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Rouge the bat attempts to steal a Pharaoh's gems from a museum but finds out she's a mummy
The Pharaoh known as Shynax was a gifted ruler. Blessed by the gods to be beautiful, gifted in the mystic arts, and most importantly of all being born into the position of being a pharaoh in the first place. She had been long since dead, however she had returned on a few occasions when grave robbers messed with her tomb in the form of an undead mummy.

Her most recent stint near the turn of the 20th century however produced a rather unusual situation for her. The archeologist Marcy Bones and her partner Henry Simmons had managed to work out a deal with the pharaoh. They would move her, along with her two companions, and all of her most valuable possessions into the vixen’s family museum. In exchange she offered her a permanent home, top-notch security, and the knowledge that her family would take great care of her and her things.

Shynax greatly enjoyed her time in the museum, with her utilizing her magic to transform a whole wing of the museum into a perfect replica of her tomb. It was like she had never left. However this wasn’t to say that her troubles were all in the past. The fact that her treasures were now in public view meant some emboldened fools thought they could steal from her and get away with it. None were successful to date, but that never deterred those with the hunger for riches.

One such individual was the notorious thief known as Rouge. She was a bat girl with a rather voluptuous figure, sporting a sexy hourglass figure with a heart-shaped chest plate. She had a pair of bat wings on her back that were more for gliding than actually flying, big white bat ears, and wore makeup that accented her beauty very well.

Rouge had heard tales about Shynax’s riches and had even taken a stroll through her exhibit while in disguise. There were quite a few items she took a liking to and was eager to add them to her collection. She was currently snooping her way through the museum after closing. She was dressed up in what could only be described as a ninja outfit with her covered head-to-toe in black garb. The only things visible were her eyes which had a gap between her head wrappings and her face mask. She also had her heart plates on her boots and her chest. They weren’t exactly stealthy being pink, but Rouge was a fashionable girl and she wanted to keep her accessories.

Patrolling the halls was a young wolf by the name of Shane Simmons. He was a descendant of Henry and had currently been given a job watching the museum during the night shift. Few slight problems with that though. One, the wolf was afraid of the dark and being in a giant building with the main sources of light being turned off wasn’t the best idea. Second, he was quite the clumsy wolf when it came to things like these, and the fact that he hadn’t broken any of the exhibits was a godsend at this point. These faults aside, he was still a kind-hearted, well-meaning wolf that wanted to do his best.

He was walking along the hall towards Shynax’s tomb and trying to psyche himself up. “It’s ok, Shane, everything in here is already dead. There isn’t anything that can hurt you in the dark here. It’s all in your head.” He spoke to himself, eliciting a muffled giggle from Rouge who was watching from the shadows.

“What a sweet and innocent little pup. He should be easy to take care of.” She thought to herself as she stealthily slunk into position. Shane rounded the corner and entered the tomb, using his flashlight to look around the lesser lit areas that the night time lights created. He walked passed Rouge’s hiding spot without paying her much mind, but did a double take as he could have sworn he saw something where she was. He backtracked and pointed the light where she was and found nothing. With a shrug, the wolf went to continue, but a chill ran up his spine as he felt something tap his shoulder. “You lost, little boy?”

Shane’s teeth were chattering at this point as he slowly turned around and was now face-to-face with Rouge. He went to scream, but she was already one step ahead of him. In one swift motion, Rouge placed her hand on his mouth and shoved him up against the wall. She squeezed and blocked his nose to prevent him from breathing. Once she saw him getting light-headed, she allowed him to drop to the floor in a seated position. “Now be a good boy and go to sleep for me.” Rouge remarked as she turned around. She then slammed her butt back into his face, completely engulfing his face in her cheeks and clenching hard to smother him once again. The wolf was too stunned by the action to resist, and before he knew it, Rouge’s bubble butt had smothered him unconscious.

