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All about a little frog. A short story I created on 1-9-2003.
         On a beautiful, clear bright Saturday morning late in June, Tommy a small six year old boy with dazzling sapphire blue eyes and long blonde hair excitedly ran downstairs to ask his Mother, Stella if he could go to the lake with his friend John. John is also six and has short brown hair with hazel eyes. Both boys are best friends.

         Tommy and John had a sleepover last night and Tommy went up to his Mother and asked, "Mother, may John and I go to the lake now? We picked up my room and got dressed and even brushed our teeth," he exclaimed while jumping up and down and giggling with John.

         Ron, Tommy's Father's eyes suddenly widened and then he smiled while sitting at their small round wooden kitchen table looking over at the two boys, then Stella nodding at him and said, "Since John slept over last night, I thought you boys would enjoy having some doughnuts for breakfast. I bought them last night while you guys were upstairs. They just took them out of the bakery too. There's chocolate and jelly..." said Ron.

         Right before Ron could even finish talking, the boys were already over at the table getting the doughnuts and Tommy said,"Oh cool! Jelly filled one's!" And then John said, "And with sprinkles too!"

After Stella and Ron heard what Tommy and John said, they just smiled at them.

"Wow! What got into you boys this morning anyway?" said Ron.

         Tommy already ate two jelly filled doughnuts by now and John ate one and was full too. Tommy quickly went over to his Mother and said with his sapphire blue eyes gleaming, "Oh Mother, can I pretty please go to the lake now with John? I have my watch on too!"

         Stella then put the coffee pot down after she finally was able to finish pouring the cup of coffee for Ron and gently said,"Yes you and John can. Be home by lunch time though, alright? I'll go ahead and call your Mother John and tell her where you'll be until lunch time for you too," said Stella.

         The two boys ran downstairs into the basement and grabbed two fishing nets, plastic buckets and two glass jars. Tommy ran over after he came up from the basement too, kissed his Mother on the cheek and then ran outside of the garage to put on his worn out, beat up and muddy sneakers. John also left his sneakers near Tommy's and they both sat near the front side of the garage to put them on.

         Tommy and John finally finished putting on their muddy sneakers while trying to figure out how to find and tie their shoestrings that were buried underneath all of the mud that was hiding them. A small but good chunky piece of mud fell off of Tommy's shoe and right before he decided to stand up, he threw it on John and said, "I got you!" Tommy then quickly grabbed his net and glass jar and ran away saying, "I bet I can beat you to the lake first!" John quickly got up before knotting his right shoe all the way and said,"Hey! That's not fair Tommy!" Tommy then grabbed his stuff too and ran to catch up to John. Since John's about a foot taller than Tommy is and has slightly longer legs, John was able to catch right up to Tommy again.

"No, I got you! I'm here right next to you," John said while very briefly tagging Tommy on the back and running ahead of him.

"But, you have longer legs than me. That's not really fair!" said Tommy a bit out of breath by now and laughing a little while trying to still sound serious.

         Finally, the two boys reached the lake at Frog Lake Park together which was about four house's away and decided to put down all of their fishing nets and jars. They sat down near the edge of the lake. Tommy and John scooted up more away from the lake's edge and dropped down right into the grass. They then laid there looking up at the clouds and could hear all of the other neighborhood kids in the background. The other kids were playing either baseball, volleyball or soccer as well as were running around and playing on the playground equipment. Tommy and John were a little unique from the other children because they liked to study and learn about many different subjects, especially science. Most other boys seemed to be in some kind of sports that they knew of, especially Little League baseball or soccer. Tommy and John really loved nature a lot and they knew that it truly should be something that should be loved, cared for and respected. They learned this by how their parent's chose to bring them up in loving and caring for nature. Tommy's Mother taught him all about insects, spiders, birds and other animals and shown him how to love and not fear anything in regards to nature because nature is something very, very special.

         John's Mother and Father taught him to be the same way too. Tommy and John's parents are all about nature. Many times during the summer, Tommy and John's parent's sometimes take trips together to other states to stay in a log cabin in the woods. The two families go camping, hiking, biking and even canoeing. The two boys really loved doing this too. Their Father's during these trips love to wake up early to go fishing with their boy's, but not like normal fishermen do though. They choose to catch the fish with nets instead of hurting them by using hooks. Once Tommy's Father told him, "Even though we will be cooking and eating this fish, doesn't mean that they should have to suffer more by us catching them with a hook. It's best to catch the fish with the net so they don't have to hurt as much as they would if they were caught with the hook," said Ron. Tommy has always kept this saying in the back of his mind and loves to hear what his Father has to tell him, listens and even admires his Father too.

