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Darkness (Konosuba) goes to a nearby village to sort out a rampant ogre problem.
Darkness was making her way towards a quest that she had currently undertaken. Megumin and Kazuma had left on one of their many explosion romps and Aqua was busy entertaining the many patrons of the Guild. This left Darkness all by her lonesome to come up with something to do for the day and she happened upon a quest on the board that was right up her alley. It was a kill quest concerning a troublesome ogre that had been plaguing a village not far from town. Now naturally you wouldn’t expect a lone adventurer to be able to singlehandedly defeat an ogre, and you would be right for thinking so.

Her intent however wasn’t so much to defeat the ogre. No Darkness was after a different kind of thrill in challenging this creature. She was what you would call a masochist; someone that got excitement and erotic elation from being abused physically and/or mentally. The thought of challenging a beast as brutally strong and large as an ogre was a perfect opportunity for some thrill seeking on her part.

Now eagerly looking forward to her ogre encounter, Darkness picked up her pace and arrived in the village before too long. She made her way to the house of the one that posted the quest and found a rather sturdy woman there plowing her crop fields. Darkness smiled and waved to her and hopped the fence to approach. “Greetings; my name is Darkness I accepted your kill quest.”

“Oh thank goodness you’re here. I was worried that no one would ever lend me a hand.” The woman says as she sets her plow down and leans on it. “The situation thankfully hasn’t gotten much worse than what was in the initial post. The ogre smashed my fences around my sheep pen. I did a head count and it strangely didn’t take a single one. I repaired it, but then the damn thing did it again!”

“That is very odd. Usually ogres take what they want whenever they want. For this one to just cause destruction and not take anything is very peculiar. I will investigate this creature at once! You said there were footprints leading back to a cave uphill from the village?”

“Yes that’s correct.” That farm woman said as she pointed to the northeast. “If you head up that way and follow the flattened grass patches you’ll find the cave entrance no problem.”

“Thank you for this information. I’ll go and handle this ogre right away.” Darkness said with a confident smile. With a renewed vigor, she dashed ahead and ran towards the cave. Sure enough, she found the footprints that the farmer had mentioned, and was giddy with excitement. She could lie down inside the footprint widthwise and not touch the sides! This creature was absolutely gigantic! A heavy blush befell her as she pictured just what this enormous creature would do to her upon her arrival.

Unable to contain her wild imagination, Darkness sprinted full speed toward the cave and found it in a matter of moments. It was a large and imposing cave, like you were staring into the giant gaping maw of a dragon. She could hardly contain herself, but Darkness had to maintain appearances for the time being. She couldn’t let her desires get in the way of protecting the village and its people.

Darkness made her way in slowly, seeing there were already torches lit as if the creature itself had lit them. Strange; to her knowledge ogres possessed good night vision, especially if it was living in this cave most of the time. Still, caution would be needed in a situation such as this. She made her way further inward and drew her sword. “Now then foul ogre, where are you?”

There was no response to her question, not that she was looking for one, however she did hear the faint sounds of snoring coming from further within. Darkness made her way in further, then smiled as she saw the ogre was sound asleep and letting out snores that could be mistaken for thunder claps.

Seeing her opportunity she took it and charged forward. “Die you beastly, ogre!” She shouted, unleashing a flurry of sword slashes and swings. The ogre stirred from its sleep, groaning and rolling over to find Darkness standing there. True to her nature, Darkness hadn’t landed a single attack on her opponent despite said opponent being asleep and remaining completely still. She gulped when she took note of the lack of wounds, hopping back as the ogre pushed itself groggily to its feet.

It was then that Darkness could now see this ogre was female, not too rare an occurrence, but one that she wasn’t familiar with. The ogre was absolutely gigantic! Whereas normal ogres got to about ten feet tall on average, this one was roughly fifteen! In addition to this she was incredibly fat; her whole body jiggling with each slight movement that she made. If Darkness thought her feet were big, her ass was the biggest thing on her of all. Her belly was big and her breasts weren’t tiny either, but it was as if the gods blessed her with an enormous backside. If she wanted she could easily sit on a whole house and reduce it to rubble.

Darkness readied her sword once more and prepared for battle again. The ogress let out a heavy yawn and looked down to find Darkness ready with sword drawn. She blinked a little to try and wake herself up and come to her senses faster while Darkness wasted no time and attacked again.