Rouge smiled and gave the unconscious wolf a pat on the head before she tucked him away in a nearby storage closet. With the only guard around now incapacitated, Rouge took the chance to go for what she wanted. She found a necklace behind some display glass and used one of her gadgets to send a shock through it to scramble the sensors. From there, she picked the lock and easily removed the necklace from its housing on the soft display pillow.

While the bat did her dirty deeds, the one thing she failed to count on made her grand appearance. Just as Rouge was moving on to another case, she heard a low creaking noise and her head darted to the side. She saw the sarcophagus of Shynax suddenly begin to open and went wide-eyed in fear and panic. Before she could make a move however, a wrapped hand grabbed the rim of the burial case and pulled on it to reveal the mummified body of the pharaoh. She looked towards Rouge and the bat could’ve sworn she saw the bandages around her mouth move to signal a smirk.

Rouge started to reach for a weapon when suddenly she found herself unable to move. “So, you think you can steal from a pharaoh hmm?” Shynax asked her as her wrappings seemed to come alive and spun around like snakes before unraveling and revealing the wolfess beneath. She was wearing the finest silks. She was in a white dress that had no sleeves and had no back to it that led into a long skirt that completely covered her legs. There was a slit in each side to make it easier for her to walk in her sandals that were lined with lapis jewels. There were ankh earrings on her, a golden Usekh over her shoulders and chest, and she had a few rings on her fingers. However what stood out the most was the bracelet she had on her right wrist. It wasn’t at all what a Pharaoh would have and looked more akin to something a common person would wear.

She grabbed her staff out of her sarcophagus and smirked as she walked over to Rouge and slowly began to circle her. “Listen, this whole thing has just been one huge misunderstanding. I’m sure we could talk this over like civilized folks can’t we?” Rouge asks, trying to put on her usual smooth attitude.

“No I don’t believe we can. For starters I’m a deity in my own right and you’re a simple mortal. Secondly,” Shynax starts and whacks Rouge on the head with her staff, “you’re a no-good thief trying to steal from me!” She shouts at her before yanking away Rouge’s bag and returning her things to their display cases.

Rouge’s eyes spun a little from the hard hit to the head, but she quickly shook it off and looked to Shynax in frustration. “So what are you going to do now ‘almighty pharaoh’?” She asked in a mock tone. “Sooner or later I’m going to break free and escape.”

Shynax narrowed her eyes at the bat, but a devious grin then spread across her face. “Well far be it for me to stop you from leaving empty-handed. The only problem is I can’t just let this transgression go unpunished. You seem to be a very experienced thief. Despite the junk in your trunk I imagine you can sneak in and out of almost any place you want to without issue am I right?”

“I wouldn’t be where I am now if I couldn’t.” Rouge remarks. “I’m not sure I like that tone in your voice though.”

“So you CAN pick up on clues. You’re not as foolish as you appear to be. I wonder how well you could accomplish your thievery with a little curse placed upon you.” Shynax said as she spun around and aimed her staff at Rouge and spoke in Egyptian. A series of hieroglyphs floated from her staff through the air, almost like a musical score given life, before they began to swirl around and envelop Rouge. She felt her body begin to swirl and fill up with magical energy. She was struggling against her magic bindings, but was going nowhere and was at the mercy of the pharaoh. She closed her eyes and winced as she felt it coursing through her entire body. There were several tense moments as she felt the sensation continue to go on, and it was only a few minutes later when she felt it go away that she finally opened her eyes.

She would’ve wished she hadn’t as one look at what happened to her body caused her to go wide-eyed in peril. Her body had swelled up with fat. Whereas before Rouge could be described as having a voluptuous hourglass figure, now her body was more in line with that of a sumo wrestler. Her legs and arms had grown as thick as tree trunks in places. Her suit was torn and ripped in certain areas thanks to her bigger belly, butt, and breasts. Her cleavage was now partially exposed and you could see her panties thanks to a giant whole ripped down the middle of the back of her suit. She easily weighed over six hundred pounds with this new form and Shynax couldn’t help but laugh at her.

