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A hunt for a rare monster in the New World goes south.
Loud snoring could be heard echoing from a residence in the territory known simply as ‘The New World’. It was a territory recently discovered where people known simply as Monster Hunters thrived and did their work. One such hunter was the culprit behind all the snoring and her name was Katey. She was a large blue wolfess with a body shape akin to that of a wrecking ball. Her belly, breasts, and butt were all equally as fat as the other, with her backside being just a little more pronounced than the others. She easily weighed more than a quarter of a ton, which helped her at times with her hunting, but it wasn’t as big of an advantage as one might think as it meant she was a bigger target and easy to spot. But she didn’t let that get her down and used her power to her advantage with a massive bow, with which she fired arrows that had the force of a cannon.

Currently she was sleeping off a huge meal that had celebrated a day-long hunt ending in success. However she was sleeping in by this point and her partner in hunting was getting rather impatient at not doing anything. She was a yellow palico with pink fur patterns that was a tad shorter than your average feline friend that went by the name of Bow. She came home after eating breakfast and grumbled as she noticed her meowster was still in bed out cold.

Bow glanced to her weapon beside Katey’s bow and arrow, considering using them for a moment, before she simply sighed and walked over to the bed. She climbed up onto the massive bed, looking like a simple teddy bear compared to the massive wolf, and angrily kicked her belly as she was lying on her side. “Meowster come on already, the two of us should be out hunting by now!” She says, but only got a groan in response.

“Five more minutes…” Katey muttered as she rolled over onto her other side and away from the feline.

Bow was fuming mad at this point, marching over as she tried pushing her out of bed. To say this was a futile effort would be a huge understatement. This was like trying to tip over a fully loaded van on your own. After a few tries that went nowhere she walked back and stretched a little. “Fine then, we’ll do this the hard way.” She then charged full force at Katey and aimed for her giant butt. She leaned in and aimed her shoulder as she slammed into the wolf and actually managed to get her to budge, but it would seem her kick from earlier got something going.

Without warning a blast of wind hit the palico in the face and almost immediately she collapsed and fell to the ground; paralyzed by the stinky fart that had just exited Kate’s butt. Bow twitched weakly as she lay on the bed, and soon found the light getting blocked out. She looked up in terror and found Kate was rolling back towards her. With a loud squish and a tiny squeak, Kate rolled onto her back and continued to snore as she was now lying on top of Bow.

It was several minutes later when Katey finally decided to get up. She sat up in bed, now applying her full weight to poor Bow, and let out a yawn as she stretched her arms. She scratched her belly a little before she swung to the side and grinded her butt over Bow and got to her feet. She walked towards the mess hall to grab some food, unaware however that she had her palico partner tattooed over her ass.

After a hearty breakfast, which was more of a lunch by now, and a quick scouting of the notice boards Katey finally decided to head back home and prepare. She smiled as she grabbed her armor and was about to put it on when she heard a low groan and glanced over her shoulder. “Whoops! Sorry about that, Bow, I thought you were flattened on the bed.” She sheepishly apologizes and quickly removes the flat cat from her butt.

Bow dusted herself off and grumbled as she went to put her own armor on. “I knew I should’ve used my hammer to get you up.”

“Oh don’t be like that you grumpy little kitten.” Katey said, but Bow remained steadfast and kept her back to the wolf. A fatal error as the giant wolf grabbed her and pulled her into her belly. “Y’know, I happen to know a monster that you actually do fear.”

Bow went wide-eyed in terror when she heard this and frantically tried to break free. “O-ok Kate I think you made your point!”

“Oh no, Bow the monster’s here! It’s the tickle monster!” She shouts as she suddenly began to tickle the palico with glee. She got her belly, under her arms, and even nibbled on her tail which was her weak spot. All the while Bow let out howling fits of laughter and began to cry from all the tickling. Katey kept this up for a good while, before ultimately she gave Bow a big hug into her belly and kissed the top of her head. “I love you, Bow.”

