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by Intuey
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Sci-fi · #2211753
They'll take you into the past or future, following the directional wave of energy.
DDPC Round 36 Prompt

Way, way back, deep in the woods
through the brush and the thorns,
past the roaring, echoing falls,
further in than human beings
are allowed to tread, lies a world
of inner-dimensional elementals.

They creep across the jumbled limbs,
barely touching the dampened earth.
Weaving time and space alike,
to do their bidding throughout the night.

Exchanging souls in parallel worlds,
promoting and demoting, it's all a whirl.
Plucking and replacing, energies abound,
they follow the colorful, directional sound.

Within their eyes lie the past and future,
juggling emotions of love and despair.
Passing them out to those unaware,
ones received are ones perceived.

It all happens within your mind,
you give permission or deny.
Power of thoughts, power of words,
set into motion life-altering reactions.

It matters not if you believe,
the elementals follow the seeds.
They'll place you where you need to be,
to ride the wave of your creation.

Always strive to raise your vibe,
for if you doubt, that doubt will rule.
And into the space of the past, you'll go
that's the essence of living in the shadows.

To reach the future of brighter days
you must accept the presence of now.
Then signal the channel of your being
by reaching higher, visually seeing.
They'll guide your soul as you evolve,
to the quantum realm of your reality.

(Freeverse: 36 lines)

Written for "Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest [13+]
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