“Perhaps your profession should now revolve around stealing from cookie jars instead of jewelry.” She remarked with a hearty laugh. “Maybe you could set a record and go steal forty cakes from the local bakery. No wait! You should forget armored trucks and go after ice cream trucks! I imagine the music will make them easy to track!” Shynax fell to the ground and began laughing uproariously at her own jokes while Rouge was getting redder and redder with anger. However one thing she noticed was that, either due to her new weight or the pharaoh’s lack of focus, she could move now. She tested out walking with her new body, and after a brief adjustment, waddled over to where Shynax was lying on the floor.

Her laughter continued until she was engulfed in a large shadow as Rouge now towered over here and the wolf could see the bat’s giant ass above her. “Let’s see how funny you think this is when I use it on you!” Shynax yelped and tried to scramble away, but Rouge was just too big. She leaped back and SLAMMED her giant butt down on top of Shynax. All at once the pharaoh was buried beneath the quarter ton of bat fat with only her hands poking out from under her to show where she was. Rouge smirked triumphantly at her victory, and began to grind and bounce her ass thoroughly over the now trapped pharaoh.

Shynax moaned beneath the behemoth butt cheeks that now covered her up. She weakly tried to crawl out from under Rouge, and barely managed to poke her head out from between her cheeks when a second sarcophagus opened up and out stepped Shynax’s most trusted advisor. Her name was Ophelia, another wolfess, with creamy brown fur and was currently wrapped up in her mummy bandages, but had a gorgeous bracelet on her right wrist that looked like it was made for a pharaoh. She had a similar build to the pharaoh, with a slightly bigger chest, something she teased the pharaoh about a lot. She rubbed her eyes groggily and yawned as she wasn’t fully coherent. “Shynax, would you please keep the volume down while you’re squashing that thief? I was having a nice dream and…” She trailed off, looking and seeing Rouge seated with Shynax’s face and hands poking out from under and between her ass cheeks.

Rouge gulped when she saw this, anticipating another powerful sorcerous like the pharaoh, but she wouldn’t be able to move nearly quick enough to react. “Oh thank Ra you’re awake, Ophelia! Quickly, get me out of here, and help me put this thief in her place for daring to sit on divinity!”

Ophelia stood there in silence for a brief moment, taking in the scene in front of her, before suddenly she fell onto her back and began to roll around in hysterical laughter. Rouge breathed a sigh of relief at this while Shynax’s eye began to twitch in livid anger and she grits her teeth. “Ahahaha, oh this is priceless!”

“I’m glad one of us is enjoying this.” Shynax said in a calm anger that was close to bursting. “Now that you’ve had your laugh, could you PLEASE wake Ishizu so that I can get out of here?” She asked, but was only met with more laughter as she growled in pure anger. “ALRIGHT THAT DOES IT! Now you’re BOTH going to get a test of my power!” She shouts as she reaches for her staff…which was nowhere near her. The pharaoh gulped, as in her haste to try and escape Rouge’s ass, she had left her staff behind. It now rested in front of the massive bat and nowhere near the pharaoh’s grasp. She attempted to move it towards her, but Rouge quickly grabbed it and shook her head.

“Uh, uh, you’re not getting your hands on this anytime soon.” She said as she gave it a toss and the staff flew into one of the cases where it would be impossible for Shynax to pull it towards herself. “So ‘almighty pharaoh’, here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to fix me and I’m going to leave. You understand that?”

“Who do you think you are to make demands of a deity?!” Shynax shouts and squirmed around some more to try and get free, but all she was doing was making Rouge’s butt jiggle around her. “Stand up this instant or I’ll summon the rays of Ra and burn you to a crisp!”

“I think you’re bluffing. How can you do something like that when you don’t have your staff?” Rouge asks as the pharaoh only let out angry growls and flailed as best she could. “I rest my case. Hey you, what’s your name?” She asks the laughing wolfess.