Bow settled down by this point as she blushed from the hug and gave her belly a return kiss. “I love you too, Katey. Just please take it easy with the squashing ok?”

“Aww c’mon, you love curling up on top of my belly like it’s a bed. I know I hear purring whenever I squish you with it, so what’s so different about my butt?”

Bow blushed worse from that and coughed nervously, quickly trying to think of a way out. “Hey you grabbed an assignment right? What monster have we got to hunt today?!” She asks as she quickly escaped the wolf’s hug and got her armor and weapon.

Kate giggled at this and did the same while explaining. “We’re going after reports of a monster that hasn’t been reported on to have existed before in the Hoarfrost Reach area. Some hunters that were working before instead of coming straight here say the tracks are from a monster called a Lagombi. It’s never been seen before, so they’re handing this out to anyone that’s willing to go. Imagine how awesome it will be if we’re the first ones to bag this bunny?”

Bow’s eyes lit up when she heard this as images of her and Kate being hailed for their discovery and Bow being showered with loads of fish, rich meats, and other rewards. Her tongue hung out and her mouth began to water at the thought of such an achievement. She hastily helped Katey don her armor and ran to the door eagerly. “What’re we waiting for?! Let’s get out there and find us a Lagombi!”

Katey wagged her tail and nodded as she ran out the door and the two of them made their way towards the exit of camp. Now ordinarily, hunters would take a standard wingdrake. They were reliable creatures that the hunters had befriended and made into an airborne ferry system to take them to and from missions. However due to Katey’s massive bulk, she couldn’t utilize these monsters because of how small they were. So instead she had managed to track, capture, and tame a young Paolumu that had lost its parent to hunters. Despite being what the researchers estimated as only three years old, it was still large. Roughly it was about one and a half times Katey’s size and, thanks to the wolfess’ eating habits, had grown fairly chubby in its own right.

Katey smiled as she approached the bat wyvern and stroked along her long neck until she reached the beast’s head where she scratched behind her ear. “Hey there, Pompom; did you have a good breakfast?” She asked, to which the bat nodded and let out a belch before looking embarrassed. Katey giggled at this and hugged her affectionately. “Aww you’re a chip off the old block! Listen, Bow and I need to go to that snowy forest area that they just discovered. Think you can give us a lift there?”

The bat gave her a smug look and let out a few growls and barks, causing Bow to roll her eyes. “She says ‘only if you bring me back something tasty’. Honestly, Pompom you get any bigger you probably won’t be able to fly.” The Palico commented, but squeaked as the wyvern promptly butt slammed her into the ground, causing several muffled yells and curses to come out in response.

“You know I always get you food on my hunts you greedy, little monster. Now c’mon: get off of Bow and let’s get going ok? If you can get us there in under the wyvern’s average time I promise I’ll give you a belly rub with dinner.” She said, causing the bat to chirp and squeal happily as she got off of Bow and lowered herself for Kate to climb on. She happily mounted the bat while Bow, a little dazed from the squashing, groaned and teetered her way on top of the bat.

“You and I need to seriously talk about putting her on a diet…” Bow said as Katey chuckled and pat her head.

“Aww don’t be like that, Bow. Whenever you feel like hanging up your armor I’ll spoil you just as much. You’d probably look very cute as a roly, poly kitty.”

Bow blushed and grumbled at this, trying to avoid looking at Katey who just giggled at her reaction. Pompom got the duo to the campsite established at Hoarfrost Reach in record time. Both Katey and Bow disembarked, sharing a meal with the monstrous bat to get their energy up, and then watched as she curled up in a corner at the camp and began to doze off. Despite the bitterly cold temperatures of this newly discovered region, all three of them were fine thanks to their fur and in Katey’s case her fat.

