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Rated: E · Chapter · Sci-fi · #2212948
Blake Mire interviews Miniah Veens about the Separatist attack during 10/20/18

The only survivor of the Separatist attacks during 10/20/18 was called into a meeting with Blake mire to retell what happened. Blake Mire has written down everything both people said in this interview for our reading purposes.

Blake - “Alright... how should we start this Miss Veens?”

Miniah - “I’ll just describe what I remember.”

Blake - “If it’s ok with you I’ll be writing everything on paper.”

Miniah - “That’s fine.”

Blake - “Alright. You can start.”

Miniah - “... I was sitting in the back seat of an old school car. We used it often cause, despite being like 15 years old, the car had pretty good speed and mileage.”

Blake - “Continue.”

Miniah - “My dad was driving me to the city to pick up some spare wiring.”

Blake - “Clade Veens was your father correct?”

Miniah - “Yeah... anyway, while we were driving I noticed something strange about the sky. The clouds didn’t seem to be moving, and there was a small bit of light reflecting off of... what looked like nothing.”

Blake - “Ok.”

Miniah - “Next think I knew, I saw a Missile headed straight for the road in front of us. The car flipped backward... and that was where it all started to happen...”

Blake - “So what exactly did happen after that? Most news articles about this topic were only touching on the Missile, not the events that took after.”

Miniah - “Well what happened was, my dad got out of the car and told me to stay in. I... didn’t see what happened to my dad, but I heard something loud...”

Blake - “...”

Miniah - “Continuing... some... alien flipped the car over, allowing another one to take me out of my seat. The alien that took me out of my seat then stabbed me with... something.“

Blake - “What did it look like?”

Miniah - “It looked kind of like a knife... but it also had a bunch of weird technology stuff attached instead of a handle.”

Blake - “Hmm.”

Miniah - “After that happened I felt a bit sleepy, before just going to sleep. I’m not sure what happened after that, but when I woke up I was in the hospital, and that’s where the thing really ends.”

Blake - “Well thanks for sharing your experience.”

Miniah - “You’re welcome. I guess I will be going now.”

After this Interview Blake Mire went missing for about 2 days, before being found Dead in a large lake, the head had the words “UFO slave” burnt on to it, along with 13 severe burn wounds to the Lungs and Heart.” The suspected murderer is still unknown, Miniah Veens believes the Aliens responsible for her Father’s death are guilty.
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