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It's a secret to be told or let it be unfold forever.
It was a starry night when I lost my sight
Like I don't know when and where to fight
When I thought the moon and stars shines so bright
That will give me hope to see again the light.

It's the light that glows in the dark
Like an electric that will spark
With the truth I want to hide
For it is my clandestine I want to fade.

Whenever and where ever I go
I have my clandestine in the shadow
That will keep me in sorrow
Everytime I want to let it go.

It's the clandestine that reminds me to pursue
On the things that blinds me
For I am surrounded with a foe
This has to end but nevertheless this has to continue.

It's the clandestine I want to keep
Where no one can disclose my deepest secret
It's the time who will tell
When a clandestine has to unveil.

There are things which are better to leave untold
For no one has to be hurt like I used to hold
In the memoirs in the past I want to unfold
And how I wish that I could.

It's the clandestine that pushes me to live
In the dark sky I want to grieve
Wherein I lost my hope to believe
For everyone knows the life I've deceived.

In the fathom of frustrations
Clandestine is there that surges emotions
An emotions that rules have been shown
Like an abstract paint in the wall been drawn.

My clandestine will come and go
Like the door closes and open too
For someone who will shed tears with me
And have the guts to console me.

Tears will keep on flowing
Thus I know no one will feel the same thing
Like the grudge being sculpted in my heart
For the memories will still come back in my mind and in my heart.

How I wish to be just the placid water in the river
To stay still even if I'm confused and bother
With secrets I'm afraid to unveil together
For every stories to be told is a choice to leave it untold forever.

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