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Rated: E · Fiction · Tragedy · #2212316
I saw the first verse in the Poetry newsletter and added four verses. Street lady poem.

Her innocence was gone.
Her world had turned upside down.
She was living on the street in a cardboard box.
She might collide with a passer-by
But she would be quickly forgotten.
Her old life but a flicker in the corners of her mind.

But someone had come.
Seeing potential in hopelessness.
Offering a bed instead of the cardboard box.
Words of comfort collided with despair.
Could she take a chance? What had she to lose?
She left her box and walked with the stranger.

The stranger was mysterious,
Saying words unfamiliar but soothing.
Was she dreaming or had an angel come to her?
Or had delirium taken over?
The stranger was unlike others she had met.
And led her to a place of safety.

Then the stranger was gone.
But she was in the warmth of a Salvation Army Lifehouse.
Good people wearing badges spoke kindly to her.
She heard words of love and acceptance instead of spitefulness.
She was served good hot food
And given a clean warm bed.

Things had turned out well for this woman in danger.
She was so glad she had trusted the stranger.
It may be only one night
But at the end of the tunnel there was now some light.
Out of the maze.
Hope of better days.

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