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Last devotional revelation
"If today is our last day, what would I tell you "

I woke up in a dark place one morning.
Couldn't find my soul again
Took a trip to that place.
Looking for what I lost withing
I tried to find the missing piece
That iota of hope and redemption
The escape I needed that flawless exemption
You walked in after my cuts were closed , so then you embossed
With your eyes , you tattooed your name across my soul.
Past my heart, past my own beliefs, past my own dark pain.
You told me I rescued you . I tell you , you fixed what was broken .
The heartache, the dispare, the hurt, the hole left by past choices .
But, there, inside of my dark...you woke up a crying child .
A pain hidden. A fear that grew colder...an emotion slowly dying and long forgotten.
Oh how long I've forgotten...
Your love , and acceptance of my flaws .
Allowing me to be totally honest and still WANTING me there...
It isn't fair. We led 2 lives within the same world.
How many times did we almost pass each other ?
Stepped the place as one another? Spoken the same words to the same stars and clouds ...
,moons and sun's...
snowflakes and raindrops.....
Just like you...the last drop...
And I your last cold snowflake blown by the wind , telling you that your Winter is over ..
It's time for you to SPRING ...
...forward .
Blossom as the most gorgeous flower
.. a rose,
beautiful , fragrant, yet able to defend herself with thorns for those that do not handle with proper care ...
Rise tall in the sun of every morning.
Then Close your gorgeous petals and slumber,
grow to the moonlit night of joy and silence
...serenity and peace
Be not, only a phoenix , once burnt out , yet rising from the ashes.
Aflame with the new fire awakened inside by the rejuvenation of a memory
The reminder that you ARE a Queen.
No throne is big enough or strong enough to hold your power .
As a woman,
as a daughter
, as a mother ,
as an aunt,
Lover ...
No one is perfect ..true
But if anyone ever asked me if I knew someone close to it ...
I'd say it's you ...
A perfect imperfection ..
My endless end .
The chains that keep my soul tied when it wants to leave .
The energy to wake up and go
The will not to quit
The motivation to go on...
Not to give up..
Face everyday with courage instead of fear ...
SHIT..I fell in love ...
With you ..
As an individual more than anything else .. but I'm in love
I could give you my heart ..
With no fear.
I can care for yours with all my being ..
So, yeah , I'm in love ...
My heart is yours ..
I need you to hold on to a piece of it ..
I promise that in this life , or the next , I'll come and get it ...
I'm taking this moment , right here , in my room ...
These memories ..
The look in your eyes..
How you look away and tell me with your look to stop talking ...
To not say anything ...
Your touch..
Your kiss...
Your love ..
I will take these days,
weeks ,
Decades with you inside of them ...
The small preview of what "us" could've been ...
Could be...
Has been...
Will always be ...
Our love..
Our small piece
Our small world where time stopped for just a little bit ..
everything slowed down to give us these moments..
.long enough for us to grow the courage to say ....
I love you ...
I'm in love with you ...
If today is our last day, that's what I'd say to you .....
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