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A poem about a person asking you to be with him and hearing him whims in life out.

Hi there,

Today is a tiring day
I'm all worn out and I don't think I will be okay
And all I want is to rest all day
Be relaxed and closes my eyes fully.

Thinking over things and where it should go
Because I don't know what I am going to do
In order to get this pass through
Can you hear me out when no one wants to?

I'm needing someone to lean on
Will you lend me your shoulders to cry on?
And can you shed my tears away
And help me feel okay?

Can I have your ears for awhile?
And listen to my whims in life
Can you give me your time?
And be with me 'till I'm doing just fine.

If I stumbled on my feet
And fell down on my knees
Can you take my hand
And help me stand?

I am all alone
Because everyone leaves me
For no one wants to stay
Because I am just a nobody.

Can you stay by my side
When they all left me?
Can you take my side and defend me?
When everyone accusing me dearly.

Can you give me your words of assurances
So that I'll lift up myself even just for this one
Giving me a courage and let me hear your advices
That console me with your tight heartfelt embrace.
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