Ophelia calmed down enough so that she could talk and sat up. “I’m Ophelia, the royal assistant to the pharaoh and her closest friend.”


“Well, I mean, you kinda caused this, Shynax. You were the one that cursed her and made her this big. Why should I help clean up your mess when I can sit back and watch you get squashed? It’s always been a fun spectacle to see.” She says with a cheeky grin.

Shynax looked like she was about to explode, opening her mouth to scream at her, but yelped as Rouge leaned back and her butt fat swallowed and completely engulfed the pharaoh. “Well if that’s the case, why don’t I just squash her until she agrees to undo the curse?”

“Hmm…I dunno. Given how stubborn she is we could be here all night…I say go for it!” Ophelia grins. There was muffled yelling and screaming coming from Rouge’s ass after she said this and that just got her laughing even more.

Rouge started to bounce and grind her ass over the Pharaoh, eliciting several yelps from her as she slowly yet surely flattened out the pharaoh beneath her giant butt. She let out a few gentle purrs and moans of delight as she did so and smiled back to Ophelia. “She’s incredibly soft.”

“Yeah, we tried to keep it out of the history books, but we aren’t ordinary wolves. We’re a special breed that has super soft fur and are fairly squishy and resilient.”

“Interesting…” Rouge pondered while she idly bounced over the pharaoh. It was then that she looked around the tomb of the pharaoh, being a 1:1 recreation, hieroglyphs and all, and spotted a painting far up in the corner that attracted her curiosity. She brought out her binoculars and snickered as she saw a depiction of a hippo dressed in Egyptian priestess garb and using what looked like the pharaoh as a butt scratcher. “Who’s that?”

“That’s Nephthym, the priestess that was around when Shynax ruled. She was aaaaalways squashing the pharaoh. It was considered ‘tribute’ and ‘offering prayers’ to the Gods.” Ophelia explains. “Personally I think the pharaoh had a crush on her.”

Rouge chuckled when she heard this and eventually broke out into laughter as she felt the pharaoh getting warm beneath her from blushing heavily. “I think there’s some merit to that considering how warm she just got.” Rouge smirked, enjoying humiliating the pharaoh emotionally as well as physically. She attempted to get up, but before she could get up fully she let out a startled scream and fell hard onto her ass, crushing Shynax once again beneath her giant ass.

Ophelia snickered when she heard the muffled groan coming from Shynax and walked over to Rouge. “Here, lemme give you a hand.” She says as she grabs Rouge’s hand and pulls. Rouge grunted and struggled to get up, but then went too far the other way and wound up belly flopping Ophelia. “Ok…too much of a hand…”

“Sorry about that. As you can probably tell, I’m not used to this stupid curse.” Rouge grumbles.

“Just give me a second. I’m not nearly as practiced as Shynax but I should be able to handle this…” Ophelia said as suddenly a blast of air launched Rouge off the ground and backwards. Shynax was starting to inflate and push herself to her feet when this happened. She groans and rubs her head, then lets out a squeak as Rouge landed on top of her once again. She squashed her beneath her back and butt and let out a sigh of annoyance at her current position. “Hang on, I’ll go get Ishizu.”

“Not like I can go anywhere anyway.” Rouge says as she folds her arms and lies there. She could hear Shynax letting out muffled screams and curses from below and laughs at her. Her laughter didn’t last long however as she felt the floor begin to shake. She looked up in confusion and let out a silent scream as there was now a giantess towering over her and looking down at her.

It was Ishizu, guardian to Shynax and her family. She tilted her head curiously, with Rouge seeing a pair of ears like that of a Jackal: namely like her father Anubis. In addition to this, she had a tail and was wielding a poleaxe. “I would like to make one thing clear to you.” She says as she crouches down and lifts Rouge up, gently setting her down on her feet so she could actually move now. “While I’m allowing your activities with the pharaoh to continue, just know that the moment she agrees to reverse your curse I want you out of here.”