         Now, John's father, Rob talked to Ron about the same thing he told Tommy too and both Father's agree on this. Both Father's feel as though they are somehow blood related due to how they both loved doing the same kind of activity's, how they believe in how certain things should be and how they believe they should teach their two boy's about nature as well as raise them. Rob once told John, "If you give nature a chance, and give it a chance to learn more about it, you will be surprised how good it will feel in your heart," said Rob. John has always kept what his Father told him in his mind and heart too, just how Tommy kept what his Father said to him once as well.

         As the two boys were sitting and trying to catch their little breaths watching the few fluffy white clouds go by far above them up in the perfect, light blue sky, John and Tommy both looked at one giant cloud in particular. It was floating above them and Tommy said, "John! Do you see that large cloud above us? It looks like a fluffy, feathery white dove with its wings spread out!"

John then said, "Yes Tommy, I see it too! Wow! It's beautiful! And look at the cloud next to it on the left, it looks like a little frog!" said John.

         Tommy and John then continued to lie there on the grass laughing with one another. After they finished laughing for a short while, they both decided to sit up to look out at the immense lake. It was filled with tons of cattails, reeds and water lilies of every possible color they come in, but were especially white. The lake itself was remarkably beautiful today, as the water was a clear, crystal blue, that somewhat brought out Tommy's sapphire blue eyes. Even though the lake's water was only a shade or two lighter than his eyes were. There were all kinds of fishermen and other people who were canoeing that were also there enjoying the true slightly soft, cool, gentle breeze that would come in too that seemed to capture the irresistibly sweet scents of the large variety of flowers that were planted nearly all around the park. There were also a few women who can be seen sitting at the many wooden tables that are playing cards and other types of games with their adorable young children who look to be around the ages of three to five.

         Tommy and John just continued to sit there to enjoy watching all that they could experience seeing all around them. Suddenly, Tommy's face lit up as he said, "Hey John, look! There are small wild strawberry's that are growing over there near the forest on the other side of the lake! Let's go pick some for our parents and eat some too!" said Tommy.

         A sweet little smile came across John's face as he nodded and got up to walk over with Tommy to pick some of the strawberries with him. They placed the strawberries in their glass jars that they brought from Tommy's house, and ate some too. Both boys were happy!

"Wow! These are really good! I'm sure our parents will love these!" exclaimed John.

         Tommy could only turn his little cheeks because they were stuffed with a few of the strawberries, that sort of made him resemble a chipmunk having the little creature's own cheeks full of nuts. John's eyes slightly widened whenever he saw Tommy and laughed hysterically and said, "Oh Tommy! You look just like a chipmunk right now!" said John. Tommy controlled his own laughter at John's response and managed to quickly chew and swallow what he had in his mouth within several seconds, then laughed along with John.

         Suddenly, a small boy with short, curly black hair came over to see why the two boys were laughing and said, "Why are you two laughing so hard? What's so funny?" said the little boy.

Tommy and John pretty much decided to stop laughing and John said, "Because Tommy's mouth was so full of strawberry's, he looked like a chipmunk," said John.

         Then, all three of the boys started to laugh again. Within a minute or so, all three of the boys stopped laughing and Tommy and John both decided to look at the boy who came over to him. He was slightly shorter than John but was also around an inch taller than Tommy. He had a very kind and sweet looking emerald green eyes. He was also wearing a little black and silver colored digital watch like Tommy was. The boy finally managed to look at Tommy and John and said, "My name's Jimmy and I'm six," said Jimmy.

         John and Tommy looked at each other and they then looked at Jimmy and took turns introducing themselves to him. They also told him that they were both six too. Tommy then offered Jimmy some of his strawberries and said, "Would you like to catch some frogs in the lake with us? Do you like frogs and insects and stuff?

Jimmy looked at both of the two boys and said, "Oh yes! Yes I do! I love them, even insects! Dragonflies and praying mantises are my favorite too!" said Jimmy.

John smiled an said, "Good. Want to be our friend?" said John.

