such thing. Kierra closed the lid of the washer, leaving you to the fate she had unknowingly doomed you to. The biting cold of the water that rushed over you and the intense pressure of the spin cycle barely registered in your mind as you deeply contemplated what this meant for your future. An hour later, you were equally powerless to get her attention as her giant hand whisked you out of the washer and into the dryer. You were supposed to be taller than her, why was this the size you were now stuck at? Just what had happened to you in the subatomic world that had sentenced you to this cruel fate?


You expected to be folded up and placed into a dresser, but instead you sat in the dryer long after it had finished its cycle. Kierra evidently wasn't the most organized person in the world. She did eventually come to retrieve you, but you noticed as she pulled you out that she was only wearing a towel, having just gotten out of the shower. Thinking she was alone, she wasted no time in dropping the towel to the floor, giving you a front-row seat to her enormous, naked body as she reached down and slid you up her legs.

This was far different from the last time she had worn you. Before, you only took up a small patch of the fabric across from where her asshole was, but now you could feel her entire butt filling you up. You felt your form wrapped around her crotch in the front, too. It wasn't a tight fit by any means, but it was still far more intimate than you ever wanted to get with this woman. You watched from around her hips as she reached into the dryer and pulled out a bra. As she straightened back up to her full height, you realized that since you were flush against her, you couldn't actually see her face from below the shelf of her breasts unless she happened to bend over.

Once she was fully dressed in a flowy top and skirt, you tried to look around, but all you could see in every direction was some part of her body. It felt like a massive invasion of her privacy, but when you thought about all that she and her daughter had put you through the past couple of days, you didn't feel quite as bad. At least you had something nice to look at, though you weren't really in a good position to enjoy it.

Kierra began walking somewhere, interrupting your train of thought. You could feel yourself stretch taut and go limp across her glutes as they pushed and pulled you around, gently jiggling the whole time. If this was to be your new life, it would take a lot of getting used to...

Chapter 3 - Getting to Work

Kierra's enormous ass cheeks wobbled like mad inside of you as you watched her descend the stairs from the viewpoint of her panties. Finding constant 360° vision to be extremely disorienting, you tried to focus your attention on the front of her skirt, since it remained more or less still compared to everything else around you. Just as you were finally starting to get your bearings, however, your whole perspective shifted, and you felt the pressure of Kierra's butt smooshing into you with its full weight. You were expecting to feel utterly crushed, maybe even have the wind knocked out of you, but... this felt completely different. The pressure was comfortable, as though holding this woman's butt tightly was exactly what you were meant to do. It felt... right. You were fulfilling your purpose.

Wait, what were you just thinking?! You're a man, not a pair of underwear! ...Not that you could prove that to anyone at the moment. Surely, though, something would come along soon to reverse your misfortune, and you could stay far, far away from Layla and her family for the rest of your life after that. You had to hold out hope.


Based on the view from between her legs and the sound of the engine starting up, you could tell that Kierra had gotten into her car. For a few minutes it was relatively calm, but it soon became difficult not to notice how hot Kierra's crotch area was getting. Your insides, by extension, were growing hot and stuffy as well. While it was uncomfortable, like many sensations you had experienced this morning, you were completely unprepared for what happened next.

All of a sudden you were wet, only a little, as though someone had flicked their hands at you after washing them. The feeling didn't bother you much, but the taste that accompanied it was unreal. You had already had the displeasure of smelling Kierra's farts several times yesterday, but this was disgusting in an entirely different way. You had no mouth to close, so you were forced to take the full brunt of the blow as another bead of sweat, then another formed between Kierra's cheeks and dropped onto your waiting palate. You imagined this is what it would taste like if you ran your tongue directly between her ass cheeks, the sour, musky flavor driving you absolutely crazy. You almost thought it couldn't possibly get worse, but then you remembered who you were dealing with as your unintentional owner.

Up above, it seemed you were not the only one getting uncomfortable. As if on cue, Kierra took one hand off the wheel and rubbed you into her crack to soak up the loose butt sweat that had accumulated there. If a few drops of sweat had tasted like running your tongue up her ass, this was like drinking a bottle of her sweat. You mentally shriveled in defeat, your brain practically shutting off.