Rouge nodded sheepishly, incredibly terrified and confused at this point as she looked down at the once again flattened pharaoh. “Why would you let me continue?”

“Simple: her majesty has been acting like a spoiled brat lately and I feel she needs to be taught a lesson.” Ishizu answers before she sits down to watch what Rouge did with Ophelia seated happily between her breasts. “Now then, just so I don’t have to pick you up every time you fall down…” Ishizu trailed off, her eyes turning pitch black as she spoke in the language of the dead. Rouge felt chills running all over her body from hearing such an unsettling noise, but when it was finally over and she tried to move, she found that it felt a lot more natural to her.

“Much appreciated.” Rouge smiles. She then walked over to Shynax and stepped down on her back, smirking down at her as she dug her heel into the wolf’s back and heard her squealing. “Just remember pharaoh: you brought all of this upon yourself.”

Shynax was in too much pain to respond, whimpering out and wishing she could go back to slumber. Rouge peeled her off the ground and smiled at the wolf before she remembered the painting from earlier and grinned mischievously. She looked around the room and, after not seeing anything she could use, looked to the giant human-jackal hybrid. “Can I get a pole or something? I’m looking for something about the length of your usual broom handle.”

Ishizu simply shrugged and tapped the ground with her axe, as suddenly a wooden pole matching Rouge’s description appeared before her. “Thanks. If you are what I think you are, you’ve got some surprisingly beautiful skin.” Rouge complimented the giantess.

Ishizu smiled at the compliment and wagged her tail. “Just because I’m meant to represent death and decay doesn’t mean I have to look the part…although father says I should probably lose some weight.”

“Nonsense, dearie; there’s nothing wrong with a little junk in the trunk. Helps us ladies keep an upper hand on dimwitted men like that guard I subdued.” Rouge explained as she began to wrap Shynax around one end of the pole.

“Oh for the love of…I TOLD Lindy that hiring the pharaoh’s descendant was a dumb idea! But noooooo, no one listens to the advisor…” Ophelia grumbles and folds her arms in annoyance.

Ishizu chuckled at this and pat her on the head while Rouge finished with what she was doing and reached around to pull what remained of her suit down. She exposed her massive ass, letting it bounce and jiggle in all its glory, before bringing the stick with Shynax on it around behind her. “I believe this is a custom you’re familiar with, pharaoh.” Shynax let out a muffled scream of terror, getting flashbacks to Nephthym, and tried desperately to escape.

Alas it wasn’t to be, as before she knew it, Shynax was rubbed over one of Rouge’s giant butt cheeks and made into a butt scratcher. Rouge immediately let out a soft moan as she slowly began sliding her up and down her rump with delight. Shynax could only groan as she had her face smothered and pressed deep into her butt fat. Thankfully for her though, Rouge wasn’t nearly as sweaty or as smelly as Nephthym, so this was actually enjoyable for her after a while. After all, Rouge’s ass was still as sexy and as soft as it was in her normal appearance.

Sadly that wasn’t to last, as when Rouge had finished rubbing her over every inch of her cheeks, she prepared to stuff the pharaoh up her butt to scratch and rub inside her crack. Ophelia, being the naughty wolf that she could be, had Ishizu lean down so she could whisper an idea to her. “Ophelia that’s downright mean and disgraceful…but I approve.” Once again the deity began speaking her native tongue, causing Rouge to blush heavily at the results. She looked down at herself and found that she had suddenly begun to sweat like mad, and where it was worst was her ass. She glanced over her shoulder to find it flowing freely and glistening off each cheek like morning dew.