Jimmy also then smiled and said, "Sure. That would be great, thanks! Hang on for a second, I'm going to go over and get my bug box my Father built for me and my fishing net," said Jimmy. Tommy and John waited by the lake for him while Jimmy went over to get his own supplies.

"Wow Tommy, Jimmy seems to be a lot like us. That's really cool!" said John.

Tommy looked at John and said, "Yes, I can't believe we found a friend here today! I can't wait to show him my most favorite little frog of all. I hope I can find him today," said Tommy.

John softly said, "Oh Tommy, don't worry, I'm sure you will find him today, you always do. I think the littlest frog likes you," said John.

         Jimmy came running back over to the two boys and said, "Ok, I'm ready to catch some frogs and dragonflies now! I can't wait to see them up close again!" said Jimmy.

         After Jimmy said this, all three of the boys separated in different area of the lake and went wild as they saw all kinds of frogs sitting on the lily pads and along the bank of the lake. There were dragonflies of every color imaginable fluttering by everywhere, especially damselflies and green and blue darners. The blue and black striped damselflies are Tommy's favorite find, and Jimmy kept trying to catch the green one's. John liked to get the different kinds that had a mixture of around two to three different colors on them.

         After the three boys were satisfied capturing as many dragonflies and other water bugs that they wanted to, they then decided to try to catch some frogs. They filled their buckets up with water and stood in various areas of the lake to try catching the frogs. Tommy though, was very busy looking for his one special frog friend. He calls him the littlest frog or Jeremy. Tommy believes that this little frog is more special than all of the other frogs in the lake for some reason. But what could this reason be? Why is this one baby frog so special to Tommy, and will Tommy ever reveal why this is so to his other two friends? Only time of course, will be the ultimate truth teller here...

         Suddenly, John finally was able to catch the largest bullfrog he could find in his net and instantly yelled for the other two boy's to come over and look at him. John was really excited at his catch and was jumping up and down while saying, "Hurry up Tommy and Jimmy! Come see my big frog! He's so cool!" said John.

         Tommy and Jimmy ran over to see John's frog. John then put the giant frog into his large bucked filled with water and the three boy's sat down to look and observe him. John was overjoyed!

"I think this big frog's hungry," said Jimmy.

"Why?" asked Tommy.

"Because I kept seeing him trying to catch the big dragonflies that kept flying near by him. He didn't catch any of them yet though," said Jimmy.

         Jimmy opened up his bug box, grabbed one of the largest dragonflies he could find and let it keep dangling near the big frog's mouth. The large frog instantly stuck out his tongue and snatched the dragonfly from Jimmy's fingers. All three of the boy's instantly then busted out in laughter as they observed this.

         After the three boys were finished taking turns handling the giant bullfrog, Jimmy decided to let him go back on a lily pad. The boys then went back to work looking for more frogs. John was also seen trying to catch a few tadpoles, water striders, and little frogs and Jimmy was once again trying to catch more big frogs. Tommy was still trying to find that one really tiny frog he liked to call, Jeremy. He must have looked all around the lake in every single possible spot but still couldn't seem to find him today. Tommy even looked on Jeremy's lily pad that he seems to love sitting on during this time of the day close by the shore of the lake, which is around 11:15 a.m. to sit in the sun. Jeremy wasn't there on that lily pad either.

         By now, Tommy had a slightly agitated and confused expression on his little face as he thought to himself, "Where could my littlest frog be today? Oh, where are you at Jeremy?" As though Jeremy heard what Tommy just thought, Jeremy came up to the surface really close to where Tommy was standing at while he just continued to look very bewildered. By now, Tommy decided to sit down right where Jeremy's little head was seen bobbing up and down on the surface of the lake. He was swimming approximately two feet away from where Jeremy was sitting down at. The littlest frog decided to go back underwater to swim right on over to Tommy. Tommy was seen sitting there pouting a little bit, still not understanding why his favorite littlest frog couldn't be found.

         Suddenly, right before Tommy was going to stand up to try to look again for Jeremy, Jeremy popped his cute tiny little head back up right in front of Tommy and hopped right on up into Tommy's lap. Tommy's face instantly lit up and he strongly smiled while saying, "Oh, there you are! I was so worried about you my favorite little Jeremy!" Tommy lovingly scooped the littlest frog right up and placed him into the palm of his right hand. Jeremy appeared to be looking Tommy right into his eyes with a very loving expression and even looked as though he had a little smile on his face too.