The next thing you knew, Kierra was standing up and getting out of her car, releasing you (partially) from the swampy hellhole of her buttcrack. The light jiggling of her walking resumed, though this time it didn't feel quite as disorienting. You weren't sure whether to be relieved or disturbed that you were actually starting to get used to this. After the second staircase of the day, you heard someone up above strike up a conversation with your wearer. You could only partially make out what was being said, but it seemed to be something work-related. After that, it was back to the uncomfortably pleasurable feeling of being sat on. If Kierra worked a 9 to 5 desk job, you had a bad feeling you had a lot of this ahead of you...

In a rare stroke of good luck, however, the air conditioning in this office was working perfectly fine, and the swamp ass she had developed in the car seemed to fade after a while. You could even feel goosebumps forming on the flesh of her cheeks as the A/C did its job a little too well. "God, is there any part of being a pair of panties that doesn't feel creepy or gross?" you thought to yourself.


Having plenty of time to make your peace with the situation, you slowly settled into an uneasy meditation as Kierra worked away above you. Every once in a while you'd vibrate along with her leg as she subconsciously bounced it up and down, but otherwise there really wasn't much to focus on. You could feel the body heat of your captor radiating off of her butt flesh, her cheeks nestled cozily within you. The best analogy you could think of for how you felt right now was that it was like lying down for a nap after a big meal. Actually, a nap sounded pretty good right about now...


When you came to, the first thing you heard was a sound that instantly sent shivers down your spine: a low grumble up above you. Still half asleep, you had no time to prepare as Kierra bent over and let loose onto you. Not wanting to disturb her coworkers, she made sure her cheeks were spread apart when it happened, and so the fart made only a small hissing sound as it soaked into your body. Thinking she had successfully kept her emission to herself, she had no idea that she was basically farting directly into your open mouth. Another slow gas leak soon followed the first. After a few more seconds, she released a third, though despite her best efforts this one made an audible PPBBBFFTT as the air from her colon brushed against her cheeks. Her stomach growling again, she decided it might be best to deal with the rest of this somewhere more private, and stood up to go to the bathroom.

You thought you were prepared for the sharp, stinging scent of Kierra's gas, but each new burst of it felt like the first one all over again. You were instantly surrounded by a muggy miasma of stink. Before you had time to recover, your heart skipped a beat as you felt the same tugging sensation from before, and your body began to shrink. Since you were still wrapped around Kierra's waist, this meant that you only had one place to go, and as she stood up you were slowly sucked deeper and deeper into her asscrack.


Kierra walked to the bathroom stall farthest from the door and stepped inside. Now that she was in private, she took a second to pick her thong out of her crack. More concerned with getting rid of her gas problem, she paid no attention to the fact that her thong had been a pair of briefs when she put them on that morning. Satisfied with her adjustments, she went to remove her skirt, but paused instead with her hands on her hips. Realizing that she didn't actually need to use the toilet, she instead turned around and plopped her fully clothed butt onto the seat, her voluptuous buns spilling over the sides. She wiggled a little to make herself more comfortable, then set to work.

You knew she'd never do this to you if she knew you were there, but as far as she was concerned, you were just a normal pair of her panties. You were supposed to wrap around her waist, cover her butt, and absorb anything she produced while she had you on. No living person should ever have to experience such things, but thanks to some million-to-one fluke of the universe, the role of that inanimate object now belonged to you. You wished you could be doing anything else, you wished that you could have at least been the panties of a woman who wasn't quite as gassy as Kierra seemed to be, but your fate was already sealed, and you would be performing your duty whether you wanted to or not.

You wouldn't have believed it was possible for anyone's farts to last this long or smell this bad had you not already experienced them first-hand yesterday. The first one was loud and brassy, lasting more than fifteen seconds, and as soon as it ended another began. Within the confines of Kierra's ass, your panty body shrank smaller and smaller. It took over ten minutes for her to finally get the last of her gas out, and when it had all cleared...

Chapter 4 - An Exciting New Offer

Letting out a sigh of relief as the last of her pent-up gas leaked out of her, Kierra let her head droop down lazily. But what she saw lying on the bathroom floor made her do a double take. She bent over, still seated on the toilet, and picked it up from where it had fallen. It was... a tiny scale model pair of panties, just like a little doll might wear! Even more curious, she realized, was that they looked just like the pair she had put on this morning...