After listening examining a map of the area, Katey picked a few key locations that this new monster might frequent, and she and Bow raced off to find this newly discovered creature. Their enthusiasm lasted throughout the hunt, but after checking all the key locations on Katey’s map, and seeing no traces of the monster along the way, the two were starting to wonder if this was a legitimate mission. They decided to set up a mini camp where Katey roasted some of the meat she’d brought along and they could discuss their next course of action.

“So your nose hasn’t picked up anything either?” Katey asked as she bit a huge chunk of meat off of the piece she had.

“It’s difficult to pick anything up in this environment. The chilly air is kinda numbing my nose a bit and the small sting distracts from any scents that might otherwise be in the air.” Bow explains before nibbling on her meat. “If you ask me I bet someone just got bored and decided to kick up rumors to annoy people. It’s a load of…”

“It’s a load of what?” Katey asks as she turns towards Bow and saw her staring slack jawed at Katey. “Do I have something on my face?” Bow slowly shook her head and pointed passed the wolfess to where a Lagombi was currently hopping through the snow and going from bush to bush devouring berries and bugs. It wasn’t much bigger than Katey, with the two being less than a head apart in height as long as you didn’t count the big ears. It was also very plump, having a very round belly and butt that could give Katey’s some competition. “There’s our target!” Katey proclaimed with a smile.

“Kinda small though. The report said we were looking for a massive monster. More support for my claims that these rumors were all a load of BS.” She grumbles and gets to her feet and produces her weapon.

“I can probably just catch this thing right now.” Katey says as she brings out a special arrow with a weighted back to it and a bundle on the front. This one was a net arrow that would explode and launched a net with weighted tips to it in order to capture small to medium monsters, or slow down large ones. Katey took aim, prepping the arrow as when the pressure was good enough it clicked and activated the net mechanism. She let the arrow fly, watching as it sailed through the air and exploded just above the bunny monster.

It had been too busy eating to notice the arrow until it was too late. It let out a yelp as suddenly the net engulfed it and began to thrash around beneath the net in panic. “Bingo we got her!” Bow declared with a grin as Katey rushed over to the struggling monster and gently took its head in her hands.

She stroked its head and let out a soothing coo to try and calm the creature. “Shh, there, there, we’re not going to hurt you. Just calm down before you hurt yourself.” The Lagombi continued to squeal, but Katey’s gentle touch made it stop squirming. Eventually it calmed down and looked up at her with puppy dog eyes and caused her to giggle. “Aww you’re such a cutie! Once the researchers are done with you I’ll be sure to bring you back here I promise. You like games? I’ve got a ball we can play catch with.”

The Lagombi didn’t understand everything Katey was telling her, but she still seemed happy about it. However all the commotion she had made had attracted something that the hunter duo hadn’t anticipated showing up. “MEOWSTER, GET AWAY FROM HER!” Bow shouted and drew her weapon. Katey glanced over to her, but suddenly heard a monstrous roar and the ground began to shake. Her body instinctively dove forward and it was a good thing that she did because a massive creature landed where she had just been.

Katey yelped as the shockwave sent her tumbling, but she managed to roll to her knees and get out her bow to fight. Both she and Bow looked ahead and were awestruck as another Lagombi had appeared. This beast was truly a monster among monsters with its size doubling that of an Anjanath. For a simple bunny to outsize a T-Rex-like monster was one thing, but it wasn’t just big in height. This monster was incredibly fat with a belly so massive it could be mistaken for a hill if she were lying down and an ass that could crush a dump truck like a tin can. Katey had never seen a monster as big as this before, and she was seriously considering fleeing and getting help. She thought better of it though when she saw the look on the mother’s face and knew there would be no escaping something this pissed off.

“We’re gonna have to stand our ground here, Bow.” Katey told her as she readied another arrow.

Bow gulped when she heard this and listened to the Lagombi mother snarling angrily. “H-hey this isn’t what it looks like I swear!” She shouts back to it. “We were just going to study your kid and bring it back! The two of us don’t kill the monsters we hunt!”

“What’s she saying?” Katey asks as the Lagombi mother roared.