The Ogress stood watching as Darkness flailed her sword around wildly in an attempt to do damage, but sadly, she wasn’t hitting anything. It was then that she realized just who she was dealing with and smiled. “Ah so you answered my quest!”

Darkness paused for a moment and stepped back and away. “Your quest, what do you mean by that?”

“Perhaps I should explain. Would you put that sword away before you hurt yourself with it?”

“You’re quite intelligent for an ogre. Why should I take your word and not assume that you’ll attack me once my guard is lowered? I’m here to stop you from harming the citizens of this village!”

“Oh please, they’re not in any danger from me.” The ogress said as Darkness raised a confused brow. “I’ve learned at a very young age that it’s best to cooperate with you humans than it is to oppose them. I was what you would consider a teen in our years. I attempted to steal a cow from a field, and a party of adventurers hunted me down! That’s how I got this.” She says as she points to her belly where a wide X-shaped scar was to the right of her belly button. “So after I wounded them and allowed them to escape, I returned with the cow and struck a deal with the farmers and the rest of the village. If they supply me with food, I protect them from other monsters. As you can see by my figure and that the village is well intact, it’s been a very fruitful agreement.”

“So then why did you smash the fence if you’re in agreement with them?” Darkness asks in confusion as the ogre howls with laughter.

“That was just a fib for the quest. See I’ve been running this quest for like a month now in the hopes that you would be the one to accept it.”

“M-me, but why would you want me?”

The ogress broke out in a smirk when she heard that and approached Darkness, now towering above the crusader and casting her in her shadow. “Isn’t it obvious?” She asks and raises her foot above Darkness.

Darkness blushed when she saw the giant, sweaty foot above her. Just imaging that putrid dirty foot crashing down on top of her, crushing her poo body beneath it, the ogre treating her as nothing but a stepping stone or a bug to be crushed and smothered beneath her heel. All of this made her feel weak at the knees and hot between her legs. “No I don’t think it’s obvious.”

She knew what the ogress had planned now, but she wanted to hear her say her plan. Picking up on this the ogress smirked and gently stepped down, pushing Darkness onto her back and pinning her beneath her down as she let out a soft moan and felt her chest down was crushed under the filthy ogre’s foot. “I heard stories about a crusader that was excited about fighting big, strong, dominant monsters. Someone that took joy in having her body beaten and their spirit crushed.”

Darkness was panting softly at this point, her whole face red and steam escaping her lips from how hot under the collar she was feeling. She felt the ogre step down harder and her legs start to crack from the pressure as she let out an echoing scream of pleasure. Wanting to have some more with this the ogre stepped off of her and shook her head. “Y’know I imagined this being much more fun, but now I see I was wrong.”

“Your words wound me.” Darkness said with a frown, managing to stand up as her legs were shaking due to the weight they’d been made to endure. “Surely there is no greater thrill for an ogre than to crush an adventurer! To triumph over an insignificant bug such as I! Pray tell, what is your name you gruesome, terrifying creature?”

“Wow…you’re actually the first person to ask me that since the villagers. Normally people just scream ‘Oh no it’s an ogre run away!’ or something stupid like that.” The ogre says before letting out a loud chuckle. “My name is Aroob, and the rumors were correct, your name is Darkness is that right?” Darkness nodded in response. “Well then it’s a pleasure to meet you, Darkness. Now I must bid you adieu. You’re not exactly scratching my itch for an opponent.”

Darkness narrowed her eyes at this, drawing her sword once more as she charged forward. “Then I’ll just have to force your hand and MAKE you fight me, foul ogre!”

Bingo. Aroob smirked and let Darkness close in on her before with a single swipe of her massive hand she launched Darkness through the air. She let out a shocked gasp as her body sailed, before ultimately slamming into the cave wall and bouncing off onto the harsh ground. This was such a thrill for her, to have her body abused like this and tossed around like nothing. The ogre made her way over and smirked, standing before Darkness as she rested her big toe in front of her face and grinned sinisterly. “Now then you worthless little insect,” Aroob began, Darkness moaning softly at her harsh words before she found her face propped up by the enormous big toe, “lick my sweaty foot. It’s all you’re good for isn’t it? You should retire as an adventurer and devote your life to cleaning the sweat off my body. Though seeing you fail this miserably as an adventurer, I’m not so sure I should allow an insect like you to touch my godlike body.”

