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by CJ
Rated: ASR · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2212877
Shinda Arkia is a new vampire heading to the new academy
Name: Shinda Arkia
Nickname: Shin(by everyone)
Age: 15
Birthday: March 13th
Description: Short messy light brown hair with dirty blonde tips, light blue eyes,with a scar on his upper arm form a duel,(wears aside Slytherin uniform) A black leather jacket, with black ripped up jeans,and black nikes and a black mask
Personality: Short tempered,rude,cunning, loyal
Background: His father died when he was younger then he was sent to a mental hospital for being a vampire.(Rather not say the rest)
Hobbies: Fighting, Playing guitar, rock climbing, drawing(alone)
Pets:corn snake named Scale
Race: Vampire
Parents/Family:Mother/Dead: Maya Arkia Dad/Dead: Jack Arkia

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~heading to class~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Shinda quickly turned the corner as he dumped into a girl

"Ugh really first time here and i dump into a dirty human." Shinda mumbled

"Huh wait Vampires are not meant to be up here with humans." The girl said as she gulped and quickly walked away

"hmp Class 1B here it is." Shinda mumbled as he opened the door

"Class please welcome the new student." Mr. Adra said

"Um hello I'm Shinda Arkia but i go by Shin hm well I'm a vampire yea yea." Shinda said and sighed

"uhhhh Shinda you may go sit down.'' Mr. Adra said and nodded towards a seat in the back

"Ok i guess." Shinda mumbled and walked to the back

''So your a vampire? Btw names Rain." Rain said and nodded

"Yea Shinda or Shin i go by both." Shinda said and nodded

"Class dismissed." Mr. Adra said

"Shin i wanted to also ask why you wear a mask." Rain said and brushed a hand through his hair

''Oh shit this thing its uh from a mental hospital since I was a vampire i was put there taken from my home and tooken there to stay tell i was 15." Shinda explained

"Oh well shit im sorry for you i wear a hoodie since im a devil." Rain said and nodded

"Cool so kinda like a demon?" Shinda asked

"Kinda what class do you have next?" Rain asked and sighed

"VDHEC?" Shinda asked a bit confused

"Oh Vampires and Demons human eating control." Rain said as he showed him to his class
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2212877