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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #2211504
An Isekai about a Sukeban who dies, and is rencarnated as a goblin.
「"Hey. Did you hear? That Maki has come back to school."」
「"No way. Really?"」
「"Yeah. I saw her in homeroom. She was sat at her desk with her head down."」
「"So, creepy."」
「"I thought she'd finally done herself in or something. Oh, well."」

Laughter rang out amongst the group, And a smirk grew across Yasu Koemi's face.

「"Why don't we go and welcome her back then. It's been a long time since she's seen us after all."」

Koemi insisted, to the delight of the other girls. It was agreed, and they walked over to the classroom as it was being let out for lunch.


They walked into the room and everyone avoided them.

Koemi and her gang were known for getting into trouble and starting fights, so everyone gave them a wide birth.

The whispering started once they'd arrived.

What are they doing here? What's going to happen now? Be quiet, what if they hear you and come over here.

Used to the chatter of the weak and cowardly, Koemi ignored it. Besides, she'd finally gotten back her good friend(read: punching bag).

「"Hey, Maki-chan."」

Koemi called out to the girl over by the window, causing her to suddenly convulse in fear.

Maki lowered her head and stared out through the window seemingly working under the idea that ignoring a problem will cause it to go away.

Koemi's group started to snigger amongst themselves.

「"Is she deaf or does she think we can't see her?"」

The girls gathered around the desk that Maki was sat at and surrounded her. She was keeping her head down, but was visibly shaking.

「"I said 'Hey. Maki-chan.'"」

Maki slowly turned her head and was faced with the sneering visage of her tormentors. Koemi glared down at her with disdain.

「"We were so happy when we heard you were back. We missed you, ya' know."」
「"Why didn't you tell us you were going. We're friends, aren't we?"」

Two of the gang started to tease her, as she shuffled uncomfortably on her chair.


Maki lowered her head again and the gang stifled their laughter. Koemi mockingly pet her head.

「"We were just going to get some lunch. Why don't you come with us?"」

「"N-no!... I- I mean..."」

Koemi offered and Maki responded immediately, as if by reflex. The mood of the group quickly turned after the outburst.

「"Huh? What do you mean no?"」
「"And after we were so nice to you."」
「"This is why you don't have any friends, you know."」
「"Ugly bitch."」

A quick scowl from Koemi caused the entire room to grow silent. The girls either side stepped back away from her.

「"No, that's okay. I'm sure you have to talk to a lot of people today."」

Despite her friendly facade beginning to drop, she kept smiling.

「"Don't worry, we'll catch up some other time. If that's okay with you."」

The threateningly cold way she spat the last few words from her mouth lingered in the air as Koemi began to lead her gang away.

Maki was still, as the heavy atmosphere beared down on her, until it became too much. She shot up from her seat and held her arm.


The gang looked back over at her, Koemi with the face of a cat having cornered a mouse.

「"I'll come."」
「"Eh? What do you mean 'You'll come'?"」

The held back tittering coming from Koemi's group told everyone what was going to happen. Maki started to walk towards them.

「"I- um, I mean..."」
「"Go on, spit it out already."」
「"Ca-can I hang out with you, Yasu-sama?"」

The laughter couldn't be held back any longer as the gang erupted, even Koemi couldn't contain herself.

「"Haah... Of course, Maki-chan. You can come with us. Here, let's go 'catch up'."」

With that, Koemi reached her arm around Maki's shoulders and lead her pack out of the room.


Her knee slammed hard into Maki's stomach again. Smiling as Maki's legs gave way, she watched her fall against the wall.

「"...And that's for not coming with us when we asked nicely."」

Koemi stepped back as the others lifted Maki to her feet.

One of the girls noticed someting and pulled up Maki's sleeve, showing a bandage wrapped around her arm.

「"Hah! You stupid bitch. Did you really miss hanging out with us that much?"」
「"I don't know why you'd try to make yourself look more ugly."」
「"You should've just jumped of the school building. Don't worry, we'd leave you some flowers."」

Her foot bashed against the standing Maki's chest. Koemi burst into laughter.

「"You idiots seriously think she'd kill herself? That cowardly mess?"」

Maki slowly rose to her feet as the others joined in mocking her.

「"Yeah! That freak is probably just doing it for attention."」
「"Are you sure she even did anything? I bet you there's nothing even under that bandage."」
「"Even if she did, she's to much of a coward to actually die."」

Koemi leant back, losing herself in the mockery and laughter.

「"This Maki is probably pissing herself at the thought of i-!"」

Maki pushed into Koemi as she tried to escape, causing Koemi to lose her balance.

Falling backwards, over the stairs behind her, Koemi's face turned from mocking derision to shock.

She could see the slanted ceiling of the stairwell follow her desent, but could hardly believe it.

「"Wait. Wha-"」
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