In a moment of quick thinking, Kierra put two and two together and reached under her skirt to confirm what she feared was true. Somehow her panties had shrunk right off of her! She pinched herself to make sure, but no, this wasn't a nightmare she was having. As she stood up, she shuddered as she felt a draft tickle between her legs. No choice but to go commando for the rest of the day, she realized.

As Kierra's enormous hand brought you up to her face, you were terrified out of your mind. You had really been hoping that at least your shrinking powers no longer worked now that you had become a pair of panties, but the massive woman's face scrutinizing your every angle made it abundantly clear that this was not so. At your scale, the breath she produced as she exhaled through her nose, while completely unnoticed to her, swirled around you, blanketing you in a type of body odor you had yet to experience from her. You were petrified, not that you could have done anything about the situation in your panty form anyways. Silently you watched as she thought for a moment, pinched herself, then stood up, crumpling you up into a ball in her fist. You were jostled around during the short walk back to her desk, and then without further fanfare, she surreptitiously hid you away in her purse. Come to think of it, you weren't of any use to her as panties when you were this small, were you? Maybe there was an upside to this whole shrinking thing after all...


Heading back to her desk from one of the most awkward lunch breaks of her career, Kierra carefully lowered herself into her office chair and fired up her email client to see what she had missed. Nothing new in the inbox. Absentmindedly she checked the spam folder, ready to delete its contents when at the last second a particular subject line caught her eye. "'Unusual & Unique Fabric Innovations Wanted - Will Pay Cash'...? What on Earth is a 'fabric innovation'? Wanting to stoke some primal curiosity, she clicked on the email and began reading its contents.

"Here at FuturoChic, we aim to bring the fashions of the future to you, today! Have an idea for a clothing design or a new type of fabric? We'd love to hear it, and successful applicants will receive financial compensation, even if we don't use your idea! …"

"Wow, $200 just for submitting an idea? They must really be creatively dry, huh!" Kierra mumbled to herself as she read through the rest of the email. Like most spam, it seemed far too good to be true, and besides, she didn't have any good fashion ideas anyways. She liked to think of herself as a pretty fashionable person, but she wasn't that cutting edge. Putting the whole affair out of her mind, she backed out to the main email menu and deleted the message along with all the other spam.


Getting into her car, Kierra fidgeted awkwardly as she felt her bare thighs rub together. She couldn't believe she'd had to go without underwear the whole work day. If only her panties hadn't… "Oh, right! My panties!" She dipped her hand into her purse to retrieve them, now safely in the privacy of her car. "Huh! They're full size again, like they never shrunk at all! Is this some kind of new fabric… technology…?" Kierra's memory suddenly flashed as the words on her tongue called vividly to mind the strange email she had received earlier. It was almost too perfect, they were looking for fabric innovations and here she was holding one! ...Well, maybe. It seemed like it could shrink or grow at different times, but it had certainly never done that before. What was different about today? She thought back to what she had been doing when it first shrank, and a light blush rose in her cheeks as she remembered her little… bathroom break.

Now morbidly curious, she thought about recreating the conditions from before… She lifted her butt off of her seat and held the panties against her skirt, trying to let loose into them. But, she wasn't able to produce anything. She really had gotten all of it out of her system earlier, it seemed. "You know," she thought, "maybe it was something about the office, or something even weirder, like a meteorite or something. Maybe I'm completely off-base." Resolving to figure it out some other time, she slipped the panties back up her legs, glad to at least be able to cover herself again.

She would likely have forgotten all about the odd events that transpired that day, but as she was nearing home, her gut rumbled. Focusing more on her driving, she passed the gas subconsciously, but was alarmed when in response she felt a subtle tingling feeling between her cheeks. It was soft, almost too faint to notice, but she was pretty sure she knew what it meant.

"Hey Mom, welcome home! Today was great, I got to hang out with Madison after class and we went to Starbucks-"

"Sorry dear, you'll have to tell me in a second! Gotta go to the bathroom first."

