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Something that happened unexpectedly.
Today I had a mind-blowing experience.
Have you ever met someone who just blows you away with their words and their artistry.
Sebastian was admiring some paintings that were on show in the art cafe.
“These are very good,” he said. “I can paint pictures too.”
It seemed hard to believe. He was shaking uncontrollably. How could he hold a paintbrush still?
“Shall I show you?” Sam took out his phone and revealed the most amazing portraits.
Everyone was now taking notice.
Sebastian was challenged to sketch one of us. He got out his sketchpad and pencilled a stunning picture of his model, Mary.
Amazement all around.
Sebastian then began to tell us about his life; how he had been mocked and belittled from childhood. But he was understanding about it. His words had everyone gripped. He spoke not with annoyance but with compassion for those who didn’t understand; here was wisdom beyond his teenage years.
Sebastian was living with various problems, including autism, but for a little while he inspired us to think again how we see other people.
It had been a good day for all of us. We invited Sam to join us again. He was happy to have made friends, and some money. The sketch of Mary was bought for £20. He was so excited that someone wanted to buy his picture and had offered so much. He said it was the first picture he had ever sold.
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