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Jasper Captures Steven When Him And The Others Try To Save Lapis, But Jasper Is Angry!
Jasper:So Twerp, Why Did You Try To Steal Lapis From Me! Steven: Because She Doesn't Like You And Doesn't Care For You!!!!!! This Upsets Jasper So Bad, She Gives Him A Final Warning For The Comment! Jasper:Look, You Get One Last Warning Before I Make You Suffer!!!!!!!! Steven: Whatever, Just Let Lapis Free And I'll Get Out Of Here! Jasper Did Not Like That Remark One Bit, So She Said Something Completely Nauseating And Disgusting. Jasper:Okay, So I Guess You Don't Mind If I Take Off My Boots And Plop My Sweaty Stinky Big Size 14 Feet On Your Face, Ehhhh?!?!?!?!?!? Steven:*Gulps* No *Silently*. Jasper Then Takes Off Her Boots And Reveal Her Sexy Size 14 Smooth Sweaty Stinky Smelly Feet! Yummmmyy!!!!ʘ‿ʘ And Steven Had To Admit, Jasper Had Pretty Nice Feet! They Were So Incredibly Beautiful! And Were Insanely Gorgeous! She Had Orange And Red Pedicured Toenails And Also A Toe Ring On One Of Her Middle Toes! Steven Got Rock Hard Just From The Sight Of Her Yummy Soles, The Only Turn On Was Pretty Much The Smell, It Was So Terrible And It Made Steven Want To Gag At The Most Part! Jasper Gets A Few Whiffs Of Them The She Giggles Surprisingly. Jasper: Woah, Hehehehe, My Feet Sure Are Strong Today, But It's Not Surprise Due To The Fact That I Didn't Wear My Stocking Pants That I Usually Wear, But Hey, At Least You Get To See My Sexy Bare Legs! She Chuckles Lightly, While Wiggling Her Toes On Steven's Face. Steven: Yuck, Please Put Your Boots Back On, This Is So Disgusting! Jasper:Hehe, Nope Not A Chance, I Own You Now, Little Boy! Now Start Sniffing My Bare Soles!!!!!!!!!! Steven Reluctantly Does So To Keep Himself Save. Jasper:Now Lick In Between My Toes! I Want To See How Grossed Out You Get By Licking In Between All That Disgusting Toejam! And She Was Right, It Was Completely Disgusting! Then She Decides To Rub Her Sweaty Stinky Feet All Over His Face While Wiggling Her Toes Nonstop, Trying To Waft It For Him To Make The Pain More Unenjoyable, Steven Tries To Scream For Help But Nothing Works, Jasper Then Notices Him Screaming. Jasper:Awww, What's The Matter You Can't Handle That? She Says So Innocently Yet So Teasingly, She Knows Steven Is Secretly Enjoying Some Part Of It. Jasper:You Do Realize That I'm On My Feet All Day Trying To Fuse With Somebody And I Rarely Take My Shoes Off, Right? Steven Just Sits There In Silence Smothered By Her Feet. Jasper:You Know, One Part Of Me Is Saying To Stop Torturing You, But The Other Part Of Me Is Thinking Your Probably Enjoying This, Aren't You? Jasper Then Sees Steven's Bulging Cock Poking Out Numerous Times, Which Is A Clear Sign That He's Enjoying Every Second Of It! Jasper:So You ARE Enjoying This, I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Jasper Then Rubs Her Soles On Steven's Face So Hard That She Cracks His Nose, Leaving Jasper To Burst Out In Laughing. Jasper:Wow, You Really Are A Weak Shrimp, Aren't You? Steven: Yes Goddess. Jasper:Oooohh, Goddess I Like That, Tell Me Why I'm A Goddess So I Can Get That Cock All Excited And Even Harder Then It Already Is! Steven: Your Beautiful! Jasper Then Speeds Up The Process Placing Her Feet On His Rock Hard Cock. Steven:You Have Really Lovely And Bright Eyes And Your Beautiful! Jasper:You Already Said That! Jasper Gives Him A Condescending Look. Steven:Your So Beautiful, I Had To Say It Twice! Steven Didn't Know That Would Work, But She Chuckled Lightly And Sped Up Faster So It Must Have Worked! Steven: You Have Awesome Looking Eyelashes, You Have Such Stunning Legs And Feet To Die For, And Last But Not Least, Your Hair Is Extremely Gorgeous! Jasper Heavily Blushed At That Comment, That She Decided To Unzip His Pants And Give Him A Footjob. Jasper: Wow Thats A Really Large Sausage, Don't You Think? Steven:Yeah, It Is Pretty Big, Why Don't You Try To Make Me Cum. *15 Minutes Later*. After A Long Footjob Session, Jasper Counts To Five And Steven Then Cums, They Blush Heavily At Each Other. Jasper:Wow, That Was So Fun, Let's Keep On Doing Okay, But It's Our Little Secret Okay! Jasper Then Unlocks Steven And Sends Him Back. Pearl: Ohh Gosh, Steven What Happened Over There!!!! Steven: Oh You Know, Something!
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