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A retelling of the DBZ story with my Saiyan OC Qamara as she invades Earth with Vegeta.
The year after Goku had passed came and went, and now the time had arrived. East City had three new visitors, as three spherical pods crashed into the streets of the city. The trio of pods sat there, one having crashed through a building, which was the first to open. It revealed a female Saiyan with short spiky black hair that, while going in all directions, was pointed forward in the front and had a short extension of hair that ran down her neck and went a little passed her shoulders. She was dressed in the usual Saiyan armor; with a white chest piece that had dark forest green shoulder pads. She had on a pair of black shorts that was mid-thigh length, and had a matching black body suit underneath her armor and had long sleeves.

The Saiyan Qamara looked around, pressing the button on her green scouter as she scanned the area before coming across a police officer pointing a gun at her. “FREEZE! Don’t move!” He shouted at her. To which she simply walked forward, startling the officer as he grew scared of the situation. She reached out and grabbed his gun, looking it over with an amused smile as she pointed it at him. Qamara smirked at his scared expression and decided to have a little fun.

She pulled the trigger, but quicker than the eye could track moved the gun so it shot the ground. The officer froze like a deer in headlights as the color left his face while Qamara looked the gun over once more. “Hmph, ballistic weapons; how primitive.” She remarked before promptly crushing the gun like an empty soda can in her gloved hand; letting the pieces fall to the ground while the officer fainted. “My prince, these locals are of no threat.”

“Thank you for stating the obvious.” A male voice said. Approaching her from the side was a rather short Saiyan with spiked up hair, a red scouter, white armor with brown shoulder pads, and a blue body suit with white gloves and boots. Vegeta scoffed at the gathering crowd. “Pathetic. To think that one of these weakling creatures potentially did Raditz in infuriates me.”

“He always was the weakest of the group.” Another voice added. A giant of a man joined the pair of Saiyans. He was bald with a mustache, blue armor with the same yellow pads as Vegeta, a blue scouter, but wore no body suit; allowing all to see his muscular arms and legs. All three of them also had a monkey tail wrapped around their waists, and while they stood there, everyone was in fear of them after seeing their entrance and the destruction of the gun.

Before anyone could talk however, Nappa raised two fingers, and a giant explosion rocked the city. In an instant the city had been completely leveled and turned into a crater and left no survivors in their wake. Qamara growled, glaring up at Nappa and showing no fear of their size difference. “NAPPA YOU STUPID OAF! They were no threat there was no need to kill them!”

“Well they were annoying me. Besides now we can search the area better without all that garbage around.” Nappa told her, folding his arms and challenging her as she butt heads with him and it looked like a fight could break out.

Vegeta let out a disgruntled sigh before stepping in and separating them. “Yeah that’s right, you always do what Vegeta-“

“Shut your hole, Nappa. While I don’t care about those stupid humans, you could have destroyed a dragon ball with that explosion!” Nappa went wide-eyed at that, not even realizing that, but before he could apologize Vegeta glared at him. “Save it. Let’s just find who killed Raditz, kill them, and scour this pathetic ball of dirt and water for those dragon balls.” Nappa nodded, Qamara smirking at his defeat before the trio began to hover and flew off.

Several hundred miles away, the Namekian Piccolo woke up from his meditation. He looked off in the direction the Saiyans were approaching from and growled. “Gohan, prepare yourself. The Saiyans are here. Can you sense them too?”

“Yes…Th-they’re monstrous…” Gohan said in fear as he trembled a little. “Do we really stand a chance, Mr. Piccolo?”

“We don’t have to defeat them. Just hold out for your father to get here and aid us. It’s going to be difficult, and I won’t lie I don’t think everyone’s going to make it, but it’s the only shot we’ve got. I won’t let those bastard Saiyans steal this planet from me.”

Before Gohan could raise his concerns about that, Krillin appeared, touching down before them as he smiled nervously and waved. “Hey there, Piccolo, what’s up, Gohan?”

“Well nice to see it won’t just be Gohan and me. Where are the others?”

“Tien and Chiaotzu are on their way now. And Yamcha is trying to get himself in the zone before he showed up so who knows how long that could take.”

“Fantastic…”Piccolos said sarcastically. “Dammit. On your guard they’re here!”

