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Rated: E · Chapter · Sci-fi · #2212712
A short excerpt, copied from a recovered Separatist Manual. [Translated]

As you know the UFO is now becoming a more Universal Organization. This is not a good thing, and here in the Separatist faction we intend to shrink their sphere of influence.

So to do that we must take out their connections. By removing the nails we can easily move the Board, and we will start with the UFO’s newer allies.

The Humans located on 88172 3rd should be handled by extinction like most of the Species’ under the UFO’s belt, and to do this we will use their weapons against them.

They contain a terrifying weapon known as the Atomic Bomb which can cause lethal disintegrating explosions in a large radius. They also bring with them radiation making them even more deadly. However this is where we get our extinction plan. By spreading out all the weapons across the globe we might be able to cause an effect devastating enough to where any Humans still left could be taken out with our traditional weapons.

The UFO states more information will be provided in the future, please do not worry for your safety.
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