“She’s saying that we’re dead meat for daring to hurt her previous daughter.”

“Oh that’s a load of crap! She’s perfectly fine and I can get her out of that net in an instant.” Katey says before she adjusts her aim and lets her arrow loose. It sailed through the air and towards the younger bunny, but instead of hitting it, it skimmed along the net and managed to cut a clean line through it. It wasn’t enough to cut all the way through it, but it was enough to weaken the netting material and the child was able to get free.

The mother was surprised by this, but her anger didn’t fade and she snarled at the pair and Bow gulped. “Sh-she says that she won’t kill us now, b-but we still need to pay for what we did.”

“Well if you’re still going to fight us I don’t want to hear any crap about how we hurt you.” Katey responds to this and readies another arrow. There were a few tense moments before the Lagombi charged forward. Katey let her arrow fly and watched in horror as it bounced harmlessly off the Lagombi’s tough forehead. “Well this is gonna be tricky.”

Katey dove out of the way and managed to avoid the rampaging monster while Bow had to leap up and onto her to avoid getting squashed. She scurried along her head and back to try and get away, but squeaked when she was suddenly thrown off of her by a sudden bucking. She tried to use her gear to grab onto a nearby tree, but was shocked to find the massive bunny was suddenly upon her. She braced herself and yelped as she was swatted out of the air and sent flying. Luckily Katey noticed this and was able to race into position and catch her. “Hang back and support me. I’ll see if I can draw her attention.”

Katey then rushed to the side, firing a flurry of arrows as she ran, with some of them landing and others bouncing off harmlessly. They didn’t tickle however just because they were bouncing off, and this was irritating the Lagombi greatly. She spun around and aimed her backside at Katey before she began to kick up snow at her. The wolfess yelped as mini avalanche levels of snow were flung at her and had to dive and leap out of the way with each one that was flung. She bided her time and prepped a barrage arrow. Once the monster had run out of snow where she was positioned she fired an arrow into the air above the rabbit and it exploded. The Lagombi yelped and squealed as it was pelted by massive rocks that descended from above.

Now even angrier from that little stunt, the Lagombi spun and charged at Katey. She got onto her knees and fired a power shot, an arrow that would set off a series of explosions in the hopes of knocking the bunny off her balance. But that would prove to be misplaced optimism as it charged through the powerful attack and had Katey dead in her sights. Due to how she was positioned, Katey couldn’t react fast enough to get away and braced herself. Rather than being knocked away like she thought she would, Katey was instead just flat out run over by the monster and flattened into the ground.

When the snow powder cleared, she groaned and her eyes spun as she was stuck in a mound of snow that was her perfect outline. She wasn’t flattened, but embedded in the snow, so it would take some doing to get her out of this trouble. She wouldn’t get that chance however, looking up and gulping as she saw the giant Lagombi smirking down at her and towering over the hunter. “Ugh…best two out of three?” She asked with a nervous smile.

The monster merely smirked and took a few steps back before it wiggled its hips and launched skyward. Katey looked up in terror as the monster tucked its legs and aimed its giant ass right for her. She wiggled and squirmed in an effort to free herself from the snow bank, but alas, it wasn’t to be. She let out a scream of terror as she saw the giant ass coming straight for her. The was a thunderous ‘BOOM’ that rang out through the area and sent out several tremors that would no doubt be felt for several hundred yards in any direction. It was so severe that it knocked Bow and the monster’s child off their feet. They both looked on and saw that snow was falling all around the area despite there being no clouds in sight.

In the center of this makeshift snowfall was the Lagombi mother. She smiled contently to herself as she sat there on her massive ass with her feet still tucked and wiggled her rear back and forth. She let out a few happy purrs as she sat on Katey. Bow chuckled a little at this and, seeing the monster wasn’t hostile, ventured over to her. “She says you make a comfy seat, Katey.” She says with a giggle. There was a low groan in response to this as the wolfess was shaken up pretty badly from the impact. Bow glances up at the monster, a little nervous in her presence, but since she was serving as the translator the Lagombi was leaving her be. “So, big girl, anything else you wanna say?” She asks, getting a few growls and barks in response and laughed. “Katey, your about to get a taste of your own medicine.”

