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We at the UFO Apologize for not also including Earth’s allowed rights after this Treaty.
[For all who read this’s information, all these names are translated to English]

Recent Separatist activities by Ael Frinch (The writer of these Items until now) has led their firing, we have since rehired Mesl Bltee.

This updated info article regarding the Earth-UFO Peace Treaty will attempt to be as clear as possible in its message.

Local government officials have given their response to the UFO, and we kindly present to you citizens of earth, a fully accepted peace treaty which your United Nations, has deemed an official Treaty.

Before we get started on small side details regarding your privacy, safety, etc, we must set the ground rules.

1. Any Human Prisoners your nations on Earth cannot hold may be sent to any UFO prison stations in orbit. We will make sure they behave, and give free visit trips to any family they may have to these Prison stations.

2. From now on UFO Agents, Human or not, may not be harmed by Human forces, unless if given permission to. Other Alien species’ should also not be discriminated against as this may cause unwanted conflicts in the future.

3. The UFO will be defending your planet more often now from incoming space based objects and enemies, this may also include incoming Celestial bodies. (Rogue stars, Blackholes, etc)

4. Assistance in wars, battles, or general problems may be requested by the UFO to your nations, whether or not you will accept is up to you.

5. The UFO will abide by National Laws when entering your territories. You may also see Aliens entering local careers you on earth have. The UFO will also aid in enforcing Laws.

6. Further aggression may cause a Warning, more than 3 warnings will mean the breaking of this Treaty. Please prevent this from happening.

Now that we’re finished will the Basic Rules, on to problems regarding what was stated before this.

Starting with Privacy, the only Privacy you may want to worry about is your Privacy on your Digital web. We understand you paranoia, and appreciate your attempts to keep your information a secret, but we must make sure you don’t do anything Illegal. (See 5.)

Traffic cameras, security cameras, and any other camera system may also be tracked and recorded by the UFO. Again, for Law enforcement purposes.

Local Security Is currently not the UFO’s responsibility. We are still entrusting you to be able to defend yourself, and not fully rely on the UFO to keep you safe 24/7.

For Facts sharing and Scientific information, please consult the UFO Intelligence Division for any info you might need. You can also find information by purchasing onplane. (In the Intergraph world (which is just Hologram Internet) we call it onplane instead of online)

To finish off, you may find new brands popping up on your world, this is normal. Alien businesses looking to expand and that’s it.

Thank you for reading my first Article, sincerely Mesl Bltee
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