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by bas
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A guys strange way to win a date
"Why did that thought occur to you ?" Kamal asked looking at him in absolute surprise.
"I dont know, it just came out of nowhere. I was just looking at him, and the question just came out all of a sudden"
"Damn, have you sure have made things really awkward at their house"
"Awkward?" Sudheer shrugged his shoulders in disagreement "I think I just made
things a lot more easier for him."

"The way the family was staring at him" Kamal shook his head recalling the faces of absolute horror, shock, dismay, disappointment .

"Yes, but what did you expect from them ?" Sudheer placed his hands on the table in front of him as he leaned forward "They are such a conservative family"

"You think we should call and check if he is fine? " Kamal suggested half heartedly.
"No" Sudheer shook his head in disagreement, "Lets wait and see"

A few Hours passed before Sudheer saw his mobile blink with a message from Dheeraj,which read
"May be this was the only way for things to come out, I don't know how you figured out. Thanks in a way"

Sudheer looked at the message and smiled at Kamal "Well, he seems fine. May be in a few days I will ask him out on a date ? "
Kamal laughed adding "You were always so attracted to him".

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