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Rated: E · Short Story · Animal · #2211735
About a groundhog who has a good day.

         Gregory loves to be outside of his hole. He loves to be out of it to get sunshine and see who he can play with. He also loves to look for food.

"Well, I wonder who's outside to play today?" asked Gregory.

"Well here I am!" said Georgette.

"Hello Georgette! Want to play?" asked Gregory.

"Sure!" said Georgette.

"What would you like to do?" said Gregory.

"Why don't we play hide-and-seek?" said Georgette.

"Yes! That sounds like fun!" said Gregory.

"I'll count and you hide," said Georgette.

"Alright! I'll hide!" said Gregory.

         Gregory looks and looks and looks for a good place to hide. He decides to hide right in his own hole. Georgette stops counting and comes that way to look for him.

"Gregory! Oh Gregory! Where are you?" asked Georgette mischievously.

"I'm not saying a word!" said Gregory quietly while laughing.

"Hey! I heard you!" said Georgette laughing too.

"There you are! I see you! You're in your hole!" said Georgette.

"Oh darn! You heard me laughing! Oh well! My turn to find you now," said Gregory.

         All of the sudden, a hungry wolf appears. Gregory and Georgette both go into Gregory's hole. They hide from the hungry wolf.

"I know you two are here somewhere close. I'm going to find both of you and eat you!" said the hungry wolf.

"All, leave them alone Ralph, they're my friends!" said Wolfette.

"But I'm hungry!" said Ralph.

"Let's just go. We don't need to eat my friends," said Wolfette.

"Thanks Wolfette!" said Gregory and Georgette to Wolfette.

"You're welcome my friends!" said Wolfette.

         Ralph and Wolfette both left to see if they could find a rabbit to eat instead. Both Gregory and Georgette got out of Gregory's hole. They decided to play hide-and-seek again.

"Now, where were we? I was going to hide next," said Georgette.

"Alright. One, two, three..." said Gregory counting.

"I know where he'll never find me," said Georgette hiding in an old abandoned barn near by.

"10. Ready or not, here I come!" said Gregory looking all over the place for Georgette but couldn't find her.

"He'll never find me up here!" said Georgette laughing up on some feeding racks up high in the old barn.

"Where in the world could she be? She's a great hider!" said Gregory.

         Gregory kept searching and searching for Georgette but couldn't find her. He looked in all of her usual hiding places but she wasn't there. Right before Gregory was going to give up, he heard her calling him for help.

"Help! Help! I can't get down Gregory!" said Georgette nervously.

"Oh! So that's where you hid?" said Gregory.

"Alright! You found me! We both win though ok? Just help me get down from here!" said Georgette feeling helpless.

"Don't worry, here I come!" said Gregory helping her down.

"Wow! Thanks Gregory!" said Georgette hugging him.

"You're welcome!" said Gregory hugging her back.

"What should we do now?" said Georgette.

"Let's find something to eat. I know! Let's go eat some of the abandoned farmer's radishes in the field over there," said Gregory while his stomach's growling.

"That sounds great to me! I'm hungry too!" said Georgette.

         The two groundhogs feast on tons of radishes. They continue to play throughout the day. They both had a great day and say good night to each other. That's how Gregory the groundhog's day was which was full of fun and friendship!

~ The End! ~

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