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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2211461
Trigger warning: a tale of darkness and despair. .

They'd been gone so long I'd almost managed to push them to the back of my mind. The voices, with their insidious and relentless whispers, were inside my head; at least that is what I had been told. And these people were professionals, they'd know, wouldn't they?

Well, whether there was any truth to their words or not, the drugs they prescribed silenced the voices. Or perhaps they deafened me to them instead, for once the drugs ran out they began again, picking up from where they'd left off.

"Useless... useless... just die." That was one voice, a male one. He hissed and poured scorn.

"Kill 'em!" A female voice would suddenly drown him out, with a shrill order. Her voice demanded instant attention while his, it was more of a drip... drip... drip.

It was only about an hour ago that I finally stumbled inside one of the few pharmacies that was still trading. I stumbled up to the counter, my prescription clutched in my hands. If only those voices would have stopped talking for a couple of seconds, I might have been able to force out some words from my own mouth. Instead they kept me dumb with their yammering.

The woman behind the counter had taken the now less than pristine paper from my hands. I knew that I looked crazy but I was still kind of upset at how her own hands trembled. She was scared of me, and when she'd looked at the words I had watched her step back.

"I'm sorry, sir. We ran out of this drug weeks ago. Here," she held the prescription back out towards me. "Take it. You might find somewhere..."

Without taking the piece of paper I turned my back on her, hunched my shoulders and got ready for the onslaught. "Kill her! Kill the bitch!" from her; "Useless... useless..." He had whispered so loudly that he had drowned out her screams.

I'd tugged open the door with way more force than was necessary and trudged out onto the street. I'd kept my head down, my shoulders hunched forwards, just in case I should come across anyone else. It was not likely, but still, better not risk the possibility of making eye-contact.

That place had been my last hope of getting some peace from the voices. There was only one other option that was open to me; one that I had tried to avoid.

I guess it's not so surprising that, when so few people had survived, there was plenty of choice. Both sides of the empty street had more than a few derelict and abandoned buildings, just sitting there with their doors hanging open. I kept on going, took a left then a right, seeking out the taller buildings. So some of the apartments might still be occupied; that didn't bother me, so long as there was just one at the top that was empty.

I guess they sensed what I was going to do, because those voices began to get louder and louder. By the time I'd made it to the top of the stairs my head was thronging with the sibilance and screeching. "Useless... useless..." "Kill! Kill!"

There was one way that I could make them both happy. There was one way that I could silence them both. The window was easy to force open. They know what I am going to do! That's the only explanation I can think of for their sudden silence. I pause for a moment, relishing the peace before I take a step forward into thin air.{/linespace

(598 words)

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