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A 2 parter with politics concerning your local governments, and a small story bit.
Segment 1.

This is the U.F.O. Here again to inform you citizens of Earth our progress in allying with the local Governments of your species.

Because of this reason, United Federations of Outer-space gladly announces a peace treaty between the United Nations and us.
Several conditions have also accepted, list will be shown shortly.
Although it is true that several nations have not joined the UN, we will provide aid in any hardships that may occur after this Treaty.

1. Any UFO Agents sent to Earth will be regarded as an Ally, the murder of one of these Agents will be regarded as a breaking of this Treaty.
2. The UFO will not be required to share, explain, or teach Humans the knowledge of other Aliens, that is their choice.
3. Prisoners may be sent to UFO owned Containment stations, however, Prisoners sent must be at a controlled level. (Around 6,000 max per year)
4. While as long as this Treaty stands the UFO will protect Earth from Hostile Extra terrestrial Forces, the UFO will not be responsible for local planetary problems, unless if Assigned agents are given the directive to help.
5. Continued sending of spies will mean the permanent destruction of this treaty, we will be monitoring your actions as semi enemies from then on.

Thank you for reading.
We will update you on recent events shortly.

Segment 2 [2nd person perspective]

Mission assigned-Stop Prison break on Prison Station-98158-A
Agent following-Cach Sorbit (New Agent)

The ship made a landing as you prepared for your 3rd Assigned mission by the UFO.

Knowing what was to be expected this time, you got your gun ready, loading the ammo, and confirmed your identity to the gun’s Locking system. You pressed your thumb on the scanning pad, and it flashed a quick blue, the gun then unlocked and switched safety off.

The airlock opened, and you rushed inside, following the rest of the team to the check point. Aiming the Barrel right at the opposite end of the room, which leads to the Prison break’s most recent turn.

“Somebody obviously has to get to the other exit, that’s probably where they’re going.” You heard, and as you heard that a couple members of the team broke off. likely to find the other exit, but the only way to that other exit is through the-

“Alright who has the acid?” you heard,

“We all have a mist blower in our inventories. Seems whoever assigned the mission knew we would do this.” You also heard.

The scent of Metal started to fill the room, with burning accompanying it. Not a pleasant mixture, but it probably meant they were using the mist blowers to burn through the wall.

After a bit of waiting a notification came on your Notific, and as you finally took your focus off the opposite end of the room to look down at your wrist, you heard the sound of footsteps coming from the other end of the wall.

Looking at your Notific you read a message which said, “4 Prisoners coming up, I’m running over to join you.”

Everyone else who stayed left to explore the rest of the station in hopes they might find the Prisoners causing the Prison break.

In your state of panic you decided to fire a warning shot at whoever was coming, aiming at the wall next to the hole instead of whoever was coming. It was dark so you couldn’t really see them much anyway.

“Whoa whoa it’s me! Don’t shoot!” You switched on your Infrared vision to see if they were alone, yep.

“Alright come on, don’t scare me like that next time.” You said back.

“Yeah sorry they were coming a bit fast, so I didn’t have much time to write the message, anyway here they come!” They said, drawing, and arming a sensory grenade.

You aimed your Gun and held your breath, preparing to fire. Then came a couple prisoners, 1 bulky, 1 slender, not much of a problem you thought, but then you heard a rifle fire, and as the bullet sped by your head you took cover under the table next to you. Just barely dodging the shrapnel from the exploding bullet. It was lucky you guess the right kind of bullet.

The other guy who came however, wasn’t so lucky, and he received a quick puncture to his leg, which got him to collapse and fall behind the burned wall. He some how kept in a scream, but he definitely wasn’t looking good either, and so you decided to return the fire with a couple of well placed shots, which one reflected off the reinforced wall and straight into one of the Prisoners, the slender one to be precise.

You continued firing at the prisoners till you ran out of ammo, the other guy luckily started also returning fire shortly after you stopped through.

The other 2 prisoners finally arrived, with the fire from the Prisoners getting more intense, “they definitely went to the armory before this” you thought, although that thought was quickly blurred out with the sound of gun fire.

The rest of the team arrived, bringing a couple wounded members and a bunch of unconscious prisoners who went to the other exit, about 7 or so of them.

They all started to fire back at the other prisoners too, with most of the team just trying to cover the agents who were bringing the unconscious Prisoners into the secondary containment ship.

After a while of moving from cover to cover, returning and receiving fire, and a bit of quick strategy, the rest of the prisoners finally went down, and were taken to the containment ship. Ending the Mission.

The United Federations of Outerspace thanks you for reading this story segment.
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