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Rated: E · Short Story · Contest · #2212517
Winner of the Daily Flash Fiction contest, February 9th, 2020.
While exploring the backyard of her new home, Abigail stumbled across a hedge maze. The man who sold this home to the family had warned that this lovely garden feature needed to avoided and advised on destroying it. It stood no more than a metre tall, Abigail's head reached just above that height. Knowing she could tippy-toe to see ahead and work her way out, curiosity proved too irresistible.

Alone, Abigail circumvented the maze with ease and found a rustic trapdoor at the centre. The handle was covered wrapped in virgin white lace. The door itself depicted a painting, one that had worn over time. It showed a field of flowers and with a feminine winged-figure standing at the centre, who stood overlooking a vast tundra.

It looked like a memory from a forgotten dream. Something so strange and yet so familiar.

Just as Abigail reached for the handle, the door calmly raised, only warranting a little encouragement to lift open. A dark hole laid before her.

She hated the dark, needed a night-light just to see sleep through to the morning.

This hole, however, felt different. A soothing aura surrounded her body. A benevolent sense of reassurance.

Abigail tentatively climbed into the hole.

It was only a small drop. A sudden flash of brightness forced her to shield both eyes.

To Abigail’s amazement, she was stood upright in the field illustrated on the trapdoor.

At her side, a fairy patiently awaited to be acknowledged.

The fairy talked to Abigail, revealing that the beautiful flowers symbolised a cherished secret. Out in the distance, a shadow lurked on the horizon. This shadowy place was where dark secrets manifested themselves.

Abigail was then asked to protect the maze, for its destruction would spell the end of secrets.

The end of human trust.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2212517-The-Realm-of-Secrets