Qamara, Vegeta, and Nappa arrived, touching down as Qamara raised a brow and folded her arms. “A Namekian…well it looks like we found our culprit. YOU THERE! NAMEKIAN! Were you the one who killed Raditz?!” She shouted at him, causing Piccolo to smirk as he figured this might get her off kilter to fight.

“I might have. So far I’ve killed two of your race. How about one of you step forward and I make it a hat trick?” He asks as Vegeta scoffs.

“You mean Kakarot? Hmph, like I care. If you killed both those low-class warriors then that’s kind’ve a blessing to see those weaklings gone.”

Qamara clicked her scouter, about to scan them as it picked up two more readings and she glanced to the side. “We’ve got reinforcements.” She says, watching Tien touch down with Chiaotzu and sighs. “Nappa you take these fools. I’m not going to waste my time with such weak opponents.”

“Underestimating us already? Your friend made the same mistake and look what happened to him.” Tien scolded her, to which Qamara simply rolled her eyes and sat down on a nearby rock and closed her eyes.

“Wake me when a challenge gets here.” She said, about to nod off before receiving an energy blast to the face as Yamcha landed, his palm extended and wearing a smug grin.

“What’s the matter? Got a little jet lag from all that space travel?” He toyed with her, causing Qamara to growl and glared daggers at the former bandit.

“I’m showing you miserable insects mercy. Don’t make me retract that and rip you in half you worthless human!” She shouted in rage, causing Nappa to laugh.

“Well would you look at that? Someone actually got a reaction out of her. I’m impressed, human. But I think playtime is over.” He says and produces a vial and looks it over. “It looks like we got enough for six Saibamen, Vegeta.”

“Good. Let’s let them handle these fools. See if they’re worth our time.” Vegeta said confidently and folded his arms, waiting to see the show unfold.

One by one, the Z warriors would fall. Yamcha died to Saibamen; Chiaotzu blew himself up trying to kill Nappa; Tien would die trying to use the last of his energy on Nappa; and finally Piccolo fell to protect Gohan and save him from Nappa’s energy blast. Qamara was bored and a bit sad by the display. Sure these guys wanted to fight, but they were horribly outclassed, and it showed.

She was tempted to ask Nappa to spare Gohan and Krillin, but before she could, Goku arrived and suddenly the entire air around them changed. She gasped, feeling the power radiating off of Goku as his emotions practically formed an aura around the Saiyan warrior.

Goku surveyed the battlefield, witnessing the atrocities that Nappa had committed to his friends. He gritted his teeth, the power welling up inside of him before he let out a mighty roar and powering up dramatically. Qamara tapped her scouter, not believing her eyes as she and Vegeta watched their scouters rise and rise and rise some more.

“Wh…what...? B-but he’s nothing but a low-class warrior…How’s he this strong?!” Qamara asked in a panic as Nappa growled.

“Vegeta, what’s the scouter say about his power level?” Nappa called back.

“It’s…” Vegeta trailed off, grabbing his scouter and gripping it in his hands tightly. “It’s over 9000!” He screamed and crushed the scouter in his grasp.

“WHAT?! 9000?!” Nappa shouted in confusion as Qamara went wide-eyed.

“That…that’s impossible…” She said as Nappa’s panic changed to confidence and he smirked.

“Heh, that scouter must’ve been on the fritz. It’s time to take out the trash!” He shouted as he leapt into battle.

Qamara looked on, seeing Goku not only holding his own, but beating Nappa rather handily. It was astonishing to watch, and a little concerning since she wasn’t too far off of Goku’s mark. She then gasped, watching Nappa get launched into the air as Goku suddenly glowed red. He shot up after Nappa, hitting him again before shooting behind him and delivering a devastating blow to his back. He then raced down to the ground and held up his hand, catching the Saiyan as the sudden stop did significant damage. He then tossed Nappa forward, landing at Vegeta’s feet.

“Now, I suggest you leave now. Take your friend, get out of here, and never come back!” Goku shouted, Vegeta scoffing as he looked from Goku down to Nappa. The onslaught had broken his back, leaving him unable to move on the ground as the battered saiyan reached out.

“Vegeta…C-can you give me a hand here...?” He asks weakly. Vegeta reached out and grabbed Nappa’s hand, before taking a violent turn as he hurled Nappa up into the air. “VEGETA!!” Nappa shouted in panic.

