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by Nate
Rated: E · Short Story · Other · #2211659
A short story using an analogy to highlight the devasting actions of humans on nature.
There once lived a man, his name was Water, he conquered the whole earth, his reign spread throughout the world, but his reign did not keep this man entertained, as calm and composed as he was, he was bored and irritated. He was lonely and wished to be with someone. While searching for a partner to spend his time, he saw, for the first time, how lonely he was. He found no one to partner with, it was after ages that he found someone who he was happy with. Her name was Nature and he spent all his time with her, through tough times and issues came, he stayed with her. They both found perfect co-existence.
A few years later, he saw groups of people, these groups were called humans, Water had rumours of them as he heard that they exploited his land using it as passages for travel as well as for poultry and harvest. After confronting them, he saw that they cared only for themselves and was reminded of himself when he was lonely, at first, he pitied them and introduced them to nature, they appreciated Water as well Nature and were grateful all that they gave them but they're children who were matured thought of them as only resources and did not appreciate them as much as they're parents.
Years past, and mature children's parents had passed away, the children being overwhelmed with grief saw that the Water and Nature did not seem to care, in fact they seemed happy. When Water and Nature were confronted by the children, they said they saw death in a different way, such that when one passes on they move to higher realm, the children did not understand this, rather they chose not to understand this, they thought of Water and Nature as ridiculing them but chose to ignore the action. When the children saw how much Water and Nature owned, they were filled with envy, they wished to have all that they owned, and thus plotted a way to steal their land and resources from them.
They enslaved Water and Nature, taking away all their land, but this did not phase both of them since they did not care for these possessions any more, furious the humans separated the both of them and tortured them, they killed Water first, and right before they could kill Nature, she cursed them, telling them that the very thing that they wished for shall come back and take them away.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2211659-Water-and-Nature