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Dinner with Jesus
Standing at the window looking in, I notice a large group of people and a table so long it was impossible to know where it ended. I’m excited knowing that I am going to be a part of that dinner.

I enter and the room is full of warmth, the candles glow so brightly, the smiles and laughter gives me such joy. The people are peaceful and seem just happy being there.

I notice the serving trays and feel at ease as I pick one up to start to serve. It’s at this point I notice the man at the head of the table, and catch my breath at His beauty and peace. It’s your Son, Papa, my King and Savior, Jesus. He is so alive, so full of strength and joy.

He speaks to everyone and I can see His love for all those around Him. He has planned this dinner for so long. That’s when I noticed the empty chair near Him. How strange that someone would choose to miss this occasion.

I return to my serving, so excited to be apart of this, no one seems to notice me, but I don’t care, again I’m just happy to be there to celebrate with my Lord. I glance at the chair agin and feel a sadness for the one who is missing this supper.

As I glance at my Lord, I catch my breath, He was watching me. He see’s me flinch and He smiles. I feel the heat rush to my cheeks, embarrassed that He caught me being lazy with my duties. I quickly look away to continue my work.

As I go with bated breath to serve my Lord, I reach for His plate and am startled to see Him rise from His seat. I know I was lazy but I was unprepared to be disciplined for my actions.

I slowly look up, and see Him standing behind the empty chair, He reaches out to pull it away from the table. I look at Him and then the empty chair and stop dead cold. He reaches out with His beautiful scarred hand and takes my hand to pull me to the chair. I feel unable to move on my own.

I quickly look around for the one who will point out that I am unworthy to be seated at the table and so close to the King. As I am being gently led to the chair, I notice two huge men coming towards me, they are armed with swords.

I look at my Lord with tears in my eyes and whisper, “Thank you, I am so sorry I’m not worthy”. He tightened His hold on my hand, and I felt as if I floated into the chair. I feel His hand leave me. The whole room had gone quite, I close my eyes waiting. I hear the swords being drawn.

Slowly people start talking and the music resumes. I open my eyes to find Him watching me, He smiles and winks at me and goes back to eating His supper.

As a child who trusts her father, I slowly turn to find the guards at my back with their swords drawn and crossed, not to remove me, but to protect my back so no one can remove me from where my Lord placed me.

Peace so unimaginable fills my body, forgiveness, joy beyond any I’ve ever felt joined my soul.

I hear Him laugh, I soak in His beauty,
He raises His glass, I raise mine and I drink fully of His love!

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