         Tommy then stood up and decided to walk over to show Jeremy to his friends. As he was walking over to them, he was petting and telling Jeremy how much he loved him and how perfect he thought he is. Jeremy just sat there in Tommy's hand and never seemed to want to move or hop out of it, as though he was enjoying every moment being with Tommy, feeling his love and admiration.

         Tommy finally said, "Hey John and Jimmy, come over here and see my most favorite littlest frog, Jeremy," said Tommy.

The two boys rushed over to see Jeremy and they couldn't believe how small he is.

"Wow, he's so small Tommy! How did you ever catch him," asked Jimmy.

"Well, he just jumped up into my lap. I was searching all over the lake for him and though that he was gone. He really likes me or something," said Tommy with a smile.

"Yes, he sure does Tommy," said John with a smile too.

         Jimmy wasn't all that surprised, but still somewhat was as he said, "Well, my Father and I are part Cherokee and he once told me a little story from what his Grandfather told him whenever my Father was a little boy. My Father once told me that if someone really cares for and loves any kind of animal enough, they'll love you back and will become your friend too," said Jimmy.

John and Tommy loved what Jimmy told them and smiled at him.

Tommy said, "That sure is true. My Father also tells me things like that about animals too."

Jimmy then said, "So, how come you love this one small frog so much, more than all of the other frogs within this lake though?"

John's also looking over at Tommy with great curiosity on his face to wait to hear Tommy's answer.

Tommy just smiled and said, "Because I love him. He's the most beautiful and perfect littlest frog at the whole lake to me. I just love him a lot."

John and Jimmy are looking happy now with Tommy's answer, and John said, "I also have an animal I love who's within this lake too. I call him T. T. the turtle. He's also a baby like Jeremy is too. I love him a whole lot just like you love your frog."

Tommy then smiled at John too. The two boys decided to look over at Jimmy and John asked, "How about you Jimmy? Do you have an animal who lives in this lake that you love too?"

         Jimmy looked at John and Tommy and said, "Why yes, of course I do! But it's really hard for me to figure out which one though, because I love all of the animals who live at the lake," he said with a kind smile that lit up his face.

"I love all of the insects and animals that live here, but I don't really think I like the leeches though, but I do respect them anyway," said Jimmy.

John and Tommy both looked at Jimmy and smiled. Tommy decided to look at his watch and said, "Oh no! We only have seven minutes left to get home to eat lunch!"

         Tommy and John quickly went over and let all of their dragonflies, water bugs, tadpoles and frog's go. Tommy gave one last look to Jeremy and told him that he loved him and he'd see him tomorrow. He let him hop out of his hands into the water.

         After Tommy and John were finished emptying their buckets, Tommy decided to ask Jimmy if he wanted to come over with him and John to see if he would like to have lunch with them. Jimmy looked at Tommy and said, "Sure! I'd love to have lunch with you and John! But I have to call my Mother and tell her I'm over your house having lunch with you and John though."

Tommy smiled at Jimmy and said, "That would be fine. You can call her at my house on my phone."

         Jimmy nodded and all three boys then agreed to run back over to Tommy's house to have lunch. They all raced each other, Tommy came in first this time, John next and then Jimmy. They all then sat down to take off their muddy shoes too near the garage outside. Tommy went into the house first while holding his jar full of the wild strawberries he picked with John at the Frog Lake Park. Then, John followed with his jar too, and finally Jimmy was the last one who made it in. They all ran into the bathroom to wash their hands. After the boys took turns washing their hands they walked over to sit down at the table. Tommy brought over another chair so Jimmy could sit down and Tommy and John placed their jars of the wild strawberries on the table for the parents to see.

         Stella and Ron looked at all three boys and Stella passed out their tuna fish sandwiches to all of them and gave hers to Jimmy.

Tommy said to his parents, "John and I picked some good wild strawberries for you."

Ron then reached over and picked up Tommy's jar, opened it up and tasted one. "Wow, they are good! Thanks Tommy," Ron exclaimed.

"Yes, thanks Tommy and John. We'll eat some of them now with our lunch too," Stella said.

         Stella now walked back over to the counter and then placed down a large, blue tinted glass pitcher with lots of ice cubes. She then told everyone that was freshly squeezed, homemade pink lemonade. After that, she poured it into all of the glass's that had already been set on the table. Finally, Stella went back over to make her sandwich after she passed out the sandwiches to everyone and filled up another glass of pink lemonade for herself.

