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Owen Colt joins the wrestling league of giant anthros.
You will play as Owen Colt, a 20 year old rookie wrestler who joins the Anthro Wrestling Foundation, or the AWF League where he'll fight many Macro wrestlers who will he have to endure facing. be guiding/controlling Marc as he goes about his daily duties at an ASL (Anthro Sumo League) site. This site is not just a staging area for the various matches but also where the various wrestlers live and train and stuff themselves.

In the AWF, the fighters are huge, bulk, obese, and quite powerful. Owen Colt is the only human wrestler in the league, and no human has ever join in so no human wrestlers other than the main character himself. Although many storylines are written, the matches themselves are not. This allows a feel where anything can happen as anything literally CAN happen. Most wrestlers are female, but there can be male.


Owen Colt

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 120

Appearance: Tanned skin, brown eyes, wears a one piece speedo that almost reveals his butt and it doesn't cover his arms and legs.

Owen is a young man who was downcasted by his family due to all his other relatives being successful than he is. Upon hearing about the AWF League, he decides to sign up, but seeing the many giant wrestlers, he realizes that he's stuck in the foundation till his contract is lifted up. However, he won't give up until he proves himself, being reckless to beat his opponents while also being meek when going against being taken by the fighters after they dominate him in a match. He has a crush on Skunky, who tries to be strong to become her girlfriend.



Species: Lion

Height: 15'10

Weight: 8,000

He wears a fancy gray suit with a red tie out in public but in the ring, wears a blue speedo while also exposing his six pack.

Leo is the founder, spokesman, and chairman of the AWF League. He's very calm, kind, and very determined upon seeing potential wrestlers to give them the courage to compete in the league. When he's in the ring, he's very fiery and very aggressive but still enjoys listening to hear the crowd's voices when fighting and finishing his opponents with his bulging muscles.


Species: Hippo

Height: 13'00

Weight: 10,000

Hailey wears a gray suit but with a gray pencil skirt with black stripes and reading glasses to look professional. She's cold, calculating, and knows puts Owen into many matches and situations that'll humiliate him for ratings. When she's in the ring, she wears a black underwear that opens and exposes her butt cheeks. She even has a black bra with a big cleavage that she uses to grind her opponents to dust. She uses her gut and cleavage to crush her foes, and even going far to eat them. She's even displays sexual humiliation on her foes by taking their clothes off and exposes them in front of the audience to further humiliate them.


Species: Cow

Height: 10'8

Weight: 9,550

She wears a short blue jeans-like thong which helps covers her udders. She wears an orange wrapped-up shirt to cover her boobs, which shows her cleavage. She even has a cowgirl hat and white with black spots all over her body.

She came from the south and wants to put up some competition to earn some cash for her farm but training to become stronger. She's very seductive, and friendly and gives her opponents a chance. Although, she's a very good caretaker when it comes to raising her siblings and babies. She uses her milk by breastfeeding her opponents and slowly breaking their minds to become mindless slaves but makes them act like babies. The effects wears off in 24 hours but goes longer if they keep drinking her milk. She gets angry easily if someone insults how fat she is.

Gina Grizz

Species: Grizzly Bear

Height: 18'5

Weight: 2500

She has brown fur all over, wears an pink fundoshi, has a small chef hat on her head, and has an apron that's below her belly button.

She's naive, but caring and sweet. She's the AWF master chef and mastered the many arts of different dishes. However, she experiments her food like some helps doubles, triples, and quadruples someone's weight for a few hours, a spicy burrito that causes uncontrollable gas for a while. Even created a mil bottle that slowly turns people in babies and they slowly turn back for how long they drink the bottle, which she takes advantage and takes care of them. Once the person is reverted back from being babies, they lose memories of what happened.

She grew up in a restaurant back in Japan while also being a caretaker for small children which explains her ABDL fetish. She even has a small pouch attached to her fundoshi, which contains her food dishes, milk bottles, and diapers for her soon-to-be-turn baby victims.


Species: Bull

Height: 11'7

Weight: 2100

He wears a black one-piece wrestling singlet with a zipper in his behind.

