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Memories of a grandfather and the art he passed on. 27 lines/151 words
Legacy Of The Forge

Kathleen McNamara

I can still see my grandfather
Bent over the old anvil
Hammer in one gnarled hand
Tongs in the other
Holding it, a red hot shoe
His gaze critical, thinking
Where to hammer
To smooth, to bend
“For my pony,” he said, “only the best.”

Many a summer I shadowed him
First watching him ply his art in awe
Later, a student of the forge
Learning to master the flame
How to read the molten metal
The proper time to temper
In a cold water bath

His overalls adorn a hook in the corner now
His old Stetson, gracing a shelf
The shop, as the day he left it
On the day of his last hammered shoe

The forge, now his legacy
To some a dying art
Mine now to carry on
To teach, to share
But for now
A granddaughter and her pony
Who needs a new set of shoes

27 lines/151 words
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