A smirk of approval came over Rouge’s face as she saw the look of terror on Shynax’s face. Rouge’s butt crack while once pristine suddenly transformed into a swampy hell thanks to this new curse placed upon the bat. She shook herself frantically to try and beg for mercy, but Rouge wasn’t having any of it. She immediately stuffed Shynax up her ass with a wet ‘squelch’ echoing around the room. Rouge found it a little gross at first, but after she started to push Shynax deeper and heard her muffled cries of terror and disgust, she grew to enjoy it.

To say the pharaoh was in hell would be understating it. Everywhere around her was magically enhanced sweat that was made to be as putrid and disgusting as possible. She found it soaking her fur and some of it entering her mouth, much to her dismay. Making matters worse was that it was like being inside of an oven temperature wise as she was made to suffer the hot and humid environment of Rouge’s butt crack.

Rouge vigorously and with much enthusiasm continued to use the pharaoh like a butt scratcher. However before long she got an idea to make this better and, after a quick adjustment from Ishizu, she slotted the pole into a hole in the ground made to secure the pole in place. It was then that Rouge, instead of using her arms, began to use her hips to utilize Shynax. She was now essentially twerking on the wolfess by bouncing her hips and ass up and down.

Her cheeks bounced around like wrecking balls as sweat flew freely off of her with each rhythmic thump of her butt cheeks hitting their highest and lowest points. She clenched her cheeks, shook her hips side to side, and after another spell even leaned back against the pole. It bent and buckled under the enormous ass of the bat as Shynax was being pressed firmly into her fleshy and sweaty backside. She screamed in peril as she could hear the pole was about to give, but before that could happen, Rouge walked forward and revealed the mess of a wolf stuck on the end of the pole. She looked miserable as she was soaked, smelly, and humiliated beyond belief.

Ishizu tapped her axe once again and allowed the pharaoh to communicate telepathically to them. “So, mighty pharaoh, will you lift the curse you’ve placed upon this thief?” Ishizu asked her.

Shynax growled angrily as her voice echoed around the room. “I’m not about to undo the curse now!! You stupid mortal, how DARE you use me like some common butt rag! You’re going to suffer in the deepest pit Osiris has to offer!!”

Rouge put her hands on her sizeable hips and looked back to Ishizu and Ophelia. “You weren’t kidding when you said she was a brat.”

“Yes well, she’s not always like this.” Ishizu said, getting a look from Ophelia and sighing. “Let me rephrase that statement. MOSTLY she’s not like this. When you get to know her she’s a joy to be around and is fun and has a gentle spirit. However most of the time she tries to maintain her pharaoh appearance, and that’s something that not even death and rebirth seems to have changed.”

“IT DOESN’T HELP WHEN MY BEST FRIEND AND ‘GUARDIAN’ TORMENT ME LIKE THIS!!!” Shynax shouts at them as Ophelia pouts.

“Oh like you never turned me into a giant pair of panties or stuck me in Ishizu’s sandals before! You’ve always been good at dishing out punishments, Shynax, but never taking them.”

A light bulb went off in Rouge’s head when she heard this and smirked over to Ophelia. “So you girls have the power to turn others into clothing?” She asks as Shynax went pale and desperately tried to reform her body.

Ophelia grinned deviously and nodded. “You bet! Personally I’ve never been all that good with magic, but Shynax and Ishizu are naturals at it. Both of them know how to turn people into virtually anything you can think of!”

Ishizu nodded to this and smiled. “What did you have in mind, thief?”

“First of all you can call me Rouge. Second, I normally wear a body suit that covers from my chest to my legs. Think you could make the pharaoh here into a suit with her face on the inside? Ideally I’d like her to be smothered by the girls and my big belly.” Rouge explains as she gives her massive gut a slap and watches it jiggle as well as giving her breasts a playful squeeze and presses them together.

Ophelia was blushing at the display and found her tail wagging at the sight while Ishizu giggled and nods. She once again spoke the dead language, and Rouge watched Shynax as her body floated into the air and began to morph and change around. Before long she fell to the ground as a tight body suit that looked similar to what Rouge normally wear, only this was brown and sandy like Shynax’s fur. “Mmm, maybe I should come to you instead of my usual tailor.” Rouge mused as she lifted Shynax up and smirked down at her terrified face on the inside.