Darkness could hardly contain herself at this point. She was stepped on, battered, and now being forced to lick the foot of her dominating monster. She weakly moved her head up and began to lick. To most the sweat would be like licking a rotten fish that had been dunked in ear wax, but to Darkness, or at least her masochist side, it tasted like the sweetest nectar. She lapped at Aroob’s foot like a dog with its water bowl. Her face was beet red at this point and she panted heavily between licks. After a few minutes of this treatment, Aroob moved her foot to the side and wrapped her toes around Darkness’ head and squeezed gently. “Now sniff my dirty foot you dog. I want you to be drunk on the pungent aroma of my feet.”

Darkness was in heaven and she didn’t ever want to leave. She resisted at first, wanting to draw out some more punishment from Aroob, and she got her wish. When she didn’t feel any sniffing coming from the crusader she squeezed her toes around her head, causing Darkness to squeak in surprise as Aroob growled in fake anger. “I said to SNIFF you worthless dog!” This time she did as she was told and took one big whiff of the ogre’s feet. They smelt even worse than they tasted since ogres never bathed and always walked around barefoot.

It was after a solid ten minutes of foot stink that Darkness was finally released from her sweaty foot prison, her face completely red from a combination of lack of fresh air and her blushing. Darkness was lost in bliss at this point, staring up at her ogre mistress as Aroob smiled to her. “That was very good, Darkness. Now then I have something else in mind for you. Join me in my living area.” She says, but when Darkness tried to stand up, the ogre stepped onto her and forced her onto all fours and smirked. “Dogs walk on all fours.”

“Y-yes, Aroob, I’ll do as you say.” Darkness panted, crawling on her hands and knees towards Aroob’s living room inside of her cave. It was a modest setup with a massive armchair that was the size of a normal couch to Darkness. She also had a couch made for smaller guests, both made out of a soft clay-like material, with a massive slab of rock that had its top surface smoothed so it could serve as a table.

Aroob let her to the armchair and pointed to it. “Lie down on your back on my chair like the good little cushion you are.”

Darkness went wide-eyed when she heard this. She looked up to Aroob, seeing her turn around and presents her giant ass to the crusader. It could easily sit on a dozen of her and have room for more. On top of that it looked filthy and sweaty with dirt all over her cheeks and slick with sweat dripping like a waterfall off the abundant butt cheeks. “Y-you’re going…g-going to use me as a c-cushion?” Darkness asked with excitement teeming in her voice.

“Is there an echo in here? Yes you mongrel, now get your ass over here.” Fed up with waiting Aroob grabbed Darkness, squeezing her tightly, but not so tight that she was breaking anything. Darkness let out a pleasured gasp of pain as she was squeezed, then let out a sharp of gasp of pain as she was allowed to drop and back flop down onto the chair. It was a soft material, but dropping from a story in the air wasn’t very good for any material if you didn’t take precautions.

Darkness twitched a little and arched her back up in pain before her entire vision was eclipsed by Aroob’s enormous ass cheeks. She blushes greatly, unable to help herself as she found a hand rubbing one of her large breasts and was struck by falling droplets of sweat. “You foul beast, you won’t get away with this. I’ll defeat you!”

“You’ll lose. You’ll lose and you’ll be just another accessory in my home. You’ll be beneath me and treated as nothing more than my furniture for me to sit on, step on, lie on, wash myself with, and dozens of other cruel punishments that I have in mind for you my little crusader insect.” Darkness moaned softly at these degrading threats, her mind running wild with possibilities and imaginative meanings behind her words.

Before she could let her mind go for too long, Aroob took a nice comfy seat down on top of Darkness. She found herself buried under the mountain of ogre fat, both fat butt cheeks swallowing her up in a black hole of fat and sweat. She squirmed around beneath the ogre, unable to move much at all as the tons of ogre fat crushed and smothered her. The overwhelming scents coming from her butt crack and the pungent taste of her ass sweat on her tongue were more than enough to leave her begging for more. All five of her senses were being taken up by Aroob’s enormous butt and she couldn’t be happier.

Aroob didn’t just sit still either. She was bouncing and grinding her giant ass over her brand new cushion. Something that Darkness wouldn’t have been able to see was that the cave itself was enchanted. After rescuing a priest from a band of thieves, she had her place a blessing on the walls of the cavern. With the holy seal that had been carved into it, it ensured that anyone inside it couldn’t fall beneath a quarter of their vitality.

