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"You've made a mistake."

"You need customer services, Sir." I was directed to a lengthy queue on the other side of the bank. Shuffle, shuffle, wow! Someone's not happy. I watch as hands gesticulate their anger and confusion.

"You've made a mistake."

"We have, Sir? I am so sorry. How can we correct our error to your satisfaction?"

"I used your cash machine, the one outside. I asked for forty quid and it's given me eighty."

"I see, Sir. So you would like to pay forty pounds back into your account. For that you need the teller over there."

"No, you don't get it; this is not my money, it's yours. Only forty came off my balance."

"I see, Sir. So your account is forty pounds short. I can give you a credit for that."

"No, my account is correct. It's the money from the cash machine that's not." I held out two twenties. "I think the notes were stuck together. What do you want me to do with this forty pounds?" I was exasperated.

"How you spend your money is your business, Sir. Have a nice day."

Well, they say honesty doesn't pay, but in this case it paid forty quid. So I'm off to the pub. "Cheers Payday Bank!"

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