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In the spirit of the month, here is a quirky twist to a not so normal date.

First of all, I grew up in a rather small south-central Texas town. I was several years out of high school and I had met this guy who was really nice. He was older (33), tall, lanky cowboy type that had taken over his father's not so small farm out in Persall, Texas. We talked for HOURS on the phone before he set up the first date.

That first date was thrilling. He picked me up for our date at 10 AM and He took me into San Antonio to the River Walk and we took a fun boat ride along the river. Then, he visited a few museums and a battleground. I don't think we ever stopped talking the entire time. As it got dark out he took me to the Tower that overlooks the city and then to a family-run steak house that served peanuts you had to shell and you got to throw the shells on the floor! (Hey, I was 22, and yeah, impressed.) Then, he took me to the IMAX theater for a movie. He didn't bring me home until nearly midnight.

He waited a whole three days before asking me on a second date. That date went just as great as the first. He was sweet, kinda shy and your typical country boy. Did I mention he drove a 4x4 Chevy complete with a gun rack in the back...and shell cases scattered all over the floor. Well, he got me home at nearly 1 in the morning. I lived with my mother and older brother at the time. So, he pulls into our driveway and turns off his truck. I figure he wants to chat a while. He gets very serious and says, "Darlin, I've got something I wanna give you." I smile somewhat shyly and respond, "Oh, you don't have to give me anything. Today was fun."

Then he tilts his head and says, "It's in the back of the truck, where do you want me to unload it?"

Unload it? I thought. I didn't even remember seeing anything in the truck. But then, the truck was taller than I was and I couldn't really see into it very well. I really wasn't sure how I was supposed to say to that. But he was looking at me expectantly, so I told him, "Anywhere that you want." I felt like it was a trick question of sorts.

He gets out of his truck and proceeds to unload.....350 POUNDS of potatoes onto my mama's front lawn. All I could do is just stand there, speechless, watching this man lug 50pound sacks of potatoes like they were nothing. My brain raced, trying desperately to recall any girls I knew mention anything about getting a mass quantity of products from a date....What did this mean??

After he finished, he came to me, gave me a very warm, nice hug, kissed me and told me he'd call me later. As I watched him drive off I wondered what the heck was I supposed to do with all those potatoes? I went into the house trying to be quiet so I wouldn't wake my brother up. I never had a curfew growing up. The rule was I used my own judgment and woke mama to tell her when I was home. I walked into mama's room and I told her I was home. She asked how the date went, and I said it went fine, but he gave me some potatoes. Mama thought she heard wrong. So I explained there were 350 pounds of potatoes on the front lawn. She just had to get up and go look.

Sure enough. Only she couldn't stop laughing as she and I tried to lug bags into the house. She laughed so hard, she woke my brother who is a typical brother, promptly called me the Potato Queen. At least HE got most of the sacks into the house. Let me tell you, something folks. I haven't ever eaten so many gang potatoes in my life. Mama and I peeled, but and froze so many I thought my fingers would fall off. We gave so many away people started avoiding us, scared we'd try to give them more potatoes!

To this day, I still don't know what that man was thinking. The next time I talked to a farmer, I made sure to inform him I wasn't much on vegetables but was a steak kind of gal. lol YES, this story is 100% TRUE

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