         "So, who is the new friend you have Tommy?" Tommy just then remembered to ask his parent's if Jimmy could call his Mother to tell her where he was at before he really chose to tell his parent's about Jimmy. After Jimmy finished making his phone call to tell his Mother where he was and she said yes, (since he only lived right across the street from Tommy's house from moving in about two weeks ago), Tommy then told his parent's about how he and John met Jimmy and about their adventures. He also told his parents how Jimmy was so much alike him and John. Ron and Stella just smiled at Tommy and Stella finally made herself lunch and sat down. She continued to listen with Ron about all of the fun that Tommy and the other two boys were able to have so far today.

         After everyone finished eating their sandwich, Ron decided to ask Jimmy if he'd mind asking his parent's if they'd like to come over sometime to meet him, Stella and Tommy next Saturday. Jimmy said, "Oh sure! I bet they'd love to meet all of you!"

         Ron then said, "Good. And tell your Father that we'll be having a cook out too. Ask him if he'd like ribs or hot dogs." Ron then grabbed a piece of paper that was sitting on a phone number tablet that his wife left on the table earlier this morning and gave Jimmy their phone number.

"Here's our phone number Jimmy. Have your parent's give us a call anytime to discuss if they'd like to come over for the following Saturday around noon," said Ron.

Jimmy took the piece of paper, stuffed it into his pocket and thanked Ron and said, "Ok. Thanks, I'll do that."

         The boys continued to have fun for the rest of the day at the lake after they all finished eating lunch. Once again, Stella and Ron were alone in the house. They decided to sit outside on their deck in the backyard. They mostly sat and talked to each other enjoying the rest of their day too.

"I can't wait to meet Jimmy's parent's. I've also been meaning to go over there to meet our new neighbors, but wanted to give them more time to get settled in," Stella said.

"Yes, that's understandable. I've watched her husband working on their front yard at times and think what he's been doing with the flowers and everything is amazing. He really seems to love plants. Maybe he'd share how he keeps his grass so green with us too," said Ron.

         Time passed on rather quickly and John and Jimmy were called to go home for the night after they ate supper at Tommy's house.

"What a wonderful day I had. I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow and see John, Jimmy and Jeremy too. I'm so lucky to have such great friends and parents too," Tommy thought to himself.

         Tommy continued to think about this for the rest of the night, even after he took a bath and before he fell asleep too. After he watched a few cartoons, he then went to sleep. Not long after he had fallen asleep, his Mother came in to kiss him good night but he was already sleeping with a smile on his face. She then kissed Tommy on the cheek, turned off his light and t.v. and closed his door quietly as she walked out smiling at him lovingly.

         Many of us should be thankful for what we have in our life, and try to live our life to the fullest like Tommy, John and Jimmy and how their parents generally choose to live their life. This indeed can further help make us realize how lucky we are to even have a life to live. It all depends on the choices we make and how we choose to live our life throughout the day that counts. It's best to make the best of our life and what we have. One of the best ways to live is to love and respect all that there is around us, especially the insects, animals, plants and each other. There is so much that we could learn about nature including other people if we only take the time to give them a chance to allow ourselves to understand and know them more. In the case of Tommy, John and Jimmy, they were raised to love and respect nature including other people. This indeed is a great way to be, as you can learn from each other and how we then can see how much we are all the same too in many amazing ways.

         Jeremy, the littlest frog that Tommy loved so much can help show us how special and beautiful life can be. No matter what form life may have chosen to come in, no matter how small something or someone is, everything that's alive can be beautiful and good in some way or the other. And, just because something might be very small, doesn't mean it isn't just as important as something that's ten times larger in size than it is. All creatures that are living, including plants, animals and humans are just as important as the other is. Many of us really need to realize this, and we need to see how wonderful others are that also live right along her on Earth with us. Even the smallest frogs are capable of knowing and can feel love that we give to them. Just because something can't tell us so, does that mean that it truly doesn't know? I honestly wouldn't believe the answer to be yes. Just because someone who can't talk does this mean they can't know and feel love? You may feel free to decide these answers for yourself, but I believe in what's true from what I feel within my heart...I feel and know that every living creature and everyone has feelings and can feel the love we give to them. We can see this in their eyes, feel it in our heart as we can see what we give our love to grows up to be healthy, beautiful and strong.

~ The End! ~

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