This was mostly the truth. Her stomach felt fine, but she needed to know if her theory was correct. She yanked her skirt down as soon as the door closed behind her, revealing… She was right! ...Probably? They definitely looked smaller, though it was a bit hard to tell. If she wanted to know for sure, she'd have to give herself gas on purpose. She could hardly believe she was doing this, but $200 was $200. Not to mention she wanted to solve the mystery of the shrinking panties for herself, too. A new resolve in her step, she pulled her skirt back up and walked out of the bathroom.

"Yes, Mom?"

"I was thinking of doing burgers and beans for dinner. Does that sound good to you?"


Nestled between Kierra's cheeks as she prepared dinner for herself and her daughter, you wondered how much she had figured out about the truth of the situation. She seemed to be keeping a close eye on you now that she had seen you shrink, but she didn't seem to understand at all the true cause behind it. And why should she? While you were an unusual pair of panties, there was nothing left of your once human form for her to make a proper connection to.

Dinner itself was fairly uneventful for the three of you. You could sort of make out what Kierra was saying, but not Layla, so you had to guess what half of their conversation was about. That being said, it certainly beat the silence of the office from earlier. Before you knew it, the meal had already passed, and Kierra got up to put her dishes in the sink. Telling her daughter she was going to "go read for a while", she practically ran up the stairs, excited to finally see if she had been right. Based on what you had understood of her ramblings earlier, you did not like the direction this was headed.

Shutting the bedroom door behind her, Kierra pulled her skirt to the floor so she could get a closer look. As she walked over to her mirror, you got a good look at yourself too, or at least what you had somehow been reduced to. You were mesmerized by the sight of the plain black panties wrapped around her waist. Of you. You were so engrossed in thought that you didn't notice immediately when Kierra began grunting, trying to ease out a fart to begin her little experiment. She strained and groaned, but still nothing came. Until… about half a minute later, a rumbling from her stomach indicated that her intestines had done their work. It was time. With another grunt, this time you were snapped out of your daze by an ear-splitting BRRRMMMPPPTTT, her cheeks trumpeting loudly as she blasted a fart point blank into you. You had no time to react before another followed, just as loud as the first. BRRRRMMMPPTT. Not that you had doubted she was actually crazy enough to do such a thing, but this woman was really farting on you intentionally, to try to get you to shrink! As the ripe smell of half-digested protein bombarded your senses, you wondered what horrible atrocities you must have committed in a past life to deserve the incomprehensible punishment you now endured.

It didn't take very long before Kierra got the results she was hoping for. You felt your body shudder involuntarily as it contracted around her hips, settling back into the thong shape it had held briefly earlier in the day. Another loud ass blast started the process all over again, though this time you began to slip down her butt, rather than deeper into it. You were getting too small to fit her. You looked up in the mirror to see her face, rapt with fascination as she roughly blasted your senses to bits with her indomitable scent. "I was right! I was right!!" She bounced up and down in place, only causing you to slide further down her legs. "I maybe would have chosen a different way to shrink them if I had the option, but I bet those future fashion folks are going to love these panties anyway!"

Was she planning on giving you away? You must have missed something that came up earlier, who was she talking about? Your mind filling with possibilities, you panicked for a moment before realizing, wait, anyone is probably better than this lady anyways. Nobody else could possibly fart this much, besides her daughter, of course. If these "future fashion" people had some sort of advanced technology, maybe they'd even be able to set you free! Before your hopes got too high, however, Kierra butted in, yanking you the rest of the way off her legs and holding you up to her face. "Hmm, maybe I should do a few more tests before I bring these in tomorrow. I wonder if they have a minimum size…?"

Uh oh.

Chapter 5 - Research and Development

Without pause, Kierra flung you roughly onto her bed, then crashed her enormous ass right on top of you. It was larger than average to begin with, but now that you had shrunk back down, it was nearly twenty times your size. You didn't even take up a quarter of one cheek. It reminded you of a few days ago when she had gotten you into this mess in the first place, though back then she hadn't been crushing you with her full weight. Another BBBRRRTTT rang out, muffled into the sheets to Kierra's ears but all too audible from your vantage point. Caught in the stream of her gas, you dwindled yet smaller, until soon even the stream coming from her anus outsized you, you could feel it blowing past you in every direction.

