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by Kwills
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After a slow start, I get ready to tackle the year ahead.
Dear Me,

Well, it's been a lousy year so far, but it's only January yet. Lots of time for things to change, and for me to do better.

I hereby proclaim Monday, 3rd February, 2020, to be my personal new year. The previous four-and-three-quarters weeks are discounted. Wiped from the slate. Never happened .

As things stand, I have just a few days to tidy up left over tasks from 2019. Then, 2020 can really get started.

February: Draft book two (The Avlem Burden) .

March: Book two to beta readers. Outline book three (currently untitled) .

April: Draft book three OR edit book two, depending on whether my readers have got back to me or not.

May: Edit book two OR draft book three (see April) .

June: Book two to editor. Book three to beta readers. Take a mental break from the Fragments universe, and focus on some shorter projects

July: Edit whatever's come back OR continue with shorter projects.

August: Busy with family. When not family-ing, will be editing book two for publication.

September: Edit book three from beta feedback.

October: Book three to editor. Outline book four .

November Draft book four

December: Finish draft, catch-up, wind down. Prepare to launch book two early the following year .

This is the plan. We'll see how things stand by the end of March. I might be back here, pushing book three into the summer and book four into next year, or I might surprise myself and be ahead of schedule.

I have many other goals this year, too; social goals, goals for my health (physical, mental, and spiritual), and goals for things I'd like to learn. However, all these goals depend on building good daily habits rather than meeting project milestones. Of course, my writing milestones depend on good daily habits as well, but at least my writing goals have milestones. My socialising, health, and learning goals are more about building chains of success. Such as:

*Flowerw* Write to, phone, email, or visit someone I'm close to at least twice a week.

*FlowerB* Start and end each day with Bible reading.

*FlowerP* Journal daily, noting habits and trends. Write down actions and feelings, then try to get to the why of these things.

*FlowerT* Have at least one, preferably two, 30-minute study sessions each day.

*FlowerV* Drink at least four, preferably six, pints of water every day.

*FlowerR* Avoid junk food, and keep plenty of healthy snacks on hand -- in sensible portions!

*FlowerY* Go outside for at least ten minutes a day, at least four days a week .

Finally: Be firm with myself, but not harsh. Forgive slips and missed targets, then move on. And above all, learn to ask for help! It's the height of folly, not to mention hubris, to imagine that I can do all this alone. There's no such thing as a self-made man (or woman), and helping each other is part of being human. I'm a massive hypocrite when it comes to help: I can dish it out, but I can't take it.

For what is expected of me but that I exercise justice, cherish loyalty, and walk in modesty with my God? (Micah 6:8)

All the best for the year eleven months ahead,


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