The wolfess whimpered in response to this as she felt the bunny begin to bounce and grind her giant butt over her new cushion. Katey groaned as slowly yet surely her large body was reduced to nothing but a flat pancake below the massive monster. She had always been used to be on the delivery end of something like this, but she never had to deal with the receiving end. She groaned beneath the behemoth bunny and really just wanted to be anywhere else but here.

Sadly for her, she wasn’t going to be going anywhere anytime soon. In fact it was about to get a whole lot worse. The Lagombi smiled as she got up, shaking her butt over Katey to taunt her and shake off the snow out of her fur. She then leaped up once again and brought her ass down once again to squash her once again. Bow squeaked and was launched through the air, only to be caught by the smaller Lagombi and held tightly by her. The two then watched on as the Lagombi rose to her feet once again and continued her butt bombing onslaught. It was getting to the point where she was jumping high enough to reach the top of small skyscrapers with the height she was getting. Time and time again she would butt slam Katey and it kept getting worse and worse.

Eventually she stopped, but by that point, Bow and the smaller monster couldn’t see either of them. The Lagombi had used her butt to slam Katey so many times she made a massive hole into the ground and was now seated in her personal crater. The pair walked over to the crater and peered over the edge and saw the Lagombi sitting inside of the hole she’d made. “Ugh…h-having fun down there?” Bow asks with a nervous smile. The Lagombi smiles and lets out a purr before wiggling her massive ass over Katey. “Yeah I have to agree. I think she’s probably nothing but a butt stain at this point.”

Both of them backed away and watched as the Lagombi climbed out of the hole. Upon seeing what was left of Katey, Bow immediately burst out laughing and rolling around on the ground while the daughter giggled and wagged her fuzzy tail. The mother Lagombi smirked and shook her massive ass before them and showed that her massive butt was now coated in blue. Katey had been reduced to a perfectly flattened blob of fat and fur over the giant bunny. Due to her own large size, Katey had been flattened fully across the entire expanse of the Lagombi’s giant ass cheeks.

She shook and jiggled her giant butt cheeks, enjoying the feeling of Katey’s soft body spread over her butt. It was like looking at butter spread all over a piece of bread: there wasn’t a scrap of the underside of the Lagombi’s ass that Katey didn’t cover. Satisfied that the hunter was secured on her ass, she walked over towards a cliff face. She turned around and slammed her giant ass into it, making a wet ‘squish’ sound as Katey was pulverized once again.

The Lagombi then purred as she began to rub her butt up and down. She used the cliff wall like a scratching post and scratched her rump while smothering Katey further into it. It was a wonderful feeling for the giant bunny as she felt Katey’s flattened face being rubbed over her massive backside.

Katey on the other hand wasn’t having as much fun. She found the rabbit’s butt to be largely unclean, as something so massive and without opposable thumbs let alone living in a civilized society meant wiping after reliving herself wasn’t a priority. That combined with the smells emitting from her crack and the fact that none of it was being aired out with Katey completely covering her ass and the wolfess was basically in a smelly hell.

As if matters couldn’t get any worse, she heard a rumbling echoing from the butt and went wide-eyed in fear. She frantically tried to pry herself off of the giant butt, but that was a fool’s dream. The Lagombi walked away from the cliff and lifted her butt up in the air as she let out a discomforted growl. Bow heard this and gulped, but also couldn’t hide a snicker. “O-oh man…ugh, looks like her breakfast is coming back, Katey. Hope your nose can take it!”

There was a muffled scream for help coming from the bunny’s ass before another boom was heard, but this wasn’t from any butt slam. Katey was slapped in the face with a bomb of a fart blast. It was the equivalent of a mild tornado gust and caused Katey’s body to blow back in a parachute effect. Once the gust of foul wind was done however she slammed back into the giant butt with a slap and groaned as she was now dizzy out of her mind.

