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You seriously need to check out the reviews on this shirt... :)
Author’s Note: This story was inspired by the seriously hilarious Q&A and reviews of the Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt on Amazon. :)


SCREAMS!!! Contest Entry 2/11/20
Theme: Finish a story
1,204 words

Skidding to a halt before the front door to my apartment, I flung it open, heart aflutter with the effervescent fizz of anticipatory adrenaline. The brown box, wrapped in black and blue Amazon prime tape, sparked shivers of delight in my trembling fingers. I snatched it up, cradling the package to my stomach as I closed the door. Running into the apartment, I set the precious parcel down on the table, found a kitchen knife and sliced it open.

There it was. My three wolf moon t-shirt.

Skin tingling, I could almost sense its magical aura as I donned it. My body felt instantly better, healthier, stronger. I ran to the mirror and noticed my thicker more vibrant hair, my improved complexion. Even my breasts seemed fuller, pressing the silk-screened moon into a voluptuous swell.

All of those reviews attesting to this shirt’s magical properties had been right!

Turning to my tablet, which was still showing the order confirmation page on Amazon from my order two days prior, my eyes scanned the dozens of reviews claiming that this shirt could instantly attract members of the opposite sex. Unbelievably, all of my doubts had been irrevocably erased. I looked back up at the mirror and sighed at the cotton-clad perfection encasing my torso.

It was Friday, and my friends had asked me to go out. I had been tempted to decline, but… now that I looked like this?

I grabbed my phone and sent a text to Brent.

“C u tonight”

His response came a moment later.

“Omfg! Gr8!”

An hour later, I strutted into the bar and all eyes were instantly on me, glued to my chest. I smiled broadly, enjoying the gratuitous attention.

I walked confidently across the place, thrusting my breasts forward to put my trio of wolves on captivating display.

I sat down on a stool across from a wide-eyed Brent.

“My eyes are up here, Brent!” I smirked.

His eyes slowly worked their way up the three cotton wolves... to the moon… to my face.

“Mary? Wha…?” His throat seemed to go dry, and he gulped noisily.

I leaned toward him and whispered into his ear.

“It’s the shirt. It did something to me…” I drew back with an evil smile, watching Brent’s cognitive wheels turning. His eyes dropped back to the shirt. Or my breasts. I wasn’t sure which.

His mouth opened slightly and his eyes seemed unfocused.


He didn’t respond, appearing catatonic. I smacked him on the arm.


He snapped out of it this time.

“Sorry, it’s just so hypnotic!” he said sheepishly.

The waiter walked over and placed a cocktail on the table in front of me.

“Courtesy of the lady…” he said, nodding his head toward an attractive brunette at the far end of the bar.

I glanced over and saw her eyes, which flashed in the dim tavern light. She was staring at me, gorgeous in a dark, dangerous way.

My kind of girl.

My kind of girl? That hadn’t been my kind of girl before tonight!

My eyes dropped to check out the rest of her, and I gasped as I saw it.

She was wearing a three wolf moon t-shirt!

I licked my lips.

She stood, then sauntered over toward our table.

“Why, hello there…” she said, boldly picking up the cocktail in front of me and sipping it before setting it back in front of me. So that was how this was gonna be. I smiled darkly.

“Nice shirt,” I said.

“Likewise,” she said, delivering a long-lashed wink.

The hair on the back of my neck rose. I wasn’t sure if it was a sign of attraction or fear. That shirt, though… she just looked so freaking amazing in it.

“Wanna go somewhere more private?” I asked. There was a mischievous look in my eye right now. I knew my expressions. I could guarantee it.

“Yeah,” she breathed.

As we left the bar, she kissed me. I could taste the sweet alcohol swirling on her tongue as I kissed her back.

I ordered an uber, fingers gliding over the screen as we made out, her hands roaming my back.

She was drunk, but she was hot, so I didn’t really care. I knew she didn’t.

Again, I was alarmed by my own thoughts. This wasn’t my normal self. It wasn’t like me to be so forward, so wanton. But that shirt… it was just so sexy. Its curvaceous, art-laden fabric seemed to conquer all my inhibitions.

The uber pulled up, and we broke our lip-lock long enough to hop inside. As I tilted my head to plant my lips on that full, luscious mouth of hers once more, I cast a sidelong glance to the rearview mirror. I saw the driver’s almond-shaped brown eyes spark in interest as they took in our libidinous behavior.

I ignored it. Didn’t care. Shirt, remember?

The driver pulled up in front of my apartment and turned off the car. All three of us got out. I gazed at the driver in surprise.

She was wearing a three wolf moon t-shirt.

And she was a goddess! Prettier even than my “date.”

She walked over to us and smiled. My evening conquest, whose name, I realized, I didn’t know, practically leapt on her, slathering her with urgent, concupiscent purpose. I latched onto her hand and dragged the pair of women into the apartment building. After a moment spent fumbling with my keys, I pulled them into my place.

Before I could close the door and truly begin the wild evening that this had become, I saw a foot slide into the doorway.

Surprised, I looked up. It was Brent!

“I just wanted to make sure you were…” he trailed off when he saw the two other women in the apartment with me, both in insanely provocative three wolf moon t-shirts.

As Brent stood, dumbfounded, at the threshold, I felt electric current jag down my spine. My flesh rippled and stretched, bones cracking and transforming.

As a canine snout burst out of my face, I looked to the sky and howled, quickly joined by two more behind me. I lowered my snout and stared at Brent.

Brent looked completely flabbergasted, backing slowly away from me and my pack. He was cloaked in the acrid scent of fear.

I bounded forward, my powerful back legs propelling me into my prey. I snarled as I flew, then bit down hard on his neck. My tongue lapped up hot blood as I swung my head from side to side with manic energy, rending flesh, fangs sinking to white bone.

I gave a quick whimpering yelp and realized him as I realized something, slowly backing away from the arterial fountain blasting upward from Brent’s neck.

I glanced down, and the splatter stain of blood across my new shirt sent barbs of prickling horror into my moonlit soul.

I had ruined my three wolf moon t-shirt.

Oh, God!
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