The saiyan prince growled as he watched him soar through the air. “You’re of no use to me anymore. BEGONE WITH YOU!” He shouted and fired a massive blast of energy. Nappa watched in horror as the beam came for him, making contact and disintegrating the saiyan. Qamara stood shell-shocked, knowing Vegeta was ruthless but never thinking he would turn on one of his own. Let alone someone who’d been as loyal to him as Nappa had. “Qamara. Finish off this scum.”

“Why did you do that he was completely defenseless!” Goku yelled at Vegeta, the prince letting out a ‘hmph’ as he turned to face him.

“A saiyan that can’t fight is a waste of space. Where’s your saiyan pride, Kakarot? That burning feeling inside of you that drives you to fight!”

“Yeah I like fighting, but what you just did is murder!” Fearing the same fate might be in her future, Qamara wasted no time, stepping forward and confronting Goku as she took up a fighting stance. Goku did the same, growling in anger. “I’m not going to hold back.”

“Neither am I, Kakarot.” Qamara wasted no time, launching a ki blast that forced Goku into the air where she met him head on. The two exchanged a flurry of blows, with neither one backing down. Goku was being pushed back at his normal state, but a quick transformation to Kaioken evened the playing field and even gave him a slight advantage.

Qamara then gathered energy in her leg, turning red as she threw a punch and spun around, bringing her leg with her. “CRIMSON KICK!” She shouts, delivering a spin kick to Goku as he braced himself. He barely kept himself from getting knocked back, staggering a little before he shoved back to get some distance between the two.

They landed and Qamara immediately launched herself forward where she fired a barrage of ki blasts to cover her approach. Goku leapt from side to side to dodge her attacks, waiting for the enemy Saiyan to get close, before he ran at her. He deftly pushed her punch aside and leaped over her. He grabbed her shoulder and flipped over to her back where he elbowed her in the lower back and spun around to hit her in the same spot with a ki blast of his own.

Qamara grunted and winced from the combo attack as she attempted a counter and spun to fire her own ki blast. Goku saw this coming however and leaped into the air to dodge and launched a Kamehameha wave at her. Qamara’s fist glowed with the same crimson energy as her leg did before and ran into the wave as her fist met the attack head on and began to plow through it. Once she reached the end, Goku had to lean back to avoid the attack hitting him and quickly rolled to the side to get back into a proper stance. Qamara growled furiously at this mess, turning around to face Goku once again, but was taken off guard by Vegeta getting fed up with this circus.

“Qamara I’ve seen enough! It looks like I’m going to have to be the one to put an end to this.”

“Vegeta relax I’m almost done with him. Just give me a little more TIME!” Qamara squeals, as with her last word Vegeta had sped over to and punched her straight in the stomach in the blink of an eye. Everyone watched in shock as she clutched it in pain and collapsed.

“No! I’m done waiting! I’m not going to let some low-class scum show us up! I’m putting an end to this, and then you and I are going to have a chat when we get back to base!” Vegeta shouted. He walked passed the fallen Saiyan and confronted Goku.

Goku couldn’t believe just how ruthless Vegeta was being. First he kills one of his teammates and then he lays the other one out? He needed to be taught a lesson, and Goku was just willing enough to oblige. “Let’s take this elsewhere. This battlefield’s seen enough bloodshed already.” He told Vegeta; the prince merely nodding as the two flew off towards a canyon while Gohan and Krillin attended to Qamara.

She hadn’t really done anything but sling insults at them, so they were willing enough to help her as Krillin put a hand on her back. “Hey…you ugh, you ok?”

Qamara coughs and wheezes a few times, trying to catch her breath as Gohan and Krillin help her sit back. Gohan gives her back a rub, attempting to help the air circulate. “You don’t seem all that bad.”

“That’s…what you think, kid…I just don’t like killing weaklings for no reason. That said, keep that up, that feels good.” Qamara says with a small smile.

“Hehe, I see that smile.” Krillin teased her, but immediately backed away when he received a death glare.

“Don’t make me kill you, earthling.” Qamara looked down after her threat, a million thoughts racing through her mind which Gohan picked up on.

“It’s ok if you want to cry you know. We’ll understand.” He tells her. Qamara was about ready to just blast the two of them away when she heard this, turning and raising a hand as she charged up energy and prepared to unleash it, but couldn’t bring herself to do it. Instead she slammed her fist into the ground and stared down at it, not wanting to show her tears as she began to sob and sniffle.