In simple terms: it meant that no matter what Darkness endured on the armchair, she wouldn’t die. Aroob had it put in place for just such an occasion as this…or if she had a guest over and forgot to look where she was sitting. Aroob stood up slightly and dropped her butt back down onto Darkness as she grinded her ass back and forth and twisted her hips while she did so. “That’s right, Darkness, you’re nothing to me! Only a meager little cushion for me to plant my glorious ass on top of and use for my amusement and pleasure.”

Darkness was lost at this point. The combination of insults, crushing weight, degradation, and the assault on her senses of taste and smell; all of it was far too much for Darkness to handle. She wouldn’t last much longer beneath the ogre and Aroob was about to send her over the edge.

The ogress stood up slightly, crouching now over her chair as her ass was still slightly on top of her. She then proceeded to shake her ass up and down as her mammoth butt cheeks slammed down over Darkness’ prone form over and over again.

Darkness couldn’t stand the onslaught of ogre ass pulverizing her. It was far too much for her to handle at this point as she let out a howling moan of pleasure and found herself drenched in more than just sweat.

Aroob didn’t hear this and instead continued to twerk on top of the lucky crusader beneath her. She kept this up for what felt like hours, but in reality was about half of one. Finally Aroob stood up, panting slightly from the effort of supporting herself in such a pose, but when she turned around and saw Darkness sprawled out with a look of pure ecstasy on her face she couldn’t help but snicker. “Goodness you really are a pervert; getting off to the sensation of my ass pounding you into my chair like a hammer and a nail. Such a naughty little girl you are.”

Darkness couldn’t offer any response as she panted heavily and had closed her eyes. The only thing on her mind right now was Aroob’s giant ass destroying her as she relived the moment again and again in her head. She was exhausted, her body having endured quite the beating despite the holy seal protecting her, and her release as well. All of it piled on and left her unable to move a muscle as she lay in a lake of ogre ass sweat; her entire body drenched from head to toe in the stuff, and had a face that was pure red as well. “That was…truly a vile act, Aroob…defiling a noble girl…such as myself…”

Aroob laughed at that statement, leaning over to get a good look at the smelly, drenched crusader incapacitated on her chair. “That might be the case, but you loved every moment of it weren’t you my little cushion?”

Finally giving in to her urges and dropping the act, Darkness nodded with a tired smile on her face. “Y-yes…I did. It was wonderful to experience brutality such as that. Just the thought of you sitting on me without a second thought like I’m just a piece of furniture…Oh it just makes me wish I were glued here for the rest of my life.”

Aroob let out a howl of laughter with that comment, wiping away a few tears from her eye as she gently lifted Darkness up in the palm of her hand. “As fun as that sounds, I feel your party would miss having you around. However, my cave will always be open to a fun guest like you, Darkness.”

“You mean it?!” Darkness asked as she shot up to a seated position. She looked like a child that had been told to go nuts at a toy store. She did her best to gesture for Aroob to bring her closer, and when she did, she wrapped her arms around her head in a tight hug. “Thank you so much, Aroob! I’m in your debt!”

“No you’re not, Darkness. This is a mutually beneficial agreement. I get a fun little toy and you get to live out your more naughty desires.” Aroob says with a smile. “Besides, you can consider kisses, nuzzling, and licks to parts of my body as your forms of payment.”

Darkness’ eyes lit up at that and she got a coy look on her face. “Oh no, is the big, bad ogre going to make me lick the sweat off her disgusting body?”

“Hmm, now that you mention it, I did work up a bit of a sweat doing that butt dancing.” Without another word, Aroob stuffed Darkness into her belly. Her belly button and enormous fat swallowed the crusader whole, leaving only her ponytail as the only trace she existed. “Get to cleaning that out for me. It’s hard to get down there on my own given my size and fat. While you’re busy I’ll get some dinner cooked up. I took down a rampaging crab that was bothering some local fishermen and its meat is just the best! So if you want, consider that your incentive to finish sooner rather than later.”

Darkness was giddy with excitement once again. Her whole body was being soaked in this putrid ogre sweat and crushed by her immense blubber of fat at the same time. Once again combining multiple forms of degradation and humiliation into one; it was enough to make her wag her tail if she had one. She began to lap up the pools of sweat that resided deep within the belly (button) of the beast. It tasted very sour and bitter, enough to make her cringe and her face scrunch up, but she persevered after her pause brought her more harsh words.

