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A brief spy story for January's Science Fiction contest...
Science Fiction Story Contest
Prompt: A strong element of spycraft tech (surveillance, assassination, political persuasion, etc.)

Two suited men strode confidently down the cold metal hallway of the top secret facility. The man in the black suit pressed an invisible button on the wall. A part of the hallway slid away to reveal a doorway. The man in black gestured the man in blue inside. Inside, a slim, lithe woman faced off against a massive metal robot twice her size. Her slender, defined arms tensed, looking as if they were carved in steel.

“What the…?” gasped Mr. Blue as he took in the scene.

Before he could finish the question, the robot fired an insanely fast punch toward the woman. It barely missed as she deftly dodged with nearly inhuman speed. The machine’s insanely powerful fist had put a basketball-sized dent in the metal wall.

“That thing is programmed to kill! No one can fight a military-grade combat bot--especially unarmed! What does she think she’s doing?” asked Mr. Blue. “Come now, Mr. Black, we need someone sane for this mission.”

“Just watch,” said Mr. Black.

The woman jumped skyward, placing one foot on the wall, pushing off to propel herself onto the robot’s extended arm. She did a backflip over its head. As she came down she found the slightest opening in the bot’s armor and extended a titanium-nailed finger on her right hand. The finger stabbed into the opening with ridiculous speed.

As she landed, hydraulic fluid squirted out of the bot’s neck opening--from exactly the place where the woman had made that lightning quick stab of her finger. The huge machine’s arms dropped to its sides limply, then it dropped to the floor.

The woman strode over to the two men, smiling.

“That was amazing!” said Mr. Blue.

The woman’s eyes sparkled in amusement. She turned her gaze to Mr. Black.

“New guy?” she said, nodding toward Mr. Blue.

“Something like that, Nance. He’s CODEL,” said Mr. Black.

“Fuck. Seriously? What does he want?” said Nancy.

“Standing right here…” said Mr. Blue. The others ignored him.

“He needs a job done,” said Mr. Black.

“Wet work?”


“No problem.”

“This one’s a little different, Nance.”


“We need a honey pot for this one.”

“Then find one. You know I don’t do that shit.”

“Has to be you.”

“Again, I find myself asking why.”

“Because the target is the Professor, and our only way in is the fact that we know he has certain… tastes.”

Nancy’s eyes widened as she heard the name of the target.

Mr. Blue, tiring of being excluded from the exchange, took the opportunity to inject himself into the conversation.

“Why don’t we just use one of your most beautiful agents? It has to be someone that can attract his attention!”

“Because we can’t fuck this up. We get one shot at this. The Professor is #1 on the FBI’s most wanted list. He’s killed more people than Hitler. And he is insanely careful. We need the best for this job.”

Mr. Blue’s skeptical expression did not look convinced.

“This woman has black belts in more martial arts than you’ve ever even heard of. Ever seen that movie about that guy in the suit that kills people with pens and pencils? You just saw Nancy here take out a fully activated combat bot with a fucking fingernail.”

This seemed to sway Mr. Blue a bit.

“But how are we going to make her fit his… type? She’s not exactly a looker...”

“Ahem. Standing right here…” Nancy said, echoing Mr. Blue’s earlier statement.

Mr. Black’s lips drew back in a dark smile.


Nancy lay on the sterile medical table in bra and panties.

“I can’t believe I agreed to this,” she said to the three men in the room. “I’m not sure that I like the idea of this barely-tested nanobot technology making changes to my DNA.”

The third man in the room, the one wearing a lab coat, didn’t hesitate, however, jabbing her arm with a needle. Nancy let out a gasp as the nanobots immediately began their modifications to her body’s cells.

Mr. Black’s dark eyes danced with anticipation as Nancy’s body began to transform. Her brown eyes turned a vibrant--almost iridescent--green. Her red hair seemed to thicken into silken shimmers. Her lips plumped into ruby perfection.

As Mr. Black’s eyes scanned the rest of her body, he saw her bra strain, creaking against burgeoning breasts as their bulging voluptuousness cried out for a new size a bit further down the alphabet.

Her arms and abs, defined before, were now sculpted perfection. Her hips and ass swelled into sleek, supple curves. Her legs rippled and slithered into shapely, endless perfection.

Mr. Blue’s eyes couldn’t seem to look away from her body as her chest heaved from the breathtaking effects of the transformation, his lecherous eyes drawn to her as if by some magnetic force.

Mr. Black watched the other man’s ogling gaze with amusement before handing Nancy a bag full of new clothes. He escorted the other men out of the room to give Nancy some privacy to change.

When they came in several minutes later, Nancy stood before the mirror in a revealing red cocktail dress, attaching hoop earrings to her ears. As she finished, she turned to face the men, the thigh-high slit in the dress coming open to reveal tantalizingly perfect flesh.

“My goodness!” said Mr. Black, gazed drifting down her body. “You cleaned up nicely!”

Mr. Blue simply picked up where he left off, ogling in awe. “You look… amazing!” he said in a reverent tone.

