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by Paul
Rated: ASR · Short Story · Crime/Gangster · #2211502
He’s sent another to follow him. That’s a mistake.
         “HOLY SHIT! Don’t DO that. You scared the crap out of me... what do you want?”
         “Actually it’s more about what you want. Why are you following me?”
         “Following you? I’m not following you.”
         “If your not then you’re reading my mind. Are you?”
         “Reading your m—no , I can’t do that.”
         “Then how come I’ve seen you 27 times in the last three days? I let you follow me, then I followed you. I tapped your phone line too. You really should get a cell phone. I watched you meet with Summerhill—“
         “What meet?”
         “The one at 11:00pm on Wednesday in the AllNighter coffee shop.”
         “Oh... you’ve made a mistake, he thinks his wife—“
         “What’s your name?”
         “Phil Donaldson.”
         “Liar, it’s Bob Hazelwood and your not bad, I didn’t catch you until the second day, I doubled back and there you were trying to figure out where I’d gone. You really should be more subtle.”
         “You stepped into the jewelry store, I saw you come out.”
         “Misdirection... I was behind you and tapped your shoulder then stepped out of the jewelers.”
         “Impossible, I saw.. WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GO! YOU CAN‘T—“
         “Yes, I can.”
         “HOLY SHIT! Where’d you come from?”
         “Do you understand teleport?”
         “I do that. That sharp pain you’re trying to ignore is an ice pick. Do you understand?”
         “You're the second one. Here’s $500 to carry a message. Summerhill knows what I do, tell him how your gut feels knowing I can eliminate you anytime I want. I‘ll never steal for him and if he sends another, I’ll visit him one night and he won’t wake up. Then you quit and I never want to see you again.”
         “Absolutely. I’ve always liked Florida.”
         “Good choice, get a nice tan.”
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