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This article discusses the screen flickering issue faced in latest version of MacOS.
Innovation has been an integral part of every iOS update and so was for this update as well. Despite the new features added in this update, some issues create a very grating experience for the user. Despite owning a fairly new MacBook Pro, this issue occurred frequently after the recent software update and it was quite a disappointing and irksome experience. The frequent occurrence of the flickering screen causes disruption for the user. Though the issue actually occurs only when certain apps are running such as Netflix, etc which causes a great deal of disturbance in the user’s entertainment time.

The issue basically manifests as flicker in the original screen being played which is sometimes accompanied by a black screen or split second image of the last window played. Initially, the user would think of this as ‘just’ a bad display but it is much more than that. The flicker is usually very short lived and can be ignored by the user if he chooses to but the mere high frequency of its occurrence does not let the user ignore it.
Nonetheless, recurrent theme in all these instances is the fact that the flickers do not occur prior to a macOS 10.14 (Mojave) update. This issue was reported to the Apple Support team. They promptly followed up the issue with us which included having video calls with the support team and sharing of debug log.

Amandeep Kaur
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