“I’m sorry, but did I say that you could take a break in there?” Aroob asked as she scrunched her abdominal muscles, what little that she had, and squeezed Darkness in her ocean of fat once more. “Keep licking or the only dinner you’ll be getting from me will be when I have to use the bathroom.”

As degrading and appealing as that was to Darkness’ masochism, her sanity kicked in on this one and made her realize just what a horrible idea it would be to provoke such a punishment. She knew that Aroob was probably just playing with that statement, but it never hurt to be safe now did it? Darkness immediately got to work once more, resuming her licking as she squirmed and kicked around inside of Aroob’s belly fat. The ogress was very pleased with her struggles while she cleaned, the kicking of her feet providing a nice massage-like feeling to her as she swayed happily while she worked with her cooking.

Eventually Darkness was freed from her prison of fat and sweat and given a proper meal. She was sat down at a table with loads of crab meat set out before her on simple plates, with crewed stone utensils in front of her. “I carved them myself. Not the best, but as long as you don’t bite down on them you’ll be fine.”

“Thank you, Aroob. I’m sure they’ll do just fine.” Darkness smiles, pouring herself a glass of milk from the pitcher Aroob had and starting to dig in. The two shared a pleasant conversation, moving away from Darkness’ kink and into a civil discussion. Darkness told her about her many adventures with her friends, the two sharing in laughter at the many antics and shenanigans that they got up to. On the other side of things Aroob told Darkness about her battles in defending her village. At one point she even took on another even bigger ogre, but with some help from the villagers she was able to best him and drive him off.

The two talked and ate the day away, until night had fallen and they finished their meal. Darkness gave her belly a pat, now slightly distended from just how much she’d eaten. “I feel like I’m about to burst. That was the best crab I’ve ever tasted.”

“Thank you for the compliment, Darkness. Unfortunately I’ve kept you too long and it looks like you’ll have to walk home in the dark. I’m sorry about that.”

“Don’t let yourself worry about it too much, Aroob. I had a lot of fun here today. How will we get in contact if I want to come back?”

“Well you don’t exactly need an invitation or to announce yourself, Darkness. But if you want to be polite about it, there’s a cow farmer that regularly visits your town to make deliveries. She practically shows up every day. Just give her a message and I’ll hear it by word of mouth.”

“Thank you very much, Aroob.” Darkness smiles before she walks up and gives her a hug.

Aroob smiles back and returns her affection. “It’s my pleasure, Darkness.” She was about to let her go when a thought crossed her mind. “You know, if you feel safer spending the night here I won’t be opposed to it.”

Darkness blushed at that, her damsel in distress side kicking in again as she cutely tucks her hands and shifts on her feet. “Oh no, what ever will I do against such a big, strong ogre that wants to keep me her prisoner for the night?!”

Aroob smirks, lifting her up by the scruff of her neck. She then carries the crusader into her bedroom deeper into the cave and gently sets her down on her bedding. It was fluffy and soft despite all the sweat and weight it endured over the years, being made from sheep’s wool and clay similar to that of her furniture. Darkness sighed happily at the soft bed, before Aroob abruptly slammed her ass down on top of her and smothered her once more beneath her smelly abyss.

The ogre let out a yawn and lied down, wriggling around to grind Darkness further up between her cheeks as she could hear her moaning in pleasure. “Try to get some sleep in there and not have TOO much fun. I’ll take you to the nearby waterfall to wash up in the morning. ‘Til then you’re going to get coated in even more of my sweat and grime.”

“You foul creature, however will I resist your tremendous power?” Darkness managed to muffle from below.

Aroob smiled, finding that she was getting attached to the crusader already as she rolls onto her side, her cheeks using gravity to crush Darkness now as her stomach gave an alarming gurgle. “Whoops. Probably should’ve warned you, but seafood makes me a bit gassy. I’m sure you’ll be fine though. Goodnight my little cushion.”

Darkness was blushing all over once again, sighing in bliss at her current predicament as she found herself once again rubbing the more sensitive parts of her body. She delivers a loving kiss to the ogre’s big butt, just in time to get hit in the face with the first of many rank winds that were going to be blown into her face in the night. “I never want to leave this place.” That was the last thing she said before resting her head and going to sleep with the sweetest of smiles etched into her face.
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