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My struggle with Epilepsy for the 20 years i've had it.
My name is Tiana and I have Epilepsy. I was born with it, but wasn't properly diagnosed until I was three. You see I inherited my epilepsy from my maternal great grandmother, and my paternal grandmother. Living with seizures you learn to see the world differently, well you have to see the world differently to stay safe. While others see a rollercoaster as fun, I see it as a potential deathtrap. While others are able to drive a car, I have to find a way to the places I need to go through family members or friends. While others are able to work and leave the house for the day, I cannot. The only thing that keeps me going is support from my family and friends and, of course...medicine. Whenever someone found out I have seizures they would look at me like I'm an entirely different person. Whenever I explain to them what it looks like and the warning signs so they know what to look for, I get a sympathetic 'Oh okay I'll watch out for it." I'm not writing this for sympathy, I'm writing this because Epilepsy deserves more attention than it gets. Most people don't know what it is and I think it's about time people learn that it is life threatening to everyone who has it. SUDEP (Sudden Death in Epilepsy) has killed more people on this earth than breast cancer. I live everyday knowing I could die in my sleep or the next day because of this neurological disorder that burdens my life. My name is Tiana and I'm here to tell you that Epilepsy is real and needs a cure.
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