“Sh-shut up!” Qamara yelled and grit her teeth. “What the hell do you guys know?! Neither of you have devoted your life to serving some stuck-up jerk that just casts you aside for no good reason! I’ve done so much for him in the past…and this is the thanks I get?!” She shouts, suddenly letting out a shockwave of energy that knocked Krillin and Gohan off their feet. Qamara pounded the ground in frustration and a bit of a temper tantrum. Her whole purpose in life, everything she’d ever gotten stronger for and the one person she sought to impress; all of it just blew up in her face.

Gohan frowned at seeing her in such a sorry state. He walked over slowly, giving her a hug from behind. “There. I-is this helping you at all?” Qamara went wide-eyed, her body relaxing and her arms going limp at her side. Krillin feared for Gohan’s life, but when Qamara simply let the hug go he calmed down a little.

“Hey ugh…are we cool now?” He asked with a nervous smile.

Qamara simply let out a sigh, feeling her emotions washing away with the exhale. “Yeah…we’re cool.”

“Oh thank goodness. So what are you going to do now?”

“I’m going to kick Vegeta’s ass.” Qamara growled. She separated herself from Gohan before shooting off, the two of them left looking on in disbelief.

“We can’t just let her go on her own!” Gohan shouted, Krillin letting out a low groan.

“I hate it when you’re right like that…C’mon, Gohan. Let’s go and help beat Vegeta!” Gohan nodded and the two took off.

They trailed behind Qamara as she pulled ahead, her power and anger driving her to go faster. She eventually came upon the battlefield, Goku’s shirt having been torn to pieces as Vegeta floated above. She then saw Vegeta strike a familiar pose, his face showing rage and anger at being even remotely beaten up by Goku. She could tell he was off the deep end, and was concerned she would need to get off the planet.

Goku knew he had to do something, erupting with red energy as Qamara blinked, recognizing that power as something he used to get stronger. He then charged up his own energy attack, uttering that famous word. “Kaaaa…meeee…haaaa…meeee…”

“Say goodbye to your wretched planet Kakarot!” Vegeta screamed. “FIRE!”

“HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” The two saiyans fired, Vegeta’s Galick Gun meeting Goku’s Kamehameha. Back and forth they went, neither side really having advantage over the other as the environment around them reacted to such incredible power. Rocks and boulders flew up and around the point of impact and Goku’s standing position. The sky flashed with blue and violet rays flying all around.

Qamara thought the power might just explode and destroy the area, but Goku powered up even further, using the Kaioken to go four times stronger as the power exploded around him. His beam became massive, engulfing the galick gun, and Vegeta, propelling the Saiyan prince up into the clouds and out of sight.

Qamara touched down next to Goku, seeing him panting heavily as veins appeared all over, his arms pulsating a little as she could clearly tell something was up. “That technique, it’s a double-edged sword isn’t it?”

“Yeah…I can soar to new heights of power, but it takes a toll on my body. Please tell me you’re not here to finish our fight are you because I’m kinda pooped. Hehe.” Goku chuckled, his goofball nature showing through his serious side for a bit.

She shook her head at the question, looking up to where Vegeta had gone. “No I’m here for Vegeta. Let’s just say I owe him one hell of a punch.”

“Well if you’re on my side even if it’s temporary, I’ll take it.” He says, but then spotted Vegeta returning as he pants slightly.

The Saiyan prince gritted his teeth angrily, then smirked and held out his hand. “Very clever of you, Kakarot; blowing up the moon in preparation for our arrival was a smart move. But that won’t stop us! You see, we’ve learned how to create an artificial moon that’ll allow us to transform without a natural one!”

Qamara went wide-eyed when she heard this, charging up an attack and preparing to fire it, but it was already too late. Vegeta launched an energy ball skyward, watching as it exploded in size and hung in the sky like a moon. “Goku we’re in serious trouble.”

“Why what’s wrong? He missed us.”

“You’re a saiyan are you kidding me?! Didn’t you ever transform into an Oozaru as a kid?!”

“I don’t know what that is…Sorry.” Goku said, but before Qamara could explain, Vegeta’s eyes suddenly went pure red and his teeth grew to make a pair of fangs. He began to pulsate all over, his body reacting to the ball as he was transforming before their very eyes. The Saiyan prince was growing bigger, a whole hell of a lot bigger! He grew fur all over his body, his suit and armor expanding along with him, as he grew into a giant monkey.

