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After sleeping in,a young woman has a rather bad day and needs help from a stranger.
Twenty-three year old Sabrina Thompson was lying in her bed when she turned over and was horrified to discover that she was going to be late for work as her alarm clock hadn't gone off.

The young blond quickly got out of bed and a shower before putting on her clothes but her short black pleated skirt refused to fit and she pulled and said, "Come on,you fit last week,why won't you fit now," seemingly forgetting that her love of biscuits,cake and sweets had lead to her hips and behind increasing in size.

After her skirt eventually fit,Sabrina finally let the house and was driving to work when her car suddenly broke down as she remembered that she was supposed to get it fixed the previous week.

She got out and tried to call her mechanic when she noticed that her phone was out of battery as she walked onto the grass and asked, " Could this day possibly get any worse," as she then tried to continue walking but couldn't and realised that she was now stuck in the mud.

"I just had to ask,didn't I," as she then grabbed her legs and tried to pull them from the mud only to fall backwards and was now covered in mud from her hair to her shoes.

Sabrina was about to cry as got back to her feet before realising how ridiculous her predicament was and actually began laughing.

A young man driving passed spotted Sabriba's situation and stopped to help.
"Excuse miss,would like some help," he asked.

"I would absolutely love some help,who are you," asked the young blond.

The young man revealed his name was Jake as she grabbed Sabriba's hands and pulled and pulled with all his might until finally,her legs and feet came free,sending the two tumbling backwards into a heap on the grass.

"Thank you so much for your help,I was wondering if I might be stuck there forever," said the young woman as she hugged her rescuer.

"It was no problem," said Jacob as he then gave fixed her car and the two went back to his house where she showered and changed clothes before calling sick into work.

The two would begin dating with Sabrina always remembering how they meet and said, "Maybe that wasn't such a bad day after all," as she and Jake began laughing .
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