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by Monty
Rated: ASR · Poetry · Emotional · #2212259
Written in memory of Countrymom. First Place Winner.

A hush will fall on the land,
That day will be May, fourth.
You will surely hear it,
Coming from the north.

All else will grow quiet,
And so very still
Then will come a tribute,
The bagpipes on the hill

You may not have much money,
But I want you to know,
In your heart you carry
Wealth to ever grow.

In your mind forever,
Stay right there, it will.
Always to remember
The bagpipes on the hill.

If you’re ever troubled
As you’ll surely be,
Just send out a message,
I’m sure it will find me.

Help to you I offer,
Will give my heart a thrill
Then maybe I can hear them,
The bagpipes on the hill.

Written in memory of Countrymom.
She liked Bagpipes.

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