“While it’s an easy task, I’m going to need a lot of convincing. You’re still someone that attempted to steal from us, Rouge.” Ishizu said with an annoyed look. “I’m merely being friendly as a means to an end here.”

“Fair enough, Ishizu.” Rouge said as she waved her off. “For now, you and I are going to get a lot better acquainted, pharaoh.” She smirks as she removes what remained of her ninja suit and stood in her bra and panties. She then lowered her new suit and put her legs through it and, once she reached the bottom, began to pull. Shynax watched as Rouge’s massive belly came into view and yelped as she was slammed into it. She moans and groans as she was slowly slid over the massive expanse, until eventually, Rouge managed to get the suit over her new girth and admired herself in a mirror. “Not bad if I do say so; her fur feels divine.”

Satisfied with her new suit she started to walk around and let that work for a while. Shynax’s face had been stretched across the entirety of the front of the suit. So she was simultaneously being smothered and squashed by both Rouge’s giant belly and her two huge breasts. Worse so, the curse Ishizu used was still in effect, so she was still sweating and making things swampy for the wolf. Her belly fat jiggled and bounced, rolling over her with constant waves of fat that, while smooth and soft, was like being repeatedly smashed in the face. Her breasts were doing their part as well, bouncing up and down with each step and slapping Shynax around.

Deciding to throw her weight around some more, Rouge suddenly launched herself forward and belly slammed the floor. Shynax yelped as she was squashed hard into the marble floor and found herself buried under Rouge’s immense bulk. She was finding it difficult to breathe with all the sweat and weight on top of her. One of those problems would be solved as Rouge got to her feet. However it immediately came back as she once again leaped forward and slammed down onto Shynax.

“I hardly feel a thing! Not sure if it’s the fat, your fur, or both, but you’re giving me some soft landings, pharaoh.” Rouge said with an amused smile. Shynax just groaned as she lay there and wanted nothing more than to smite this bat. Sadly she could do nothing, as Rouge used her body like a proverbial wrecking ball. She continuously slammed her body into the floor, the walls, even running into Ishizu’s massive foot on one occasion.

Rouge smiled with delight at her work, but she got another idea, and waved up to Ophelia. “Hey, Ophelia, I’ve got something you can do to help.” Excited, Ophelia hopped down from Ishizu’s cleavage and walked over, wanting to see what Rouge had in mind. She then turned around and presented her back to the wolfess as she pointed over her back at…well, her back. “I want you to grab my suit and pull as hard as you can on it.”

Ophelia was confused at first, but she soon realized what that would do and snickered with delight. “Oh that sounds like it’ll be fun!” She eagerly grabbed the back of the suit, hearing Shynax squeak as a result, and then began to pull. It took a little while for her to get going, but eventually Ophelia began to stretch the suit back and tugged as hard as she could.

Shynax was now screaming at this point, as her face was being pulled into Rouge’s generous fat. She sank deeper and deeper into the seemingly endless expanse of belly and boob fat that Rouge had to offer. Rouge purred with delight as all the screaming felt almost like a massage as it made her belly jiggle gently. She reached down and began to jiggle her belly like a bowl of gelatin, watching with delight as it moved and no doubt made life much worse for Shynax.

Ophelia wasn’t giving up either, continuing to pull as she got further and further away from Rouge to the point where Shynax was starting to compress her big belly from how far she was being pulled. However her strength couldn’t hold out forever, and eventually Ophelia let out a yelp as she snapped back and slammed into Rouge’s massive ass with immense force. She groaned as she lay there for a few moments resting in her sweaty butt fat, before she found herself fished free and set down in front of Rouge.

The bat smiled and pecked her on the cheek before ruffling her hair. “Nice job there.” She said before glancing down at Shynax. “So, are you ready to undo the curse now, pharaoh?”