Sadly for Katey, the Lagombi was getting worried that the commotion her farts were bringing about might attract any other hunters that might be in the area. So in an attempt to quiet her farts, she reached back with a large tree branch and began to stuff Katey into her butt crack. The wolfess squeaked and whimpered as she was crammed deeper into the smelly, filthy butt crack. The Lagombi didn’t stop until she felt Katey’s face against her pucker and after a bit more stuffing, managed to get her face inside her tail hole. She clenched hard and then began to unload her payload straight into the wolf’s mouth.

If Katey thought she were in hell before, then things had just gotten a thousand times worse as she was now made to smell AND taste the awful farts coming from the monster. They weren’t pleasant by any stretch of the word and were enough to make her go green in the face as she felt the urge to vomit. Unfortunately that was impossible in her current state and she was made to suffer fart after fart. As if that weren’t enough, all this foul gas entering her body had the unintended side effect of inflating her. She got to her normal size, but the gas wasn’t stopping. It just kept coming and Katey’s eyes began to water from the putrid taste and smells. She desperately wished something would happen to stop this, but nothing did.

It was only after about ten minutes of near non-stop farting that the Lagombi let out a heavy sigh of relief and had emptied her tank. She glanced over her shoulder and began to laugh happily as Katey now resembled a hot air balloon thanks to all the gas that had been pumped into her body. Bow was in tears from all of this and had to fight to get herself under control before she walked over to the Lagombi. “We’re going to need to weigh her down in order to get all the gas out without her flying off.” She explains, but when she got a look from the monster, she put her hands on her hips. “Look, do you really want to lose your new toy so easily? Now c’mon, lower her down for me and I’ll roll some rocks onto her tail.”

After some thinking, the Lagombi relented and lowered Katey’s ballooned body down so that her daughter and Bow could weigh the wolf down. After sufficient enough weight had been placed on her tail, she released her hold on Katey’s face and released her from her ass. Katey was holding her breath, scared to release the gas, but the monster wasn’t having it. She ran off, then ran back and leaped up high into the air. Katey went wide-eyed and let out muffled screams of fear before the monster stomped down onto her back. All at once Katey’s muzzle was forced open and she shot the gas out of her body in a steady stream.

Trees shook violently, leaves being blasted off of them by the dozens, while any wildlife would collapse from the putrid smell of it. The release lasted nearly a minute before Katey lay on the ground, back to normal, with the Lagombi standing on her back. She was in a loopy state at this point. Between the smothering, the farts, and what just happened, her head was spinning from the nasty fumes being in her system for so long and she was helpless against the monster. The Lagombi moved the rocks off of her and stepped down off the wolf as she snickered at the sight of seeing her so out of it.

“Ok, I’m not gonna lie, and I’m probably gonna get in major trouble later, but that was hilarious.” Bow says as she offers her hand and, surprisingly, got a high-five from the giant Lagombi. “So, now that you seem to be in a better mood, I have a proposition for you.” The Lagombi tilted her head curiously, giving the Palico a mixed look of quizzical and skepticism. “I know you probably want to keep Katey, but that simply won’t do. The Hunter organization knows we came out here looking for you, and if she went missing when that happens, this place will be swarming with hunters all gunning for you. You don’t want that do you?” She asked and got an angry head shake in response. “Exactly; now my idea is that we go back and not report our findings on you in exchange for letting us go.”

The Lagombi put her paw to her chin in thought, tapping her foot in the snow and comically causing Bow to pop up off the ground a few feet with each mighty tap of the giant foot. She then let out a few growls and a yip, causing Bow to grumble. “I knew I wouldn’t be able to get away with that…Ok fine; what if we agreed to come back and play with you twice a week?” She proposed, Katey still being too disorientated to react, but the Lagombi smirked and waved her paw as if to say ‘go on’. “You’re one greedy monster. FINE! We’ll also bring you some food each time we visit.”

