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A couple gets themselves stuck in an awkward position and needs help from their daughter.
Thirty-two year old Daniel Robertson was tidying him and his wife's bedroom when he moved a chest of drawers and found a rather small window that neither he had never noticed.

The young man opened the window and feeling curious,decided to go through it despite his worries about possibly getting stuck due it's it's rather small size.

Daniel stuck his head through the window and after a brief struggle,his entire top half was soon through and tried to pull his lower half but it just refused to fit despite several minutes of pulling and wiggling.

The young man then realised that it wasn't going to happen and tried to back out of the window but was shocked to discover that he couldn't and despite several minutes pushing,wiggling and even putting his left foot against the wall for more leverage.

He still didn't budge and realising that he was stuck called out, "Sinead,could you please come in here,I need your help."

The curvaceous young blond walked into the bedroom and burst into laughter when she saw her husband's behind sticking out of the window and said, "looks like someone's been eating too many biscuits and cakes,your behind is enormous."

"I find that ironic coming from you consisting how many biscuits and cakes and the fact that your butt is even bigger then mine, " Daniel replied.

Sinead blushed and placed her right hand over her behind and said, "I'll get you out," as she then grabbed onto his hips and pulled and pulled with all her might but despite him pushing as well,their efforts proved to be in vain as she then lost her grip and tumbled onto the grass.

The young woman said, "let's try a different approach," as placed her back against her husband's behind,her hands against the window and pushed while Daniel pulled but it he just refused to move a single inch.

Sinead then decided to enter the window herself and stuck her head through it and after a brief struggle,her entire top half was soon through but discovered that her lower half wouldn't fit despite several minutes of pulling and wiggling.

The young blond then tried to back out of the window but was shocked to discover that she couldn't.
"Sinead,please don't tell me you're stuck," said the young man.

"Of course not," she said as she then tried to unsuccessfully push and wiggle herself free again as she then admitted to her husband, "Daniel,I think I'm stuck," as he placed his right hand over his face in disbelief at their current predicament.

As the two continued to unsuccessfully try to free themselves,Daniel said"I'm sorry I got us into this mess. "

"It's my fault too,I should have realised that I was never going to fit," said Sinead as the duo then kissed before beginning to laugh at how ridiculous their situation was.

The two's fourteen year old daughter Lisa soon returned home from school and after hearing her parents calling her,walked into their bedroom and began laughing when she saw both their behind's sticking out of the window.

"I can't believe you both tried to fit through,I'm a lot younger than both of you and I wouldn't try," joked the teenager.

She then grabbed onto her mother's hips and pulled and pulled with all her might while Sinead pushed until a POP sound was heard and the two were sent tumbling backwards onto the carpet.

"Thank you darling," said the young blond as she then ran outside and grabbed onto Daniel's hands and pulled and pulled with all her might while Lisa placed her back against her father's backside and her hands against the window frame and pushed.

The two pulled and pushed with all their strength on the young man for several minutes without success until finally,a POP sound was heard as Daniel came flying out of the window,.

Sending him and his wife tumbling backwards into a heap on the grass outside as Lisa ran out to the garden and hugged them both as they thanked her for rescuing them.

The three then began laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation as they went inside to have something to eat together.

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