He's Matilda's girlfriend and sometimes tag-teams with her onto crushing his foes. He charges and crushes them with his hooves, his biceps and muscles.


Species: Panda

Height: 12'5

Weight: 3600

Wears a black ninja suit that covers every part of his body, including his bulging gut and huge ass.

He's very secretive, but quite nice, passionate about his ninja skills, and gives others' advice. Though, he fights with all his might! He uses his shadow clone technique to land on his opponents and crush them with all force. He can somehow even increase and decrease his size to leave devastating attacks. He can even suck his opponents into his butt and crushes them. He can make them into ball with his hands. He even lets out fart that makes his foes dizzy if they don't hear him pass gas, which applies the 'silent but deadly' metaphor.

He's a ninja prodigy and been well-known in his family despite being large and fat, and can hide in the shadows despite his size. He joins the AWF mostly for fun and amusement while being on TV.

Skukanku & Skunky

Species: Skunk

(Skukanku) Height: 15'6 / (Skunky) Height: 13'5

(Skukanku) Weight: 13,000 / (Skunky) Weight: 11,500

Skukanku wears a black tank top and black spandex shorts with a Mawashi outside of it. He has a ruff black beard, and unruly messy white hair with an intimidating look on his face. Has the biggest ass ever, possibly almost larger than any fighter.

Skunky is shorter than her brother and wears a white bikini top to hide her boobs. She even has a big ass, although not as large as her brothers but still large, and has a white g-string pantie, to let her foes see her natural beauty.

They are known as the 'Stink Twins' and were left in a junkyard ever since then. Skukanku grew hatred towards the world for his parents leaving them and only considers his sister as the only one to love and trust and been known to baby her, but quick-tempered towards anyone that annoys them but enjoys a challenge. He and his sister joins the AWF to crush any foes to relieve some stress and free housing. He takes anything he hears as an insult, even if its minor, which makes those be in his endless weight of his ass, stomach, or his bare feet, grinding them while making them smell bad under his stench or makes them lives in his bowels for days or weeks. He uses his stink to make them as stinky as him. They say that he never taken a bath since the day he was born. He can use different stink sprays like blue gas shrinks them, and yellow gas makes them bend to his will.

Skunky is the kindest one, although she can be sassy, pervy, and enjoys winning and gets upset if she loses. She hates it when her brother prevents her from finding a boyfriend, particularly Owen who she has a crush on. She makes all boys into her personal g-string to make them easily get her that sexual feeling. She uses her butt and gut to crush them all, and loves to vore them like her brother. She enjoys swallowing them and farts them out through her ass. She even puts her fingers into her opponents butt to make them get them embarrassed and exposes their clothing to give her a nice feeling underneath them.

Skukanku uses anal vore and sucks them up into his bowels and makes them endure a powerful stench to make them stinky and they'll remain stinky till he tells them the cure. He has a strong disliking with Owen and crushes him with his ass and farts him into a toilet, stinkfaces him, or even trap him in a bottle with his gas inside of it. He even forcefeed him to make him fat, having him lose his speed when he tries escaping.


Squishing / Squashing, farting, stenchplay, smothering, sizeplay, sexual humiliation, ABDL, diapers, milk lactation, vore (anal vore).


1. Owen is always being dominated.

2. Don't age up any of the characters for the duration of the story.

3. No complete vore. Owen may be completely enveloped by an opponent's mouth and messed with in there, or he could end up stuck between an opponent's buttocks and humiliated in there. So no death or gore at all.

4. No scat or watersports

5. No gore. Owen will always walk away from the fight (though a little more beaten up/smelly/humiliated/etc.), nor can he draw blood on his opponents.

6. Lay on the humiliation. Don't end it too soon. If Owen loses the battle, make your own finishers for the characters to finish him off.

8. Dominators can be male or female. But it seems mostly female.

9. Dominators, after victory, can take the loser back to their rooms to do what they want with, regardless of rules established for the story. (except for scat, watersports, and gore)

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