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Follow up from the previous chapter
Chapter Three

"Mr. Sauls." a voice said, making me look up to meet the familiar, most hated face of all time.

Yet, I stood up in respect and went over to shake his hand. I motioned for him to take a seat in front of my desk, which he did promptly. The man sat up straight and stared me straight in my eyes firmly, his fingers intertwined as his foot tapped slowly. His mustache hid a slight smirk on his face, of which spelled out my disapproval of him even more. Yet, we were meeting purely for business purposes. Nothing personal.

"I hear that you spoke with that old Lennen lady."

"You mean Dr. Jubadee."

"You seriously think that you got what it takes?"

"It's worth a try."

The man stood up from his chair and circled the open space of my office as he prepared his pipe. He blew a few defiling puffs of smoke, to which I gagged and aired out with a look of despise. He chuckled, knowing that his behavior (and his presence) was beyond what I wanted at the moment.

"Your efforts are in vain, sport. They're not going to nominate you."

"And how would you know? You've visited the crystal ball?"

"I know because you're clearly not measuring how much competition you have. You seriously think that your cause is what's going to be enough to put these mortals on your side? Pathetic--"

"Look, are we going to get down to the business? Or did you come here to snide me as always."


I felt a growl in my throat. I genuinely hated this guy.

He halted in circling the office, then turned to me as if in thought. His pipe continued to let off that burning, lung-choking fume that persisted in consuming the air of my office. I got up from my seat, and turned to open a window, but as I turned back around to sit down, the man was right behind me.

"Rectus. You know the risks here, sunny."

"I am aware, but it needs to be done."

"And you want to defend these beings because...?"

"Because they need it."

He stood there, continuing to stare at me as if expecting another response.

"That's it...? Because they need it?"

I felt the feeling of doubt consume my ribs. The hesitation on my end made him grin.

"Either you don't believe this will work, or there is more to this than meets the eye. I'll leave that question up to you-"

"Can we just talk about the task at hand?? How will I gain supporters?"

"You can't gain supporters if you don't even support yourself."

I sighed.

"Ash, I don't have time for this."

"That was always a problem for you. You never have time."

"What are you talking about?"

He plopped down into the chair before my desk, and crossed his legs casually.

"You're in a rush. And as a result, you don't take things seriously."

"I AM taking this seriously!!"

"Oh yeah?"


"What is your motivation then?"

I stood there without an answer. The dumbfounded look on my face made Ash laugh more than ever.

"You don't have conviction, you don't have time, you don't have the dedication, and you don't have the passion. All of those elements are what you need in order to become a governor, Rectus. The title doesn't just fall out the sky."

"Yeah, but with enough hard work, it pays off in the end..."

"And you truly believe that?"

"It's nothing but the truth."

"You can work hard and not enjoy what you do. Look at you right now. How often is it that you enjoy going to work?"

“I mean; I love what I do. It’s just my boss…”

To be frank, Rectus, I don’t think you’re ready to be a governor. You’re not quite mature.”

At that, Ash rose from the seat and went towards the door. He propped his hat back onto his head respectively, then threw his coat over his shoulder.

“Call me when you have it all together, sport.” Then, he left.

Six days later, I was working hard in my room trying to come up with a campaign method.

“They too, are… No, that won’t work.” I tossed yet another bit of paper into trash can, only to see the paper bounce off and onto the floor. My head dropped as I facepalmed in exhaustion. Not one idea really stuck with me, but it was too soon to give up now. I looked up at the balls of paper on the floor, and strangely realized that not one of them had made it into the trashcan. I continued to stare, my eyes narrowing as I felt my brain contemplating something.
Then I remembered Ash’s words from our meeting.

         “You don't have conviction, you don't have time, you don't have the dedication, and you don't have the passion. All of those elements are what you need in order to become a governor, Rectus. The title doesn't just fall out the sky.”

How true that was – but unfortunately, it took me wasting over half of my composition notebook to figure that out. I was wasting too much time.

Then I realized that I needed to build my motivation first. I got up then strutted towards the drawer. Upon pulling it, a stroll of photos fell out and onto the floor. I picked one of them up, and I remember staring at it for a long time. It was none other than a picture of my daughter: Ibis Sauls. I didn’t even notice the other figure in the photo: my ex-girlfriend, Cary.

I thought back to why I was against the possible governor. The racism, the hatred for another kind. I wouldn’t want my precious Ibis to grow up in that type of world, not even for a few seconds. I wouldn’t want her to learn the trait of hatred, and adopt it, and spread it to others. I wanted her to remain that sweetness that I saw in Cary when her and I had first met. I opened yet another drawer, and pulled out some tape. I took the photo, then taped it to my composition booklet, then stared at it as if I had done a great deed.

Tomorrow, I would have to make a trip that I had always feared making, but even then, there was a glimmer of Hope in my eyes.

✒---Note from the Author:

Hello, everyone~!

I actually wanted to apologize for the super-duper delayed updates. I've been going through a bit with life, and it's sapping the motivation, energy, and creativity because I'm focusing all of that in other areas of my life.

Good news though, is that there will probably be more updates than ever in the future, just so that whenever I retire for a bit, it won't put the story on a stale top. I am still working on it, but it may take longer than expected.

I also wanted to extend a thanks to the person who gave me a temporary paid membership. Thanks to that, I was able to organize the profile a lot better, create folders, and there is a possibility that this story will have it's own forum or anything as such. As of now, though, I'm primarily working on the writing aspect than the extra amazingness that comes with this membership. But thank you, anonymous giver~! ❤

Thank you all, and enjoy the proceeding chapter~

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