After a full minute of flatulence, mercifully, Kierra got off of you and went to pick you back up. She had to squint to make out your roughly triangular shape, now just a tiny speck within an ocean of her bedsheets. She pinched you delicately between two massive fingernails, and brought you up to her eye for a better look. From right in front of her face, her quiet ramblings to herself were like an earthquake of sound. "HAHA WHOOPS, GUESS I OVERDID IT A LITTLE. OH WELL, I ALREADY KNOW THEY GROW BACK."

Setting you carefully on top of her nightstand, Kierra got dressed in a fresh pair of panties and headed downstairs, to do what you weren't exactly sure. It seemed that for the next while, you had no choice but to sit in silence within the gargantuan bedroom, the stink of Kierra's dinner still hanging to your threads.


By the time you came to, you could tell you were already in motion. You opened your eyes, but wherever you were, it was still pitch black. You were confused for a moment, but remembered that Kierra had talked about giving you to someone yesterday. Based on that, you were willing to bet she had stuffed you back in her purse.

Your world rattled and shook for some time until a loud zipping sound brought light streaming down onto you. Looks like you had been right.

"Ta-dah! So here they are, these are my prototype for uh… size-changing cotton!"

"You mean like how it shrinks in the wash? That's not exactly what we'd call an innovation." You heard a second woman's voice dryly reply to Kierra's pitch, clearly not impressed.

"No no, it really shrinks on command! Well, sort of. You won't believe me when I tell you what the trigger is."

"Try me."

"It's uh… It responds to gas."

"What, you mean like helium or something?"

"...No, like uh… flatulence. You have to fart on them."

"Okay, I don't need to hear any more of this. You're clearly just trying to mess with us here, which I don't appreciate, but policy is policy. At least you came out to see us."

"It's true though! I swear!" Kierra only now realized just how crazy her story sounded, and though she was normally pretty comfortable in most social situations, she felt a tinge of embarrassment as she realized the FuturoChic receptionist didn't believe a word she was saying.

"Mhm. Well, here's $200 cash. If you get any better ideas, feel free to come back, but we're only paying you the once."

Kierra froze as she tried to come up with a way to convince the receptionist that she wasn't lying, but she could tell by the look on her face that this was her cue to leave. Not wanting to prolong the awkwardness further, she accepted the money and headed out the door, wondering if she had made the right decision after all.

"Ms. Bellevue, will you take these and put them in with the other low priority prototypes? From the sound of it, maybe don't use your bare hands for this one."

"U-understood, Mrs. Carroway. Right away."

You found yourself whisked away by Ms. Bellevue, who turned out to be a pretty-faced young woman of not more than 20. Probably an intern, if you had to guess. The identity of these office workers, as well as what exactly Mrs. Carroway had meant by "prototypes", would be on your mind plenty for the next week and a half as you sat quietly in a cardboard box in the corner of this strange building. With no one to talk to and very little to see, you grew bored almost immediately, but you at least had the solace of a peaceful rest. This sure as hell beat getting farted on all day.


One day, you heard an unfamiliar voice approaching your box. "I'm beginning to think crowdsourcing new fashion ideas wasn't our best move. So far nothing has worked out at all! Time to move on to the rejects, I guess." The voice's owner grabbed you from on top of the pile of clothes and brought you back into the room you recognized as the front entrance. "Hey Ms. Carroway, what's the deal with these? Look like ordinary panties to me."

"Ah yes. Those. Feel free to do whatever you like with them. Some lady came in here trying to pull a prank on us."

The woman holding you cocked an eyebrow. "Was it a good prank?"

"Hardly. She tried to get me to believe that fabric would shrink when in contact with…" The receptionist, trying to avoid the embarrassment of repeating the "crude joke", mouthed the final word silently. "...Flatulence."

"Pahaha, I gotta admit, that's pretty funny. Well thanks for the tip, Mrs. C."

"Mm. No thanks necessary."


Now in a room lined with strange machinery, the researcher woman held you up to the light, twisting and turning your panty body to try to get a better look at you. "Huh. Not much I can do with these, really. Guess I'll set 'em aside for now." Placing you on a nearby table, the woman left the room and headed down the hall to grab another prototype from the box. Before she could get there, however…


"Whoa, Lucy, you okay? You look positively green!"

The office intern had just stepped out into the hallway from the bathroom, her cute face twisted into a grimace.