Finally he let out a tremendous roar, followed by laughter as he was now an Oozaru, a great ape! The terrifying transformation all tailed Saiyans could take on. Save for one. Qamara for some odd reason never could obtain Oozaru. It was something that no one could explain, but a genetic defect she had prevented her from transforming. She still had her tail and the power it allotted her, but because of this birth deformity she was unable to grow.

The result of this was that there was a giant, terrifying Vegeta about to go on a tear while Qamara and Goku would only be able to defend at best. “So you see the trouble you’re in now, you two? I’m ten times stronger in this form! And now I’m going to enjoy wiping you both from existence!”

Without another word he charged, the ground shaking beneath him as he attempted to stomp the Saiyans. Qamara and Goku both took evasive action, jumping to opposite sides as Qamara began pelting Vegeta with energy blasts. Goku couldn’t do much, his Kaioken times four Kamehameha having drained so much energy that he could only move. It led to several situations where Qamara had to blast him out of the way of Vegeta’s attacks, but the two were surviving; and that was the name of the game.

Qamara knew the way to put an end to this, but Vegeta would be on his guard for any attacks she shot at his tail, so it was a no-go for her. “Goku do you have any ideas?” Qamara asked, the two having landed in a crevice and out of sight of Vegeta.

“I’ve got just one. I need you to stall for me.”

“So basically what I’ve been doing then?” Qamara asked in annoyance.

“I’m sorry but this is all I’ve got. Just go.”

Doing as she was told Qamara shot out of the crevice and punched Vegeta hard in the cheek. It barely tickled, but she kicked off and fired several blasts into his face, annoying the prince like a fly buzzing in one’s face. “I’ve had just about enough of this insubordination, Qamara!”

“Maybe you shouldn’t have cast me aside!” She barked back at him, her hands glowing red. “Crimson barrage!” She unleashed a hail of red energy blasts in a cone shape, hitting Vegeta all over his body.

She knew this couldn’t hurt him, and Vegeta knew that too. What was she planning? It was then that it hit him: she’s stalling! He looked over at Goku, seeing how he was gathering energy out of sight. “Hmph, very clever you two, but you’re little tactic won’t be able to stop me!”

Qamara quickly adjusted herself, flying down as she stood defiantly in front of Goku and held out her hands. She focused her energy, forming a flat wall of it between her hands as it looked like suction cups holding up a sheet of glass. Amused at her effort, Vegeta opened up and launched a massive beam of energy from his mouth. Both Saiyans down range went wide-eyed, Qamara’s barrier doing almost nothing as the resulting barrage sent both of them flying.

When the dust settled, Qamara laid sprawled out on a nearby rock face down, while Goku was lying on his back and barely able to move. Not wasting any time, Vegeta sprang into action: literally. He leaped up high and stomped down hard onto Goku’s legs, instantly shattering the bones inside and leaving Goku crippled. “Whoops, I really need to watch where I step.” Vegeta laughed, raising one finger as he looked down at Goku. “It’s time to put an end to you, Kakarot. Then I’ll kill Qamara, and then blow up this worthless planet just for angering me!”

Goku wasn’t going to have it, using what little energy he had left as he blasted Vegeta straight in the eye before he could deliver the final blow. Vegeta let out a howl of pain, staggering backwards as he clutched his face. “GAH, DAMMIT IT ALL; KAKAROT YOU BASTARD!!” He screamed out in pain and anger. The shouts awoke Qamara from her state, seeing Vegeta recover as he grabbed Goku in both hands. He then began to squeeze, intending to slowly crush the life out of him.

Qamara tried to get up, but she was helpless to do so, the energy attack having harmed her body more than she thought. She then look on, watching as Gohan suddenly appeared! She wanted to tell him to run away, but she doubted it would do any good while his father was in danger. But she then picked up on something: to the side Krillin was charging up an attack. His Destructo Disc! That would surely chop off Vegeta’s tail. She just hoped that it would work.

Gohan was doing a good job of distracting him, but somehow, some way, Vegeta knew. He leaped over the disc, avoiding the loss of his tail as he landed and began howling with laughter. “AHAHAHA!! You fools thought that I would fall for something so simple as that?! Think again! None of you have the strength to defeat me! So you should all just give up and di-“ Vegeta was cut off however, in more ways than one.

