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Just a little bit of writing I had fun putting together!
Fly On A Wall Short Stories

1st Conversation

“It was a dark and stormy night, just like this one, in a house, just like this one. There was something recording conversations,” Jim said.
“Daaad,” Jessie complained. “This story’s boring. Can we skip to the next one?”
“Yes, daughter.”

2nd Conversation

There was a SLAM, then a man screamed, “My House! You told me that tree would hold up until next winter, Paul!”
“Yes,” Paul agreed, “but I told you that last winter, Tod.”
“Oh,” Tod thought, “well, in that case can you just help me move the tree?”

3rd Conversation

“BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP,” yelled the alarm clock at Harper.
“No,” Harper refused. “I… will not… wake up… never will I-”
“Ok! Ok! I’ll get up.”

4th Conversation

“What is that flying object?” asked the baby alien.
“We call that an IFO: Identified flying object,” said Mommy alien.
“Well, then what is that floppy walking thing?”
“We call that one Human KW-810576.”

5th Conversation

“It’s time for lunch!” Dad yelled.
“What’s the theme today? Gummy bears?” Charlotte replied sarcastically.
“Cheese! So what would you like? Grilled cheese, quesadilla, cheese soup, cheese Fries, cheese dip…”
“I would have preferred the gummy bears,” Charlotte mumbled.

6th Conversation

“Hey, big sis! Can you help me with my homework?” yelled little Timmy enthusiastically.
“Yeah… sure,” Timmy’s sister said, clearly not listening.
“So what’s 1 + 2?” Timmy asked.
“I, like, really need a bagel,” Timmy’s sister responded.
“Thanks, big sis,” Timmy said as he joyfully ran away. “1 + 2 = need a bagel”

7th Conversation

“Hey,” Marco said, “what does this look like?”
“You mean that triangle on top of your head?” Amy asked.
“Oh. You think it looks like a triangle?” Marco asked.
“Yes,” Amy agreed.
“Oh. My cat said it looked like meow.”

8th Conversation

“Thanks for helping me move that tree, Paul,” Tod said.
“Sure thing, Tod! Anytime you need help, I’m just around the block,” Paul said as he started to walk away.
“Just one more thing, Paul…”
“Can you help me move the tree off my car?”

9th Conversation

“Wait, has there been a listening device attached to me this entire time?” James wondered.
“Yes,” the spy said.
“Have you been watching me this whole time?” James asked.
“Yes,” the spy said.
“Should I, um, be scared?” James asked.
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