"I'll be fine, just some bad indigestion is all. Not sure what I ate."

"Well let the boss know if you need to go home early, wanna make sure you're takin' care of yourself and all."

"Thanks Ms. Jones, I-"

"Hey wait, I got a great idea! Can I borrow you for a second?"

"Um sure, I guess. I may need to run back to the bathroom though…"



"Okay listen. You're not gonna believe this, but these panties, this woman said they'd get smaller if you eh… if you pass gas on 'em. I know she was probably pullin' our leg, but do you think you could help me try it out, seeing as you're in the perfect condition to?"

Lucy paused, clearly not expecting the odd nature of the request. "Um, okay. Could you leave the room, though? This is super embarrassing."

"Ah, sure, Luce. Just holler for me when you're… done."

Sitting on the table in the lab, you were surprised to see not the original woman from before, but the office intern walk into the room. She made a beeline for you, and you couldn't help but feel a little smitten as she looked down at you, biting her lower lip in an adorable way. If only she knew you were human, maybe you could have asked her out.

Instead, though, you looked on in horror as she turned around and sat right on you, her business slacks being the last thing you saw before she smothered out all light with her modest rear. Unfortunately, you were starting to get used to being sat on, but you weren't sure you'd ever fully get used to…


Slowly and quietly, Lucy let out a long fart right on top of you. Instantly, the smell assaulted your senses, an unholy combination of sulfur and rotting fruit. Though she only did it once, the single fart long overstayed its welcome, lasting a good ten seconds, maybe fifteen. It felt like ages before she let up, standing up and turning back around to look at the aftermath for herself. Her cheeks bright red by this point, you watched her jaw drop as you shrank right before her eyes. "Ms. Jones!! You'll want to see this!!"

Chapter 6 - Commodified

Over the course of the following month, you spent a lot of time around the researcher, whose full name you eventually learned to be Suzy Jones. Despite her casual demeanor, she seemed to really know her stuff when it came to science, and it wasn't long before she was studying samples from you under a microscope. In a surreal twist, it seemed that the square she had cut out of you still retained your full consciousness just the same as the rest of your body. The senses coming from both parts mixed freely in the back of your mind in a weird haze, but with a little practice you were able to hone in on a single perspective at a time, making it much easier to process. This ability soon came in handy when it became time for "field testing", which Suzy saw fit to conduct herself. You had been looking around as the sample square when suddenly she had grabbed a clipboard in one hand, and brought you around to the back of her pants with the other, dropping you inside. Unfortunately for you, however, you couldn't block out the sensations completely. The smell of the woman's poorly washed buttcrack, as well as her subsequent gas, leaked faintly into your mind as a sort of mental aftertaste, despite your best efforts to ignore them.

Little did you know at the time, that short burst of gas would be nothing compared to what you were about to go through. Though not able to figure out your molecular properties just yet, Suzy felt close to a breakthrough, and proceeded to greenlight a batch of test products. After some collaboration from the whole company, as well as some input from Kierra herself, it was decided that the special properties of your fabric would be used to create a new kind of adjustable underwear, one that could change from briefs to a thong and back again on "command". To facilitate this miraculous process, each pair of panties would have a patch of shrinking cotton along the back, positioned across from the wearer's anus to catch any farts released. Whenever the user desired, all they had to do was release a fart, and the shrinking cotton would then contract to pull the rest of the panties into the wearer's ideal fit. They'd have to convince potential buyers to be more conscious of how they controlled their gas, but as the marketing team put it, "Women don't fart in public anyway, right? We'll just have to play off of that."

To develop the first test batch, since Suzy hadn't yet figured out how to synthesize your material, she opted to just cut you up further, separating you into twelve distinct squares. If you had thought juggling between two perspectives was bad before, this was an absolute nightmare. It was all you could do to keep your mind in one place at a time, but as the prototype panties were finished one by one, you would soon realize that it didn't really matter which one you chose, anyways.

