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by Logan
Rated: E · Poetry · Experience · #2212286
If all else fails, 'Con/Alt/Delete' or simply Escape

A life played out in spreadsheets,
lived between the lines
Columns, rows and borders
and other dreamt confines

Dreamt up hard by others,
solidified as such
Cells designed to bind us,
don't aid us all that much

With nothing out the boundaries,
except the things we choose
The things that we will fight for
... the ones that we will lose

The ones outside the framework,
brightening the void
A vacuum that can take us,
breaking leylines, long employed

'cause data it can make us,
our seeds, our deeds, our muse
Bad data, it can break us,
be careful who you choose

Some will tick the boxes,
some will check our needs
Others, they might cost us,
more than we might heed

Others, they might get you,
some might let it show
Cherish ones who let you
... let the others go

Set aside some fields,
to fill in fair, and farm
Save often, crops you yield,
keep yourself from harm

'cause though we're bound by spreadsheets,
it's not how we're defined
Draw outside the boxes
... and colour out the lines
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