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Skip month Meeting held 4 Dec 2019 at Hardees.
Those attending: Don D, Bob O, Bob B, Roger D, Kent, Ron, Don R, and Wayne.

Don called the meeting to order at 1830.

Treasurers Report:

Opening Balance: $4176.28
Closing Balance: $3556.28

Secretary read the minutes of last meeting.

The president moved the reports be accepted. They were by unanimous acclaim.

Don opened he meeting.

Old Business:

Don: The field has been put to rest for the winter. We have the new shed and some new equipment. We have been fortunate to have never been the victim of vandalism or theft. Is this a possibility we need to consider in the new year? Think about it and we can talk more in February or when the weather starts warming up

Don: We need to get some new pictures for the web site. Anyone who can help out will be appreciated.

Don: As scheduled earlier we won't be having a meeting in January and March. Come May and June we need to be ready to kick off the Spring flying season.

Don: If there is no new business, Roger has brought his new transmitter in for us to see and discuss.

A motion was made by Bob O to adjourn the meeting and seconded by Roger. The time was 1856 hrs.

Bob Barclay,

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