After completion, the twelve pairs of panties were distributed among the office for further field tests, with one being given to Kierra as well, to thank her for her contribution. During the times you weren't being worn, you were able to figure out that the receptionist, that intern, and the researcher had all gotten a pair, though the researcher mainly kept hers in the lab to continue studying it. The other eight pairs all belonged to women at various levels of the corporate hierarchy, and you became intimately familiar with the smell and taste of all their asses as they wore you regularly. It seemed like no matter where your consciousness turned, there was a different disgusting butt waiting for it. You tried to spend as much time as you could in panties that weren't being worn, at least, but with twelve different sources of butt funk floating in the back of your mind, finding peace was truly impossible. Not to mention, each of the women had been actively encouraged to fart on you until they got their desired fit, and to keep doing it to maintain your shape, so you were subjected to an unimaginable amount of gas between the twelve of them.

This was all far too much for you to bear. Your mind was not broken, but your spirit certainly had been. If only you had never met Layla or her stupid mom, maybe none of these ridiculous circumstances would have come about. But here you found yourself, personal living panties for a dozen different women at once. You tried to find some positives to this indescribable situation, but you found you could never fully adjust. As the beta test drew to a close, this turned out to not matter anyway, as Suzy finally had a breakthrough with the data she'd collected.

"Brilliant!" you heard her say one day. You adjusted your focus to her panties so you could hear her more clearly. "I've finally figured out the secret of what makes this stuff work! It's all got to do with this peculiar bond structure!" You wanted to scream up at her, "No, the secret is me!! I'm alive, damnit!!" ...But of course you had no way to prove it to her. You watched helplessly, an idle passenger as she developed a method for duplicating your atoms to create new batches of fabric. This was Suzy's holy grail, the last missing piece before mass production of shrinking cotton panties could properly begin.

Later listening from under the skirt of a marketing executive, you overheard their new name for the product made out of you: "Ripettes". A full scale advertising campaign was drawn up, and thousands of new pairs of panties were created using your fabric to meet their anticipated demand. FuturoChic knew they were working with something big, and they intended to ride their fashion movement all the way to the bank. This was all well and good for them, you thought, but as the first few batches of Ripettes rolled off the factory line, you realized to your complete and utter horror that the duplication process had copied your consciousness too. FuturoChic was prepared to ship out thousands upon thousands of these things, and in your mind you could see, smell, and taste out of every. Single. One.


In the end, perhaps your only stroke of good luck had been the lukewarm success of your product line. Ripettes had sold decently at first, but they never really became more than a fad, and only a few hundred thousand of you were made. Many of you sat unsold in boxes in the back of department stores, but the women who did buy you certainly got a lot of use out of you. Though twelve women had been a lot to handle to begin with, things only got worse as time went on. Eventually so many people were wearing you at once, that at least three people were actively farting on you at any given time. You could push it to the back of your mind, but you no longer ever got a break from the smell of women's farts, it was simply a constant background to your life. Even after years of being a product line, things never really seemed to improve. Every fart continued to smell just as bad as Layla's first few had all the way back at the beginning of your bizarre journey, though it went without saying that some were much worse than others. Many women neglected to wipe properly, and so you found the taste of old shit and buttsweat on your tongue at all times as well. The combined taste of all of it at once completely overloaded your subconscious, and your waking moments became an eternal, unending barrage of oblivious women torturing you with their asses. At such a scale, it practically felt like you had been transported to an alternate dimension, one full of nothing but sweat, shit, and farts.

Eventually though, you did find an upside. Being a whole network of panties for half a million women, you could always sort through the noise to find someone having an interesting conversation or doing something entertaining. You learned to embrace the voyeurism of it all, and quite enjoyed being able to tag along for a little fun whenever one of your owners helped herself to a little "private time" while she had you on. It seemed a pitifully small reward for being the buttfloss of an entire nation of women, but at least it was something.


Somewhere familiar, Kierra and Layla were enjoying another movie night together. As they sat and watched, both women periodically let loose into their panties to make sure they stayed on right. Though they were both contributing to the endless cloud of stink in your mind, it barely registered to you, a small fraction of an ocean of sensory overload. From her comfortable perch on her same old couch, Kierra let herself get a little too relaxed, and her next fart came out far wetter than she had intended. She fidgeted in her seat, unsure of what to do, when Layla turned around to address her, clearly lost in thought about something else. "Hey," she said to her mom, "do you remember that guy I used to hang out with in high school, Gabe? Wonder what he's up to these days?"

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