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prompt: a dialogue of two members of a sports team after losing the big game
Dale: (sitting on the bench in the dugout after the game) What a game. I can't believe it's all over. ya know?
Bennett: Yeah, I know... (staring at the field) It's hard to believe.
--you made some gutsy plays behind the plate. You played a tough game. that ump seemed like he liked you.
Dale: Yeah, thanks. (leaning against the wall, staring at the field) he was pretty cool.
Bennett: that #16 had it coming to him when he tried to run you over back in the 4th inning. He got up kinda slow.
Dale: (looking at Bennett) he had a trash mouth and strutted like a diva. I'm glad he tried to beat the throw. My
football career came in handy didn't it? (spitting and grinning)
--you pitched a heckuva game too man. You were on today. Your breakin' ball was freakin' savage. Those guys
were swingin' at air--it felt kinda good, you know, that air comin' off those propeller swings. (long pause)
--we make a pretty good team, don't we?
Bennett: yeah I guess we do. We should, we've been playing together since T-ball, you caught me pretty much every
Dale: yeah... I guess we do. (silence) Baseball is over man, now what? It's been my life
Bennett: yep, mine too....I don't know what's next. life's going to be different.
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