Nancy couldn’t suppress a smile, clearly enjoying the effect she was having on the suited men.

“There may be some side benefits to your strength, endurance, and intelligence as well, but these bots were primarily designed to alter your appearance to match what we know of the Professor’s historic preferences,” said Mr. Black. “Now we just need to get you to the mixer, where we know he will be watching. Remember, we need you to terminate the target with extreme prejudice.”

Nancy nodded.


Nancy strode confidently into the mixer, tight red dress hugging her now-spectacular curves, the skirt swirling and flaring about her sinuous legs. Mr. Black had tried to convince her to wear heels, but she had refused. She needed to be able to move quickly when necessary. Besides, her legs looked beyond amazing even in flats.

She knew that the Professor would be scouting the crowd through the cameras in the facility, so she needed to ensure that she would be noticed. After surveying the dense cluster of people in the room, she whispered her plan into Mr. Black’s ear.

The two worked their way into the center of the crowd. When they arrived, Nancy immediately shoved Mr. Black away from her and shrieked.

“Get away from me, you randy bastard!”

The crowd began to pull away from them, giving them space, making them more visible to the cameras overhead. Mr. Black approached her again, and she slapped him hard across the face. Unfamiliar with her new bot-enhanced strength, however, the blow was very strong, and Mr. Black flew several feet before landing on his side. The crowd shrank back from the man on the ground in surprise and confusion.

Nancy couldn’t help but smirk at the effectiveness of the plan. She was certain to attract some attention now!

Sure enough, as Mr. Black rose from the ground and disappeared into the crowd, a huge man in a tuxedo approached Nancy, touched her elbow and indicated that she should come with him. The man walked into an elevator with Nancy in tow and spoke a word.


The elevator began to move downward.

“May I asked where you’re taking me?” asked Nancy

“The basement,” said the man.

“That’s so incredibly helpful. Thank you!” Nancy avoided allowing a sarcastic tone to creep into her voice as she gave him her best faux-genuine smile.

She watched the large man’s expression soften as her knee-weakening smile worked its magic.

When the elevator reached its floor, the man guided Nancy to a door with a retina scanner, allowing it to read his iris. The door opened to reveal a surprisingly spartan room, far from the opulence she had expected the Professor to prefer, then closed behind her.

“Good evening, Nancy,” said a voice from the walls of the room.

“Who’s Nancy? My name is Veronica,” she said, showing none of the intense alarm she felt inside that the man seemed to know her identity.

“You are good, aren’t you? You didn’t even miss a beat in your performance when I said your name.”

“I don’t know what you mean,” said Nancy.

“Of course you don’t. I’ll save us both some time and just get straight to the point.” The voice paused for a moment, as if the Professor were considering his next words carefully.

“I know who you are because I hacked your nanobots. I am, after all, the one who developed that particular technology. Very creative to use them to change your appearance to one you knew I would… prefer, by the way.”

“Why don’t you join me? I would very much like to meet you in person,” said Nancy.

“I’m sure you would!” said the voice. “First, however, I would like to show you a few things.”

One of the walls of the room flickered into a monitor screen and began to show emails, documents, and other records. Nancy approached it and examined the documents, her jaw popping open as she reached the final one.

“I can see that my evidence made an impression. Good!” said the voice.

“So you’re trying to tell me that you’re not responsible for the genocide in the Middle East? But everyone knows it was you. Everyone.”

“Yes, our government is very good at deflecting blame. But the reason I’ve been hiding for the past year was to collect the evidence to show the world who the real killer was--your employer, the Director of the CIA.”

Nancy considered. His evidence did look authentic. The CIA had been known to do some questionable things. She herself had been a part of many of those things.

“The nanobots that the CIA introduced into your bloodstream allows them not only to change your appearance but to kill you in an instant should they desire it. If you agree to take this evidence back to the appropriate people in the CODEL, I will disable the nanobots in your system, so that you are no longer at their mercy.”

Nancy didn’t need much time to weigh those options. She knew what she needed to do.



A wall in the room slid upward to reveal the Professor, who approached her with a broad smile.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to find the right person to bring this evidence to those who could help…”

As he spoke, Nancy pounced on him, slicing the man’s throat with the long fingernail on her right hand. He gurgled, then dropped to the floor.

Nancy knelt down next to him and whispered into his ear.

“Maybe you should have done one more bit of research. I am the one who released that virus,” she said, rising with a dark smile on her luscious lips.

She left him to bleed out as she dialed Mr. Black on her phone.

“Brilliant idea, Mr. Black, to use CODEL’s own mission to cover our tracks. Now that the Professor has been eliminated, there should be zero chance of discovery.”

On the other end of the line, Mr. Black pressed a button.

Nancy crumpled to the ground instantly, glassy eyes open and lifeless.

Now there is zero chance of discovery, Nancy,” he said, ending the call. He poured himself a scotch and toasted his best agent’s memory before downing it in one swallow.
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