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by Renee
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My Parents Divorce
As, child growing up in the seventies, with Cerebral Palsy. My parents decided to divorce, while my dad was in the service. So, it left my mother to raise two children, on that was sick. She remarried years later and adopted my brother. But, divorce was very hard on our family, because my mother, didn't had a lot of my to take care of us, but she did the best she could, of getting jobs around where we live at, so she could take care of me, because I was always in and out of the hospital, with Cerebral Palsy. My dad never paid any money to take care of us, as we were going up, as children. He hand left us, when he was in the service, so I didn't really know to much about my father, because, he never came to the hospital, when I was having my surgeries for Cerebral Palsy. My mother was mother and father growing up to me and my sister and brother. There were times I felt the reason my dad divorce my mother was because I was disable and he didn't was to be bother with sick child in his life. The divorce was very hard for me growing up, because, I wanted so much to be with my dad, but just didn't seem like wanted to be around me and my sister. So, we stop trying to get in touch him. My let my know that it wasn't my fault that my dad left them. He just was ready to be a husband and father. There was so many things that had happen in my life, that my dad had missed out on seeing me do, that my mother was a part of. It hurts to this day, that my dad, didn't care to see both of his girls graduate from High School with honors. It is really sad, because my dad, really doesn't know his two girls, and we don't know him. I see girls, with dads talking and laughing and hugging each other, and I think about what it would be like to be close to my dad and, it brings tears to my eyes, because I will never have that, with him. He has came back in my life, because he is getting older, and wanted to get to know me, before he dies, but there is so much time that has lost between us and. I don't know if I could it, there was, so much hurt between me and my dad leaving. I am six year old and being a divorce child it became depressing at time.
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