There was a disgruntled groan of disgust and pain coming from the pharaoh. “Y-yes…I’ll undo it…just please turn off the sweat, Ishizu…”

Ishizu smiled at this and grabbed her axe again. She used her magic to undo everything at once. She turned the curses that she had applied to Rouge off, changed Shynax back to her normal self, and was even kind enough to dry her body off of the sweat. Now back to normal, Shynax marched over to her staff and begrudgingly aimed it at Rouge. With a few words, Rouge felt her body shrinking back to normal and smiled as she ran her hands over her normal curves and hugged herself. “Mmm feels good to be back to normal. That was fun and all, but the weighted look isn’t for me.” She says as she grabs her ninja suit and sighs. “Don’t suppose I could get this fixed too?”

“NO! You’re lucky to be leaving here with your life you rotten thief!” Shynax shouts as she stormed over to the bat and growled angrily in her face. “Now begone from my tomb, and if I ever catch you back here, I’m going to make you BEG me to send you to Osiris!”

Rouge simply shrugged at this and turned around to leave. “Fine by me; stealing your stuff isn’t worth the hassle honestly.” She said nonchalantly as she strolled away. “By the way, you might want to wake that kid up in the storage closet over there.”

“HOW DARE YOU TRY AND ORDER A PHARAOH!” Shynax shouts as she aims her staff at Rouge once again, but yelps as a giant sandal stomps down on top of and flattens her.

Ishizu sighs, peeling her off the floor and stuffing the pharaoh between her own massive butt cheeks. “Right, you’re going into a timeout for a few weeks. Ophelia please fetch Shane.”

Rouge let out a chuckle as she turned around and looked to Ishizu and Ophelia. “Hey, is it ok if I pop in from time-to-time to just talk?”

“You may, but only if you’re ok with me cursing you so that if you try and take any of Shynax’s possessions out of the room you’ll perish.” Ishizu told her plainly.

“Sheesh, are you always this serious?” Rouge asks. “Remind me to bring you something nice when I come back. Times have changed you need to loosen up and have more fun.” Rouge told her before she leapt up to the window she snuck in through. She turned, winked at the two Egyptians, and then dropped down into the night.

“I like her.” Ophelia remarked as she opened up the closet and pulled a still unconscious Shane out of it.

“You’re not just saying that because of the size of her butt are you?” Ishizu asked with a playful smirk.

“I-I am not!” Ophelia shouts with a heavy blush. She grumbles before she slaps Shane across the face. “Hey dummy, wake up!”

The wolf yelped and snapped awake as he saw the revived Ophelia and gulped. “I-I’m in trouble aren’t I?”

“Well let’s see, you let a thief sneak in here and although she was entertaining, that still is your job to stop. So yes, you’re in trouble you nitwit.” Ophelia glares. “When dawn comes you’re going to report to me to be my panties for the day got it?”

Shane blinked in confusion when he heard that. “I thought you said I was in trouble?” He asks with a playful grin and a snicker, but then yelps as Ophelia bonks him on the head with one of her daggers.

“Just get back to work you goofball.” Ophelia says before letting out a loud yawn. “Don’t make any noise either or I’ll turn the day into a week.” Shane yelped and immediately ran off to patrol the rest of the museum, leaving Ophelia to return to her sarcophagus and Ishizu return to her pedestal in the corner as she created a body double of the pharaoh for her display and resumed her statue position. “Coming to this museum sure was a great idea don’t you agree, Ishizu?” Ophelia asks with a smile as she lies down and lets out a happy sigh.

The goddess smiled and nodded to this as she let rip a fart that smelt of death and heard Shynax whimpering in response. “I would certainly say so. Now if only we could reign in the pharaoh’s attitude problems it would be perfect.” Both girls chuckled in agreement at that statement, and went back to their slumber content with the knowledge that they had made a friend of one of their uninvited visitors.
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