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Flash fiction
"Wos for dindins?" Jolie's squeaky little voice asked. Little hands grabbed the edge of the worktop and pulled her up on tippytoes.

"It's a surprise!" Lara said, hiding the vegetables she was chopping. Her daughter hated vegetables and was not averse to hurling them across the room. Hopefully this new recipe would do the trick.

Sitting the toddler in her low chair, and giving her a colouring book and pencils, Lara hoped to distract the girl from the cooking. "What's that, Jolie? Is it a donkey?"

"Dungey!" she sang out, throwing her hands in the air. Grabbing a pencil she stabbed at the outline. Lara quickly threw the veg into the wok and stir fried them. "Dungey done," the child shouted. Lara moved the wok from the heat. "What's this one? Is it a lion?"

"Liar!" Jolie shreaked, and commenced her stabbing. Lara added tinned tomatoes to the wok and stirred.

"Won dindins," Jolie whined. She threw the book onto the floor and started hurling pencils like they were darts. Lara quickly added cooked pasta to the wok. The Winnie the Pooh bowl was ready. Lara added the food.

Moving Jolie to her highchair, Lara placed the new recipe in front of the child. Hands dipped in and food covered a little face. Lara returned to the stove to commence the adult meal. As soon as she wasn't looking, Jolie deposited most of the food into her pinny pocket. When Lara saw the almost empty bowl she beamed. The she saw the bulge. "What's that in your pocket, Jolie?"


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