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by Jes
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how I met him
I'm into this guy that I used to have a small crush on. He had a girlfriend at the time so I didn't want to overstep my bounds. He broke up with her a few months ago but we kind of lost touch. He's one of the nicest guys I know. We have that kind of back and forth relationship. I don't really like compliments since I feel like no one truly means them. It was different when he said stuff like that though. I truly thought he found me attractive. He's really something else. We met when he thought I was a male. He was so honest and seemed to be so joyful in what he talked about. Especially his girlfriend. Literally the ideal boyfriend. He spoke with pride while talking about his girlfriend and was super loyal. Once he found out I was actually female, he accepted it and wasn't mad at me. I told him I liked females(even though I'm straight) since I wanted to keep up that relationship. It's so rare to find someone like that who you can truly be yourself around. So we continued like that and a month or so after, we lost contact. We hadn't dmd eachother in a really long time. A few days ago, we started talking again. He was the same as before but a bit different. He was happier and still the same sweet person. And I literally waited every morning for a text from him. Recieving a text from him changes my mood so fucking much. Like I can imagine his smile and everything. Thing is, I can't tell if the feeling is mutual. Either way, I'm too scared to enter a relationship. I feel like I'll ruin it and make everything worse. It'll be like my parents' relationship. I love every single thing about him. His laugh. Smile. Eyes. Glasses. Hair. Personality. Gaming skill. I don't even get mad when he kills me often. He's just so god damn perfect. He's so protective. When I'm feeling like a dumbass, he comes to my side and reassures me that he's got my back. Him being sad, makes my heart feel heavy. He's usually the one that makes it flutter and feel light.
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