Delighted with this deal, the Lagombi picked Bow up and gave her a gentle hug into her massive belly, causing the Palico to squeak and blush a little at how soft and fluffy the fat belly was. “I’ll take that as a yes. So it’s a deal! Don’t worry; I’ll make sure Katey upholds the bargain. We have a monster we use for flying around and I’m sure I can persuade her to help hold this deal up. Now, with that said, I’m going to go back to our camp and tell them we’ll be camping out here for the night. That’ll give you and Katey plenty of time to get acquainted. So until I get back, just have fun!”

Bow hopped down and then scurried off towards camp, leaving Katey alone with both monsters. She was just starting to get her senses back when suddenly the Lagombi daughter jumped up and butt slammed her face. She moaned beneath the smaller Lagombi, but she was still pretty big; covering Katey’s chest and face with her butt as the mother smiled and wagged her tail. She sat back and watched her daughter imitate her by butt slamming and bouncing over Katey again and again.

Sunset was soon upon them however, and the mother could smell there were other monsters about to make their presence known in the nocturnal setting. Thankfully Bow arrived before they left, happily reporting that the camp bought her story and that they would be free to continue their fun for the night. With that settled the mother put all three of them on her back and walked off towards a burrow at the base of the cliff that was a little further down from where they were. She crawled down into it and covered up the entrance with foliage on her way in.

She then carried them further in, until she arrived at a massive chamber, what could effectively be called a living room area, and set everyone down. Katey had recovered enough to get her senses back and looked up at the massive Lagombi. “So…ugh…sorry about what happened earlier. I didn’t mean to hurt your kid I swear.” She explains, getting a lick across her face in response. “Thanks for accepting my apology. But ugh…what exactly have you got planned for us down here?”

The mother smirked at this, letting out a few small barks to her daughter as Bow gulped. “Now hold one a second.” She tried to say, but was immediately pounced on by the Lagombi and squashed beneath the daughter’s big belly.

Katey chuckled at this, glad to see her partner getting a bit of just desserts after all of this, but she looked up and saw the mother eyeing her with a grin of mischief. Katey gulped, unable to really do anything with her bow having been destroyed by the initial volley of butt slams, and was backed up against a wall. Without warning, the Lagombi spun around and slammed her ass into Katey, sealing her between a rock and a giant ass, and purred with delight as she spread out and lay on the ground. She happily wiggled and ground her giant ass over the wolfess, hearing her moan and groan behind her, and snickered as she looked onward at her daughter happily playing with Bow.

She had let the Palico go, and began chasing her around the area, with the big bunny proving to be a challenging predator to escape. She would catch Bow and give her a belly flop, butt slam, stomp and grind, or sometimes all three. Then once she had her fun she would let her go and continue the pursuit once again. The Lagombi mother smiled as she watched and was happy to have a nice butt cushion while she watched her daughter play.

Katey just let out a muffled sigh as she felt the giant ass around her grinding back and forth over her once more. Thankfully it was just a pinning effort with the mother applying loads of weight to keep her trapped, and not flatten her like before. It was little comfort for her however as the butt was still smelly and heavy, but it was better than being flattened like before. She tried to settle in and at least get comfy. After all the Lagombi’s ass was very warm and soft so it was kind’ve nice to be smothered by, but a tiny but very deadly fart soon got her dreading this all over again.

Defeated by her prey and regretting her decision to take on this task, Katey settled in for the night with the massive monster that had bested her. It was a heavy blow to her pride as a Hunter, but she wouldn’t let ANYONE find out about this. If she so much as thought Bow would let this slip back at camp, she wasn’t afraid to stuff her up her ass and go out hunting solo for a while. “Just another day in the life of a hunter…” She lamented before another deadly fart washed over her and she once again got knocked into a loopy state. This was going to be a very one-sided deal with a squash happy monster…
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