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Dear Me,
How are you? I wrote you this letter hoping you will find it safe and sound a year from now. I have been thinking a lot lately trying to understand what life is all about. Even if I still can't dare to say I got it all figured out, I think I kind of got a bit of a clue on how to live it better. So it would mean the world to me to share with you what I get to realize through my long and frequent thinking sessions.

The thing is I have been leaving a life where I follow some rules made by others. I am not saying it's a bad thing to follow rules, but these rules I have been following are rather norms. So these norms have been practiced a lot and by a lot of people. So I assumed it's a crime to be different. Because of that, I always try to correct every step of mine looking at others. But that doesn't make me happy. It just makes me like everybody else.

I always keep wondering what was missing for me not to be happy and successful as I try my best to-do everything right. But then I get to find out that the problem is with my definition of right. And the bigger problem was I didn't know that there's no one right thing. Everybody can have their own right. So the hardest part in life I think is figuring out what your right is. And once you find it you should live your right way and nobody else's. You should not waste your time mirroring others and make a not so look alike copy of them, because somebody else's right can't be yours.

So I say waste as much time figuring out your right. Don't get too attached with things and never be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. Knock on different doors, try looking at different opportunities and try new things. The door you are knocking at right now might never get open for you or you never know if what's behind that door will ever going to be worth the wait. At first, it might seem as if it's everything you needed, but you can never be sure if it is going to stay that way. So try looking around and knock at other doors. You might as well find some already opened doors while looking around and those might bring you better opportunities and lead you to better places.

Once you make sure what's right for you then start the journey and try to figure out your own way to live it. At first, it might get scary to go on a totally different path but at the end it would be worth it. Not to mess it you should give it all yours. Work day and night and worry only about the outcomes you wanted and not about meeting other's expectations and also not about being perfect. Perfect is just a word. That's why I can't and won't be dictating you on what exactly you should do. I am not going to tell you what courses you should take, if you should drop out of school or if you should start some kind of business. That decision is going to be yours to make. Find your right make your decisions and start the ride while loving it. Then I am sure you will enjoy the ride you make at your own pace. That way you can prove to yourself and others that it was worth taking the risk.

Don't procrastinate, start today. Take your time figuring out your right and try building your own happy life. Trust me you won't be disappointed. That's why I am going to do the same from now on. Doing so, by this time next year I believe I will be changed a lot. I believe I could be a happy me and a better me. And that me is going to be you. I hope by the time you are reading this you would have a lot to say besides thanking me. I believe you would accomplish a lot, experience a lot, change a lot and become everything I have dreamed of becoming in a one-year span. As I said before there is no one right thing and you might as well find the other right or all sorts of other important things to make you a better you for the years to come.
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