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Sights of New York on a cold Spring day
The sky is blue, but the air is icy cold as I reach the top of the stairs at the 30thStreet entrance to the High Line. This was not the meteorological situation that I had envisioned when I’d booked my trip to the Big Apple for my birthday. But now that I was here, I was embracing it, cold weather and all.
Heading along the elevated walkway towards the West Village, I feel embraced by the atmosphere of the City that Never Sleeps. As the walkway passes over street after street, yellow taxicabs weave in and out between everyday cars to going to where I’ll never know. Tourist that I am, my phone occasionally emerges from my coat to capture a photographic memento of my trip although deep down I know I’ll never forget this trip.
Eventually reaching the end of the walkway At Gansevoort Street, I descend the stairs to street level and now I’m immersed in the city. Through the bohemian heart of the West Village I walk, taking in as much of the sights and sounds as I can. Reaching the intersection where Seventh Avenue, Christopher Street and West 4th Street all cross paths, I stand on the sidewalk and glance southwards. Looming over all the surrounding buildings is the recently completed Freedom Tower. I take a photo and begin to walk along West 4th Street in the direction of Washington Square Park.
Reaching the entrance to the park, the arch looms ahead of me and after a few paces towards it, I’m struck by how the Empire State Building fits in the archway. Once again removing my phone from my coat, I snap a couple of shots including a selfie. The buildings and monuments in the city all seem so naturally photogenic, that its almost impossible to take a bad photograph of them.
Striding my way under the arch, I begin my walk uptown along 5th Avenue. The scene is almost as I’d imagined with designer stores lining both sides of the street. Reaching Madison Square Park, once again I go into full tourist mode, snapping a few photos of the Flatiron Building. As the sun becomes blocked out by the buildings on the street, the cold air feels even more biting. Flipping the collar up on my pea coat, I hunker down and continue my stroll uptown.
After several minutes, temporary respite looms ahead for I’m close to Grand Central Station. Walking inside the terminal, I feel flushed as the interior heat meets my cold face, and upon inspecting my phone after taking a selfie within the terminal, the photographic evidence confirms my suspicions.
After a brief walk around the terminal, I brace myself and once again head out in into the cold March air. Heading along East 42nd Street I pass down the side of the New York Public Library and into Bryant Park. The view of the Empire State Building overlooking the park once again brings out my photographer tendencies and I snap a few pictures.
By now, my legs were starting to feel the strain and with a head full of memories and a photo full of photographs, I make my way to Times Square to keep the subway back to 79th Street and the walk to my hotel.
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