Everyone looked on in shock, as out of nowhere, the Z Warrior known as Yajirobe had leaped out of his hiding spot and using his samurai sword, lopped off Vegeta’s tail in one, decisive strike. Vegeta’s tail dropped to the ground, and with it, his power to maintain the Oozaru form. Yajirobe bolted, disappearing just as soon as he’d appeared, but it didn’t matter. He had done his job, and soon, Vegeta began to shrink, turning back into his normal self as he panted heavily. His one eye was clenched shut due to the hit Goku had given it and he looked significantly weaker than before.

Gohan then charged Vegeta, wanting to protect his father and allowed Krillin to make it to Goku. The two conversed, and Goku bestowed the spirit bomb energy he had held on to. Seeing this, Qamara had a plan. It was risky, but she was willing to make the sacrifice. Putting her body in motion through sheer willpower, she rose to her feet. She gathered up what little energy she could muster, then flew forward.

Vegeta had just dispatched Gohan, sending him crashing to the ground and landed. He sprinted forward to deliver the killing blow, but was cut off by Qamara. Vegeta laughed at the weak Saiyan, seeing how battered she was after his attack. “Oh how the mighty have fallen. Qamara what happened? You were once a proud warrior, and now look at you! I bet you’re on the verge of collapse!”

“You’re not…going to hurt anyone…anymore, Vegeta…”

“And just what are you going to do to stop me? You aren’t in any condition to fight a Saibaman let alone ME!” Vegeta squealed his last word. It happened as quickly as a flash. Qamara delivered one hell of a punch: straight to Vegeta’s groin. The male saiyan was left speechless at the move, and while Qamara didn’t like it, she immediately grabbed hold of Vegeta and held him in place with everything she had.

“KRILLIN DO IT! WHATEVER YOU TWO ARE PLANNING, HIT US BOTH!” She screamed, stunning everyone present.

Knowing that hesitation could mean death or Qamara losing her grip, Krillin grit his teeth and closed his eyes. “I’m sorry. TAKE THIS!!!” He screamed, firing the spirit bomb forward. Unable to move at all, Vegeta looked on in horror as the attack came closer and closer, and with Qamara wearing a satisfied smile, it collided.

The pair of Saiyan invaders were suddenly launched skyward, the spirit bomb carrying them into the sky and out of sight. Goku clenched his eyes shut, trying to feel for their presence. It was difficult due to his injuries, but he was interrupted as Krillin sat down beside him and rest his hand on Goku’s arm. “She knew what she was doing. We just have to thank her for what she did and move on. We’ll think of something, and when we found a way to bring everyone back, we’ll bring her along too.”

They were then interrupted by two massive crashes, as Vegeta and Qamara’s bodies had slammed into the ground. Vegeta lay sprawled out in a crater, looking battered and weak, while Qamara was nearly motionless. She laid face first in an impact crater, not moving a muscle as Krillin rushed to her aid. He leaned down close to her head, smiling at what he heard. “She’s breathing! She’s alive!”

“Krill…in…” She sputtered out, causing Krillin to go wide-eyed in surprise.

“Qamara! Stay still there’s no need to do anything. You did it! Vegeta’s down and out we won!”

Qamara offered a weak smile, but then noticed movement. She went wide-eyed, seeing Vegeta rising from the ground and shuffled over to them. Krillin, too stunned for words, attempted to fight back, but was smacked aside, bouncing along the ground before he came to a rest at the bottom of a plateau.

There Vegeta stood, his battered body standing over Qamara’s even worse body. He gritted his teeth, shakily raising his arm and pointing it at her. “You thought that would do me in...? Pathetic…Now I’m going to end your life for defying me!”

Qamara could do nothing but watch as her life flashed before her eyes. Just when she thought it was over, she heard a battle cry, as suddenly Vegeta let out a yelp of pain. He then growled in pure anger, turning around and finding Yajirobe standing behind him. Qamara saw a deep cut in Vegeta’s armor, noting that Yajirobe had sliced him in the back and smirked at the damage done. She then felt her lights fading.

It wasn’t death greeting her, just the sweet but not so sweet touch of unconsciousness. However before she passed out, amongst the sounds of Vegeta wailing on Yajirobe, she heard the distinct roar of an Oozaru. She saw one on the horizon, going on a rampage as her eyelids closed shut, and she lost consciousness.
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